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  1. This.The guy does everything the right way. I don't understand the dislike.
  2. Or a Tiger fan. Tiger fans have always had an irrational dislike for Phil.
  3. The easy solution? Make sure you're the one that feeds the dog. My gf's dog LOVED me, always went everywhere I did. Paid more attention to me than her (it was her dog). Yet, when push came to shove, he still loved her more. Why? Because she was usually the one that fed him.
  4. Put it this way, I have all these songs on my playlist:Rhiannon You Make Loving Fun Dreams Gypsy Landslide Go Your Own Way Also like Stevie Nicks' "Leather and Lace". I honestly can't fathom someone NOT liking Fleetwood Mac. Awesome band.
  5. I hope she doesn't have nasty tats covering her body though.Random: those ESPN commercials are hilarious. Anyone seen the one with Jason Heyward and the Stanford Cardinal? Lol
  6. Love is a much better player than Horford. C'mon.
  7. He was mad at Stewart for apparently running him up the track (into the wall). Guys do what Ward did all the time, at every level of racing. But you do it at your own risk. Stewart won't be held liable unless he admits to hitting him on purpose (which won't happen).
  8. He won't do time. Those guys are warned about approaching other cars like that. He took a big risk doing that at those speeds (even under caution, it appeared Stewart's and other cars were still hauling) and he paid for it with his life. Just an awful story. That Ward guy was only 20.My guess is Stewart will most likely say he never saw him. Or didn't see him in time to avoid him. Even if he just meant to scare him, I doubt he admits to it.
  9. He's a known hot head. I would bet anything he was trying to scare the guy for approaching his car in that manner. No way he meant to hit him. But he's going to have to live with that the rest of his life. Tragic all the way around.
  10. Just saw it. That's tragic. But Stewart won't be charged. He wasn't trying to hit him, just scare him. Ward shouldn't have approached his car in that manner, at those speeds.I don't know why Stewart continues to race those dirt races after breaking his leg last year. Many feel he still hasn't recovered from the leg injury and it's affected his Nascar season. He's been awful this year.
  11. I was just about to comment on that lol And when the guy isn't writing novels, he's whining about the Wiz backcourt being cut. #coachkknows
  12. Golden Tee is still a popular game. THE most popular, in fact. They have cash tournaments all the time. Saw a story about it on Golf Channel. Lots of people do. I have one because I don't want everyone calling my cell all the time.Don't hate because you can't afford a cell and home phone.
  13. I had a friend that used to be like that. I say "used to", because I guess he got tired of leaving me long messages and then me telling him I didn't get all of it. My machine is set (came this way) so that it only records maybe a minute. Maybe just :30, hell I don't know. Anyway, dude would just ramble on and on and then it would just cut him off lol. Loved it. I'm not a gamer now, but back in the day I used to spend a ton of coin on Golden Tee. Best arcade game ever. And there isn't even a close second.
  14. Like when the AC went out in his '02 Corolla.
  15. Chill dude, damn.I think Coach K knows what he's doing. I'm a big fan of Cousins'. I think he's the best C in the NBA. But maybe he just isn't cut out for the World game? Maybe he's being lazy in practice? You aren't there. You have no idea what is going on.
  16. Fleetwood Mac, what an awesome band.
  17. Journey (old Journey). They should be in the HOF. So they obviously aren't lame. I know a lot of you people (ESers ) like your rap. I can't stand that **** lol.
  18. Taze: I would have done the same thing your dad did. Rap sucks. And no kid of mine will ever listen to that garbage. On a related note: I can't stand guys that constantly cuss. There's no need to cuss every other sentence. Makes that person look like an idiot.
  19. Loved him with the Hornets. There have been few guys in the history of the league that played harder than that guy. Coach K is great. So he cut the Wiz backcourt. Get over it. Geez.
  20. They are showing the game at 4:00 PM Friday on NFL Network. I set the DVR. Will probably watch sometime tomorrow night.
  21. Last I heard Chad Henne was expected to be the starter to open the season.
  22. Sorry, I wasn't calling anyone out. But you're right, I am a little sensitive today. I posted a story about my poor upbringing in the other thread today. Guess I just got a little touchy there. Disregard.
  23. I don't think it's funny to make fun of poor people.
  24. I've always liked Paul and Rivers, but they both are a couple of hypocrites. They knew that Sterling was a racist when they signed with the Clippers.