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  1. People said baseball couldn’t thrive in DC! People said building a stadium the city pays for is a terrible idea. People try to deny that the stadium is why that part of the city is booming. People are STUPID
  2. Crazy to really think about Howie Kendrick and his impact on this team from day one. In 2017 he RAKED & earned a chance to start and get AB’s in the playoffs but Dusty stuck with Werth. I’m pretty sure that’s at least a slight part of the reason he was fired. Then last season he was raking and the Nats looked good and then he tears his achilles. Then to come all the way back from that kind of injury and do what he has done this season batting .344 & being our offensive MVP of the postseason. SALUTE.
  3. Yea, sometimes too much rest can be bad but honestly, I think most of those teams relied on hot hitting, whilst the Nats have the big 3, reminiscent of the one team to actually win the WS following a LCS sweep, the 1995 Braves with their big 3 (Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz).
  4. It’s been a fun ride with you guys!!!! Now time for a much needed break! Ha Until the World Series!!!! & I cant wait to see Pedro’s reaction since he was the only analyst on TBS to pick Nats to win tonight
  5. 3 outs away from the WS. Big boy outs to be had!
  6. Good thing Hudson had only thrown 5 pitches in this series before tonight! Settle down next inning and get this curly W!
  7. I’m thinking thankfully Doolittle got to rest last night after the travel day off so he can have the chance to go 2 full innings if he’s on.
  8. I’d say Doolittle this inning and at least part of next inning and then go to Hudson if all goes well.