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  1. I always thought one of his parents were white until someone posted a family pic of his in the Gameday thread. I'll say it again.. I don't understand the hate for RW. Good guy.
  2. Both my Braves and Redskins were blown out tonight, and are both out of the playoffs. Bring on the NBA. Go Hornets!
  3. Maybe it's your mattress?A few things I do to help me sleep: 1. Turn on the tv. Then set the timer for an hour or hour and a half. Or 2. Turn on my box fan. The noise from the fan actually puts me to sleep. Doesn't hurt to cut out the caffeinated drinks before bedtime either. Edit: I guess by "bed", you may have meant mattress.
  4. Same. I've never understood what people found funny about that show. Now Beavis and Butthead, on the other hand.. Me either. Had it once. Never again.
  5. That might have been funny if it were October. Ya know, when the playoffs actually start.
  6. Didn't I tell ya to lose the glasses? My grandpa used to watch that.
  7. Tell the truth, you didn't want to go, anyway? Not right now with the short hair, no.Did you see the kid on the Philly sidelines though? That kid had to be his younger brother.! The NFL did away with those kind of hits to QBs on a change of possession. For that reason, it was a dirty play. The play was basically over when Baker cracked him. If the shoe were on the other foot, our fans would have been irate. You and I both know that.
  8. Dude that's gross. That's Pep Hamilton's MO. Guy is a run-first OC.You know he's from Charlotte, right?
  9. I'll admit I watched very little of the Basketball World Cup. But I heard the US blew out Serbia in the title game and Irving was named tournament MVP. How did Wall look?
  10. I never said Irving was better than Wall because of this tournament. I've said all along that he was better. And he is. Everyone outside of DC realizes this. And I don't watch First Take. Yet another incorrect assumption.
  11. It was the N word. The NFL said that players were going to be flagged for it. He should have known better.
  12. You obviously have me confused with Kyle.Come on. Some of you guys were ripping K for cutting Wall and keeping Irving. K obviously knew what he was doing. Wall is a decent player. But he will never be better than Irving.
  13. Hint: it starts with an "n". That's off limits now.
  14. Irving isn't a true point guard they said. Wall is better they said.
  15. Why was he re-signed is a better question.
  16. Not if it's fractured and requires surgery. He would miss the rest of the season.
  17. I'm sure most Jags fans think this is a game they should win, also. Same with Texans fans last week.At this point, I don't think there are any games on our schedule we should win. I don't even set myself up for failure anymore. Any win we get these days, I look at it as a bonus. That's what Redskins football has become to me.
  18. The Panthers made it last year after an 0-2 start.
  19. Yep. Nothing like texting during a 28-hour cross country drive. What could go wrong.