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  1. 1 hour ago, BruceAllenIsFootballGenius said:

    I actually feel sorry for people like you that harbor this much hate because it’s really not your fault. People with fragile minds can be conditioned to hate very easily. This is what has happened to you.

    All this simping over a guy who spent his career  hating on the most vulnerable members of society and leading millions of people into hating their fellow countrymen. 

    Find better people to simp. Seriously.

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  2. 4 hours ago, BruceAllenIsFootballGenius said:

    For everyone in this thread mocking this man’s death I hope you find it just as funny when your loved one is dying of cancer. 

    It’s called karma and I believe in it. 

    The world is unambiguously a better place without Rush Limbaugh. How he died doesn’t matter.

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  3. 14 hours ago, No Excuses said:

    What do you think of Valheim? It’s been surprisingly fun IMO. 

    I take it back. Our crew got ****y, sailed the ocean into new land and got completely rekt. We’re now back to our starting base, without all our gear and have to build a boat to somehow get across to get back our gear. But there’s now a serpent guarding the ocean and he’s destroyed two of our boats already. 

    This game is the evil child of Minecraft, Dark Souls and Breath of the Wild.

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  4. There was no need to do this and call a vote on witnesses, only to backtrack hours later. If the roles were reversed, the GOP would have cut all of their ads for 2022 through witness testimonies. The Democratic Party is comically bad at communicating to the public and routinely loses elections it shouldn’t because of it.


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  5. 22 minutes ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

    We can get to the bottom of this, hurt republicans politically in the media, and potentially bring criminal charges without grinding the entire senate to a halt, prioritizing that over covid relief 

    They are going on vacation next week. “The Presidents agenda” is a straight up excuse. 

    If they didn’t want witnesses, they shouldn’t have called a vote on it a few hours ago. This was typical Dem incompetency that has plagued the party for decades at this point.

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  6. 1 hour ago, No Excuses said:

    The people who dragged a probe of an embassy attack in Libya for years and years want to tell you to move on from an attack on our Capitol instigated by the sitting President. EAD

    If an antifa mob stormed the Capitol, the entire next four years would have been nothing but a successful beat down from Republicans of Democrats on the issue.


    Our democracy is being protected by completely spineless losers. The Republicans will come back to power eventually and they will be even more emboldened.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

    I don’t get why they aren’t using some of the GOP videos against them. Like the one going around where Graham (I think) saying you can impeach post-presidents. Or them describing Trump in 2016.  

    This assumes that the GOP is capable of feeling shame, which they have absolutely made clear is a concept unfamiliar to them.

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  8. Ted Liu made a great point. The danger isn’t Trump running again in 2024. It’s Trump running again and losing, and inciting even more violence. He is a uniquely dangerous threat to this country due to his cult following and his own personality disorders.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, skinsfan_1215 said:

    I think you’ve gotta take a look at the holdings of the ETF and decide if any are currently overvalued. I wouldn’t touch Tesla right now... and any ETF’s that are made up largely of Tesla are off limits for me for now. 

    I’ve had good success the past few months with QQQJ, Invesco’s “next gen top 100” ETF. QQQ is their well established top 100 fund, while QQQJ is more focused on the next 100 (nasdaq 101-200), more oriented toward growth. Good mix of tech, biotech, pharma, etc. It’s been running way ahead of the SP500 since its inception. 

    TSLA is down 3.5% the last week and ARKK is still up 4.5% in the same time frame. 

    The ARK ETF’s aren’t for everyone, but if you have a bullish outlook for tech in general, there’s few better options than their ETF’s for tech exposure. 


    15 minutes ago, Corcaigh said:

    Historically tech stocks crush the broader market during bull periods, but suffer much more during bear markets. I know of several people who were overly-greedy leading up to the dot com crash and destroyed their retirement, when with a broader index they would have been just fine.

    Not a problem when you are still ~40 years from retirement. 

    I’ll switch to safer funds in a few decades but no reason not to ride the bull market and tech explosion right now and hold through bear markets. 

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  11. Well managed Tech ETF’s will probably continue beating index funds on returns. ARKK is probably the best tech ETF and it has crushed VTI over the past five years. Should you put all of your money in just one sector, absolutely not. It’s good to have a healthy chunk of your portfolio safely parked in low risk index funds. It’s also beyond silly at this point to not see how tech is simply on a different playing field. Do what you want with your money, but if you think we are only headed towards more digitization and automation, you would probably do well to position some portion of your portfolio towards tech.

    23 minutes ago, skinfan2k said:

    keep investing in SPACs!

    A lot of SPACs look like scams, be careful out there.

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  12. 1 hour ago, EmirOfShmo said:

    Weed stocks are lighting it up in pre-market today - SNDL, APHA, TLRY, HUGE, CRON

    Most of the weed stocks are all Canadian companies and I am skeptical that they’ll make inroads in the US.


    There’s a marijuana ETF called MSOS which bundles American weed companies. Keeping my eye on it as talks of decriminalization and federal legalization keeps heating up. 

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