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Top 5 most hated sports team


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Guest Trevor

1. New York Yankees

2. Dallas Cowboys

3. Boston Celtics

4. Connecticut Huskies

5. The rest of the NY teams

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I think the Yankees, Lakers, and Cowboys are the most hated by fans everywhere (other than in their cities). Then being a Redskins fan, the other two are logically the Eagles and the Giants. My hatred of those two teams varies directly with how good they are- I used to hate the Giants more, now I hate the Eagles more.

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1. Dallas Cowballs - this is getting worse now that "they think" they're good again.

2. Chicago Bears - bunch of whining girls - for fans anyway. They think they were robbed in the divisional playoff game and still talk about it like they should have won.

3. St. Louis Rams - Only cause they kept us out of the Super Bowl and Mike Martz.

4. Tampa Bay Bucs - Like that kid that talked a lot of **** in middle school so you kick his a ss and he still talks a lot of ****.

5. Giants - cause they still think they're better than us.

Like Penn State said - I only hate the redskins when we play - for now!! :cheers:

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