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What about Daryl Gardener?

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A league source tells us that the Miami Dolphins seriously are considering the possibility of releasing veteran defensive tackle Daryl Gardener.

According to the source, Gardener's chronic health problems, coupled with a perception of erratic behavior, have prompted the team to take a close look at the pros and cons of parting ways with the first player drafted during the post-Shula era.

Gardener has been plagued by back problems for much of the past two seasons, and he's gone under the knife twice. Last year, Gardener and coach Dave Wannstedt traded verbal jabs regarding the 6'-6", 315-pound lineman's ability to participate in off-season workouts. Also, Gardener and retired receiver O.J. McDuffie got into a shoving match during practice last summer, which involved McDuffie's torso get acquainted with the turf.

This year, the current plan is to slide Gardener to the outside, in order to defray the loss of defensive ends Kenny Mixon and Lorenzo Bromell. As we previously have reported, the Dolphins nevertheless are concerned about the ability of Gardener to physically withstand the demands of playing on the end, given his past back troubles.

Thus, it now seems that the plan could change, and the Gardener might be cut loose. The cap savings would enable the Dolphins to beef up the D-line with guys like Sam Adams and any other guys who might get cut loose elsewhere as training camps open. We also wouldn't be surprised to see the names of former Miami Hurricanes Cortez Kennedy and Russell Maryland surface in connection with the Fins' efforts to beef up the line, if Gardener goes.

Gardener previously restructured his contract during the off-season, in order to reduce his $6.8 million cap number for 2002.

At 6'6 315, I think he has teh size. The only question that I raise is that he might be a locker room cancer. However, we do need guys along the DL and if Lewis can control his temper, then he might be some help as a backup. I think we'll be able to sign him to a much cheaper deal than Adams though.

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I don't know blakman. When an article about a player starts off with ; "Gardener's chronic health problems, coupled with a perception of erratic behavior", it can give rise to no small amount of concern. Then there is this. "Gardener has been plagued by back problems for much of the past two seasons, and he's gone under the knife twice." Eeek. This is one of those times where you really can get what you pay for. Which according to this article, may not be alot.

Now. Did you happen to notice the part about O.J. MacDuffie getting in a pushing match with him? Now that doesn't seem to bright a move. I mean, I know O.J. is such a big guy and all. :rolleyes:

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True, true but I was just saying, maybe he has learned from that stuff. I mean mike beat up Steve and then became the nicest guy on the team. Anyway, I figured that he's probably a head case so I was just looking at the list of avaliable FA DT's adn DE's. I dont know many of these guys, but maybe we should give some a look.

DT Adams, Sam (Cut) UFA BAL

DE Ahanotu, Chidi UFA STL

DE Boireau, Michael (Cut) UFA MIN

DE Burnett, Rob (Cut) UFA BAL

DL Carter, Jamie (Cut) UFA NYG

DE Embray, Keith (Cut) UFA TEN

DT Evans, Josh UFA TEN

DT Flanigan, Jim UFA GBP

DE Jones, Cedric UFA STL

DT Killings, Cedric UFA CAR

DT Lett, Leon (Cut) UFA DEN

DT Lucas, Al UFA CAR

DE Meier, Rob EFA JAX

DT Newkirk, Robert EFA CHI

DT Peter, Christian (Cut) UFA IND

DT Price, Shawn UFA BUF

DE Setzer, Bobby EFA SF

DE Sinclair, Michael (Cut) UFA SEA

DT Siragusa, Tony (Cut) RETIRED BAL --- ---

DE Smith, Aaron RFA PIT

DT Swayda, Shawn UFA ATL

DE Tanuvasa, Maa UFA SDC

DE Taves, Josh EFA OAK

DE Thomas, Mark UFA IND

DT Thompson, Mike UFA CLE

DT Underwood, Demertrius (Cut) UFA DAL

DT Wells, Mike (Cut) UFA IND

DE Williams, Tyrone (Cut) UFA KCC

DT Wilson, Gillis UFA CAR

thats from http://nfl.kffl.com/teams/free_agents/2002/dl.shtml

I figure that this list is correct +/- a few names. I dont know too many of these guys, but I do have the suspician that they cant all be bums and the 35 and over gang. At least two or three have to be big guys who can come in and plug the middle for a season.

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If I recall correctly, that was the year that he and Sapp were drafted high in the first round, and we - who as always needed a DT - picked up Sean Gilbert in trade. I too recall that there was some question about his motivation on draft day, and I recall thinking later that that seemed pretty stupid seeing as how he had become part of one of the best run-stopping DT tandems in football.

Obviously, we don't need attitude problems on the team, and particularly not ones who have injury problems and who would therefore have nothing more to do than stand on the sidelines and b*tch. OTOH, a change of scenery may do him well. He's certainly not the first player not to like playing for Dave Wannstedt. I really don't know enough about him to offer any more comment on the subject. Does anyone have any good friends who are Dolphins fans?

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I would be very concerned about anyone who has back problems, and it has already been reported that Gardner has undergone back surgery twice.

Anyone who has ever experienced back muscle spasms or their back "locking" on them as I have -- whereby you can barely move for two days -- knows how incapacitating a back problem can be.

If Gardner truly has serious back problems, I doubt that he would be of much help.

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It doesn't add to the conversation much to say that "I'm concerned about his back problems." Obviously, if he can't play now, then we don't sign him. Also, we don't know what those problems hold for the future. Again, obviously we don't sign him if we think he's done.

But no one's mentioned price. What if he wants veteran minimum? I'd say you go with that and take a flier.

This is all speculation anyway, as it's all predicated on two things which haven't happened yet- the Phins cutting him and signing Adams.

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Well, what do you really want us to do about the DLine spot.

We signed the Defensive Player of the Year to a contract to solve our Dline probs. Look how that turned out.

You just don't know what a guy can do until he actually gets on the field and does something.

I would personally go after him over Adams. That mans luck is going to run out soon and I am afraid we may be the ones it happens to.

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