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  1. At some point we better value talent over versatility, other than Chase with the #2 we havn't done that. i thought free agency was to create compitition, draft was for best players.
  2. i don't like all these jack of all trades ,master of none , free agents and drafted players, thank god they got young at least
  3. hunter b. or muti with the 4th rd comp pick , i think either will start . hope they're avail.
  4. hope he's slippery because our line sucks!
  5. With the 232nd pick the Pittsburg Steelers select Jauan Jennings WR (tenn)
  6. With the 198 pick, the Pittsburg Steelers select Ke'shawn Vaughn RB ( Vanderbilt)
  7. With the 135th pick the Pittsburg Steelers select Troy Pride cb (ND)
  8. it was between him or a certain tenn volunteer
  9. With the 124the pick the Steelers pick Davon Hamilton DT (Ohio State)
  10. With the 102nd pick in the 2020 nfl draft the pittsburg steelers select Bradlee Anae DE from Utah
  11. maybe JDePalm didn't realize he had 2 out of three picks,
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