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  1. Man, that is a tough question! My brain tells me the elite starting pitching is always priority #1 but my heart tells me it will be so tough to replace Rendon. He was so clutch for us in the biggest moments. It’s easy to just say “Josh Donaldson will be cheaper!” So will Madison Bumgarner. So pick your poison ha
  2. Let’s play it safe and give him some extra time to heal and get to 100% lol
  3. Dude couldn’t buy a bucket lol To his credit he was getting zero calls.
  4. Hopefully both guys don’t bolt. Already bracing for one of them to be gone.
  5. Jesus Christ Beal can’t get that call???? Harden gets farted on and gets calls.
  6. Isaiah Thomas goes down and the Wizards immediately look much better. Cut him. Bertans plays defense like he’s pretending to act like he’s defending his guy just so he can give up the bucket as quick as possible to get the ball back ASAP so he can get another shot off lol
  7. Yeah, I could care less if he is happy or not in Philadelphia. He has a newborn son, I don’t question whether this has been the best year of his life. Good for him. Let’s go Nats.
  8. If there was ever a moment in history where you would say “We need Mahinmi” today would be the day lol
  9. I’d give it a solid B+ for the simple fact that it did not feel like a 3.5 hour movie at all. Pacino was tremendous as Hoffa. DeNiro was great as well. Obviously, it could have been cut by at least 30 minutes. Scenes like Action Bronson as the coffin salesman clearly could have been left on the cutting room floor. However, it’s a Netflix movie so **** it why not make it 4 hours long!
  10. I ain’t complaining at all! Guice, on that run where he stiff armed the hell out of a grown ass man and bullied his way near the goal line! That was legit.
  11. The Panthers run defense is TRASH. Don’t get your hopes too high.
  12. Not really an insult. When the Skins were 6-3 before the Smith injury they were winning games exactly the same way.
  13. -JB-

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You could have just made a long story short and just said “Bruce should be fired. His dumb ass gave Josh Norman 75 million.”
  14. -JB-

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Just hire Ron Rivera when Carolina fires him and build that defense up. The offense has been pathetic but if they can fix Haskins accuracy issues and build up the OL you just never know lol
  15. Ya don’t say, Norman being benched and Kerrigan being hurt made a positive difference. Shocking! LOL