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  1. The Stafford not winning playoff games/winning division narrative needs context. Our defense gave up 329 points this season, in Stafford’s career the Lions only gave up less points once. They went 11-5 that particular season and that’s the year Dallas won after a questionable flag. And we all feel the defense is just scratching the surface. Not to mention Detroit went 4 complete seasons without an 100 yd rusher that 2014 season included. In comparison Gibby had 2 100 yard outings in a five game span this season
  2. If Stafford has a choice. NFCE easier division, NFC more open conference. AFC loaded with other great QB’s and they’re young & still ascending.
  3. Gut feeling. I really think it’s gonna be us to land him.
  4. I’m really disappointed Kyle is leaving but at the same time intrigued on what kind of scouting staff will be assembled. For all the flack Hurney gets he clearly has an eye for front office talent (Beane, Schoen, Cowden). Stokes seem to have a good resume as well. So it’s kinda bittersweet because I really believe in Kyle’s ability from what we know but I’m optimistic on what’s to come.
  5. If the top 8 played out like that, I’m calling Denver to get to 9 for Wilson.
  6. Welp, Go Pack Go Hope Rodgers runs up the score
  7. That’s what I was getting at. Most likely a team that would be taking QB3 or QB4 in front of us in a situation where the Jets took QB2, gets to move up for QB2 themselves if the Jets are out. Creating an added path to QB3 or 4 that potentially wouldn’t had been there with the Jets taking a QB.
  8. Potentially. A team in front of us trading up to 2. Can push one of Wilson/Fields/Lance further down to an attainable range if the FO decides to go that route.
  9. His No-Trade clause is a huge factor, can potentially angle where he wants to go rather than where Texans get the craziest offer. Of course it would still have to be a great offer or Houston can just force him to stay but it technically doesn’t have to be the best offer of the bunch.
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