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  1. Huh? I'm referring to Sinister's story. Knew I should have probably quoted him first!
  2. What if she liked One Direction though?
  3. lolI was about to post something similar.
  4. Liberty is leading North Carolina rofl
  5. This, too! Where I enter the interstate it's like 4-5 lanes. Some days I get on, no one is in the right lane for about a mile. I'm picking off cars like Kyle Busch on a restart at Daytona.
  6. Thats EXACTLY me! Lol Someone gets it.
  7. Now that's crazy. It's bad here, but not that bad.
  8. My original rant, I was talking about back roads. Mr S I think thought I was referring to the interstate.On the highway, no, driving 5 under in the far right lane isn't bad. Mr S was referring to the idiots that do it in the left lane. Which is not only illegal, it's probably more dangerous than someone going 10-15 over in the left lane. We will just have to agree to disagree on the back road thing.
  9. Mary, you are aware you can be ticketed for driving too slow, right? It's especially dangerous to do so on the interstate. I would even argue those people are putting people more at risk than the guy doing 10-15 over in the left lane.
  10. I've had my share of speeding tickets, too. I can handle someone driving the speed limit. It's the ones that are too stupid to GO the speed limit, that I'm talking about.Btw, I wasn't referring to the highway. I just got behind someone on some back country roads that kept driving 5-10 under the limit. I wanted to dump her/him.
  11. Just as annoying are the people that never say anything bad (critique) about Griffin or the Redskins.
  12. Slow drivers are so annoying. Is it too much to ask to drive the damn speed limit?!
  13. Your best friend's aunt is very wise. Ella's is by far my favorite. Have a safe trip!
  14. Love that place. So jelly. If I had Kosher Ham's money, I'd buy a place there.Which is your favorite seafood joint?
  15. Who goes to sleep at 10 PM on a Friday night.
  16. You want my personal opinion? Ditch those glasses, bro. Especially if they're only for fashion. Very few people can pull those off.Btw, that story about your friend stealing your girl was funny lol. As for that other story: as Mr Sinister stated...if that's the worst night of your life, you're doing ok.
  17. You can get a 99-pack of beer in Texas lol.
  18. Its pretty sad. Supposedly the guy was a veteran and a great guy. Not sure who's idea it was to put an Uzi in her hands though. Pretty sure that won't happen again.
  19. You hear about that 9 year old girl that killed the instructor that was showing her how to shoot an Uzi?
  20. Of course you do. Yup. Love had the 3rd best PER last year.Wiggins is unproven. And Bennett has been a huge bust to this point. Young was a great addition though. Solid player.
  21. Just watched the first half of Ravens game. RGIII smh I don't even want to venture to the Stadium.
  22. I'm 6'2"-ish 205 and I don't watch soccer. If you're going to be the man, ya gotta beat the man!