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  1. You would think after all his comebacks (especially KC), that people would have learned their lesson. I know he didn't complete the comeback. But you never assume the game is over when this guy is playing. Ever. Peyton did next to nothing in the second half. And one of those comebacks was vs the reigning SB champs.
  2. I never said that. But he is considered overrated by many. A lot of people don't think he should have made the all star team either year. Some think (me included) that Wade Miley was more deserving of ROTY, etc. That kind of stuff:I'm not saying he doesn't have the 'potential' to be really good, and deserving of all these spots. He's just not there yet. If you disagree, fine.
  3. Sinister: seriously, have you seen the one he does now that's basically a ripoff of the one Trout does in the Subway ad? He's a good player. But he isn't deserving of all these spots. People complain about RGIII. But at least he was among the best in the league his rookie season. I'm not hating on the guy. Just don't understand it.
  4. Why would you expect a 3-13 team to blow anyone out? Fantasy football helps me get through the lean years. I'm excited for our season to start, but I have learned to go into a new season with low expectations. That makes anything good we do a positive. Hail!
  5. Have you seen the one with Jason Heyward and the Stanford Cardinal? LolThe dumbest one by far is Bryce Harper. Then again, all of the commercials he's in are dumb.
  6. No, I didn't mean that. The commercial comment was just a general statement.
  7. Pssst...hardwoods. At least watch their documentaries. They do an amazing job. Their commercials are hilarious, too.
  8. Wilson is awesome. Next to Luck, he's the best young QB in the NFL.
  9. It's back to Charlotte Motor Speedway. Even though it's not actually IN Charlotte haha.Dang, I didn't know my boy Sin has been around these parts. Small world. Same here. You won't catch me in a bar.
  10. Nah, I'm not currently in Charlotte. I'm in the 'burbs. Chew isn't lying though. This area is a great place to live. Even if I am surrounded by a bunch of dopey Panther fans.
  11. Carowinds getting one of the baddest coasters on the planet soon.
  12. No need to apologize, chewster. I thought you were spot on. Why have cube steak when you can have Filet..
  13. Never trade a stolen car..for an empty briefcase.
  14. Nissans make good cars and trucks, bro.
  15. I went with the Vito . Not bad.I'll try your suggestion next. That's messed up right there. But at least you didn't say soccer.
  16. No. I have no interest in looking at those pics. Or did you mean, you've looked at them, but weren't all that impressed?Anyone, what should I order from Jimmy John's? Getting hungry, but can't decide what I want. Help.
  17. I may get flamed for this, but I still gotta ask: What is the fascination with watching wrestling? I mean, I watched it when I was young, even attended many cards at the old Charlotte Coliseum. But as an adult, I don't understand the interest. Fwiw, I also think MMA is stupid. But at least it's not fake. ::ducks::
  18. People do a lot of dumb **** all the time. That doesn't change my stance. If you're dumb enough to take a nude pic of yourself then I have little sympathy for that person if said pic gets out.Btw, part of my "I'm starting to wonder about ix" was the fact that he has pics of stuffed animals on his phone .
  19. I'm not enraged, no. Any idiot that takes nude pics of themselves, gets no sympathy from me. If it makes you feel any better, I never looked at the pics. I just think your rant is silly.
  20. I'm starting to wonder about ix. Not one of your better rants, bruh.
  21. Exactly. Just a lot of ignorant fans out there. It's the same reason Donald Brown, despite having a very good YPC, couldn't be the Colts' every down back. He would have gotten Luck killed (worse than he already does).
  22. They aren't all necessarily overrating them. They're just the best team in a weak division.
  23. Yeah, Sin, I guess I should have went with the photograph thing. Hell, even I occasionally shop there a few times a year. I absolutely despise that place.
  24. I'm going to have to ask a few more questions, sir:1. Do you shop at Wal-Mart? 2. Are you a bad singer? 3. Lastly, do you ever have moments with squirrels?