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  1. I remember that guy Mark Tyler on Hogs Haven going on about drafting Thomas and not Chase Young.... Good times.
  2. It was a great atmosphere at the game. Audi Field is perfect for this. Here are a few shots of the crowd.... I wish I had taken them about 5 minutes earlier as these were with 5 seconds left in the first half and people were going to get concessions/restroom etc...
  3. Rumblings coming out of the Northeast that Ashley is selling Newcastle to the cousin of Man City's owner.... I've heard this before and been disappointed before but really hope this happens this time!
  4. So happy Charlton were able to win! Anytime the unwashed lose, the rest of us win!
  5. From the resident Geordie..... You're welcome and go get that title! #ToonToon
  6. That was........ something else lol. Fun fact: Jack Rodwell is on 70k/week wages this season. However since they are going to league one next season that wage goes down to about 40k... the average league one player earns roughly 1,700/week lol
  7. Coming from a neutral point of view, it has been fantastic watching Salah and De Bruyne this season. Both of them are absolute magicians with the ball on their foot.
  8. The unwashed on Wearside have been relegated down to League 1 in the greatest way possible... At the Stadium of ****e, up 1-0 with 5 minutes left, concede the equalizer to Darren Bent lol, then minutes later concede the winner, only to equalize but have it ruled out LOL! Let's All Laugh At Sunderland!
  9. Sunderland preventing Newcastle fans from laughing at them... Lucky for us though, we can all laugh at them soon!
  10. Race for the golden boot as of 2-11-2018.... Harry Kane:2228 min 23g 1a Mo Salah: 2036 min 22g 7a Sergio Aguero: 1788 min 21g 5a
  11. Not exactly sure, but here are minutes played and assists too... Kane- 2138m-22g-1a Salah- 1947m-21g-6a Aguero- 1698m-17g-5a
  12. Golden Boot Race: Harry Kane - 22 Mo Salah - 21 Sergio Aguero - 17
  13. It is being reported that PSG are going to trigger the release clause in Neymars contract for €222 million.... Link here In other news Newcastle signed Jacob Murphy from Norwich ?
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