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  1. Thing about Bauer is he has stated wanting one year deals to maximize his earning potential. We can afford a large one year deal. That rotation would be insane. It would legit to suck being a free agent this year because no way owners are trying to shell out huge long term deals after the revenue lost this season.
  2. Absolutely. I was just saying. I’d think Carter Kieboom could be on the trading block this offseason. Plenty of moves to be made. I see Trevor Bauer pitched a gem with 12 K’s no runs allowed in 7 2/3 but Reds lost 1-0 in 13! Hopefully he’s ready to hightail it out of there in free agency. The Reds offense is garbage!
  3. Well he only pitches one inning this year which sucks but Trevor Bauer had a career year this season for Reds.
  4. I don’t think he had the highest average but I’m pretty sure nobody in that lineup batted above .260 which is pitiful. Hopefully Trevor Bauer will hightail it outta there after they lose to Braves this series. Nats need another big arm & even tho he’s a character somebody has to replace Parra! Ha
  5. Giolito out here throwing no hitters in the playoffs & **** *Update: Jinx worked fellas, nothing to see here
  6. The kid is the reincarnation of Teddy Ballgame just always happy instead of always mad lol
  7. Oh come on guys if Chase Young feels good going into this Sunday let him play! No reason to keep a guy package sealed on the sideline just because maybe he could get hurt. Weak logic. Now if he needs a week off that’s understandable but just saying “sit him until after the bye” just because is lame.
  8. With Ioannidis our for the year & Chase Young out for who knows how long... does it ever get better? Ever? Cursed until Snyder sells.
  9. This is getting ugly really fast. 1-15 is possible.
  10. Cowboys are winning the division. Even if they lose today they’re clearly the best team. This might be the worst division ever. It’s so blatantly obvious Haskins should have been benched early on. That’s two straight games that were completely winnable just thrown in the ****ter because he’s just gonna ride with Haskins like it’s a developmental thing. Dude just plain sucks. It’s blatantly obvious.
  11. Stevenson should have been on the roster all season but politics with Taylor’s 4 million dollar contract & Eaton’s contract because both guys couldn’t hit a lick all season. Def looking forward to Stevenson stepping into that lead off role full time
  12. I do believe they will definitely do a proper banner reveal for fans next year. At least have a lot of the WS promotions that they missed on this season.
  13. Yes sir. Go hard after Trevor Bauer and look to bring in one good power bat to hit behind Soto.
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