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  1. You could have said the same thing about Texas tech until Mahomes happened. Players are individual prospects, and should be treated as such.
  2. iirc Decker just signed an extension with Detroit
  3. 24-21 WFT Dusty kicks walkoff FG for the win
  4. OBJ at his best is All Pro caliber, ARob is pro bowl caliber. Both would be a huge boost to this team but let’s not kid ourselves because one has a “polarizing” personality.
  5. The McLaurin red wolves pic gave me the same idea. I was thinking that hue of Red and a charcoal grey.
  6. Of the suggestions I seen so far Love: Redtails RedHawks RedWolves Wouldn’t Mind: Warriors Diplomats Hate: Generals Monuments
  7. Ahh yes I can see Terry, Chase and Dwayne heads exploding when they find out they’re wolverines now lol
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