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  1. Wow reed Throws a pretty tight spiral and accurate! I fee good with him as our backup!
  2. What a joke. Kaep only succeeded cuz of his defense and no game tape on him. Once the coaches had game tape on him he showed his true color. Once he got exposed he took a knee to deflect his inability to be a nfl qb
  3. You’re right! I should’ve seen that sooner haha
  4. I don’t feel so good mr. Stark.
  5. True but I’d like to see his physical freakness as to why they drafted him haha! The season is done why not!
  6. Hell yea, that’s what I would be telling my def if I was the coach. Make sure he don’t play again!
  7. Not a chance please LMFAO, that guy hasn’t played football in years and he is a clown making everything he touches a joke. Wanna be SJW
  8. 6-10 please. Get those draft picks, blow this team up and start over.
  9. Fire gruden. Dude exudes a loser mentality
  10. Pretty sure our team is comprised of the most former first round bust picks ever.
  11. Put in Adonis Alexander, he can’t be that much worst than Danny Johnson....
  12. This game blows but I am glad I watched to see REDSKINS HOF RB Adrian Peterson break his longest run ever! fire gruden. This man has no balls. There is nothing to lose, go for big plays. He can’t even scheme anything and has no control of this team
  13. Why does our offense not use any of the cheap broken pick routes that every other team but ya seems to use?
  14. How many times can this defense fall for that screen pass? It is so obvious.
  15. AD has just taken my redskins 90yard td play virginity. please sir can I have more?