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  1. I've never seen any of the Godfather films either.
  2. I really hope you don't think I'm enjoying being right about Luck and RGIII. And it's never been a RGIII vs Luck thing for me, anyway. I've merely defended Luck vs all the idiots out there that think he is "overrated", or only wins because he plays in a weak division. Sooner or later, all those people are going to realize how wrong they were.
  3. ^^ The problem is, the guy isn't breaking any laws by parking there. If there is a HOA, I would just let them deal with him. Same way I would if someone's dog was dropping deuces in my yard. Now, my current neighborhood doesn't have one. And thankfully most people here respect other people's property. You're right though, talking to the guy should be the first course of action. If he isn't receptive, then all bets are off.
  4. That would also be their last baby.
  5. skinfan2k, I wouldn't do what you suggested you were going to. Even if he's not at home, someone could see you do that. Plus, he would probably assume you did, anyway. I would definitely do the lawnmower thing. And make sure you do it when he's there. If he's not a total idiot, he will get the message. Especially if he values his car. Also, does your neighborhood have debris picked up? If so, pile a bunch of limbs and **** where his car is. Then when the truck bypasses your house on collection day, go knock on his door and explain the problem. If he isn't at home, leave the note under his wiper blade. Edit: PM Popeman about it. I still remember him saying he buried some asshole's car in the snow last year after the guy took his spot that he had cleared LOL. I'm sure he has some suggestions. Just don't do anything stupid, man.
  6. The parking your car there is a good idea. Of course if he's an idiot he won't be able to take the hint.
  7. Fire up the riding lawnmower and throw rocks at it. Of course if it's a beater, he isn't going to care.
  8. "Charlie from the AT&T commercials" lookin ass.
  9. lol I forgot about that. And the Yankees thing, too.I give him the most flack though for having about 6-7 favorite college teams.
  10. Sproles was a huge loss. They've looked like garbage all season.
  11. You only go for the bobble heads lol.But seriously, you don't go more than people with season tickets. Besides, going to more games than other people doesn't make you any more of a diehard than.
  12. They are obsessed with the Braves, man. A lot of them talk about us more than their own club. I take it as a compliment. No one hates a nobody.
  13. Watching Food Network. They are having a "Steak Festival", hosted by Anthony Anderson. SO hungry.
  14. If we are going to bring a thread back to life it has to be the mullet one. We could get at least a pic a day with people shopping at Walmart. That thread was epic.
  15. I have my eye on the 47 Brand gray one. The price is really steep though. May see if it's cheaper at the team store.
  16. Im about to order a sweet Hornets hoodie.
  17. Yeah, bro. It's sad. And even that idiot Jeff Taylor messed up. Yesterday was a cluster**** for our teams.
  18. Hey now, the "Gnats" are the baseball team in DC. You're going to have to come up with another name, sir.
  19. They also sat their RB for most of the second half. That's right, the same guy that rushed for 174 the other day, wasn't even needed to beat us by 31.
  20. Exactly. They are likely to finish .500, at best.
  21. No one is even given me grief here. I had people coming up to me all week saying Cousins was really good, better than RG3, blah blah blah. I kept saying, sure, he looks great out there..BUT neither of them win games, and that I wasn't sold on either. Tried to tell 'em...
  22. Lol Hell nah. I do love me some Luck though.Can you imagine if we had just sucked a little worse a few years ago?
  23. Lol I swear sometimes me and a handful of others are the only ones on this earth that don't smack their gum/food. **** is SO annoying. And call me shallow, but I wouldn't give a chick a second date if she did that. And that's if I didn't ditch her on the first. I just can't take it. Seriously, do people not know how disgusting that is?
  24. I know it was mentioned already, but Bojangles has the worst tea I've ever tasted. **** is nasty. Their Bo Rounds are spectacular. The fries, too. But only if they are fresh. Which 9 times out of 10 I order them, they aren't. The chicken supremes are probably the best item on the menu. Their honey mustard sauce is on point.Popeyes apple pies are amazing. Their fries are meh. Beans and rice is good. Tea is ok. Not really a clear winner in this debate, imo. Like someone just said, they both have their strengths.