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  1. By doing some process of elimination, I think @Buffalo may be week 3
  2. Expecting Slovis stock to go down QB’s regress the longer they’re around Helton.
  3. Meanwhile in Philadelphia
  4. Dallas with back to back questionable character guys lol At least they're consistent
  5. I could see 51 being either of the Moore’s if still available
  6. I can definitely live with the Giants taking Toney. I'm not a big fan of his
  7. Hail To The Rodgers fine by me
  8. McVay looking at Stafford now that Rodgers is available
  9. I would like to see a stat of how many QB’s after QB5 is successful. Like Drew Brees gets brought up all the time for being a 2nd Rounder but that’s without context. He was QB2 in his draft. It’s not that unbelievable that QB2 hit.
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