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  1. 4 hours ago, goskins10 said:

    Yet Dems get killed for deficit spending - even when it's considerably LESS than rep! 

    This was true pre-Biden, but the Republican hypocrisy on deficits has finally caught up with them. They have made zero effort to hammer Biden on economic policy and government programs because they know public opinion is against them on it. There is a reasonably strong argument that economic policy dialogue has shifted to the left in America, thanks to a concerted effort by activists of all types.


    The never ending culture war ****show is the GOP’s only hope for remaining relevant and keeping their base engaged. They have nothing to offer this country but a laundry list of mostly made up social grievances. 

    Liberals are decidedly winning the culture war and conservatives are upset that mainstream culture doesn’t want to entertain their bad, regressive views. The whole idea of “wokeness run amok” is a GOP invention to rat**** their social views back into mainstream acceptance.

    Playing into it by toning down demands for an inclusive and empathetic society is actually going on the defensive. 

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  2. 33 minutes ago, COWBOY-KILLA- said:

    There needs to be pushback on cancel culture and unnecessary rhetoric that alienates and moves moderates the other way. Doesn’t mean you have to change your beliefs but just the way we frame those beliefs. 

    This is where data would be good to see. Because right now, the Biden admin is doing really well with moderate and independent voters. Some of these culture war things play out quite visibly online but whether they are hurting Democrats with moderates and independents is really not clear. The GOP’s favorable polling are at an all time low.


    Elements of the activist Dem base do some tone deaf messaging but a majority of the public seems to view the GOP in a much more negative light. Could it be that the culture war stuff is a net loser for the Republicans because they take far more asinine positions than liberals?

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  3. 1 hour ago, goskins10 said:



    This!!!!   Neither one have good messaging. The difference is the republicans are always on the offensive and the Dems continue to play defence. They need to stop that **** and go on offence. 


    Show the data that shows Rep presidents over the last 50 yrs have all significantly raised deficit spending while Dems have all lowered them. Why are they not showing unemployment ver the 12 to 14 yrs over and over and over again???   Keep hammering all the gun violence in this country - hard!    


    I mean yea they go after them here and there but outside a few like AOC and Pete sometimes, no one is pounding the Rep for their ignorance and the damage they have done. Stop playing defense and go on the offensive and go as strong as you can! Covid, Social Security, corporate taxes as they really are. There is so much more but the dems say it a few times then forget it.  

    The people who are swayed by things like data and wonky policy proposals, mostly college educated voters, are already voting for Democrats at record numbers. 

    This debate is pretty much at its core, just another rehash of “why are white voters without college degrees not voting for liberal policies that economically benefit them”. And I think it all comes down to culture and identity being a significant driver of human behavior, and people don’t typically think of their lives solely from the lens of economic well-being. 

    The GOP is very good at driving white working class agitation on cultural issues, and there isn’t much the Democrats can do here that doesn’t involve throwing some of their core constituencies under the bus. And I think some of these constituencies definitely could be messaging better, but the party typically isn’t the one who dictates messaging to activist groups. The influence directionality is typically from the activist side to the party side. 

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  4. 39 minutes ago, tshile said:

    @No Excuses

    i think as an overall trend youre correcy

    but political change isn’t a smooth trend line it bounces up and down while it overall moves upward (upward being progress towards what you describe )


    I think the point is you can smooth out the bumpiness a bit, on the way up, with some better messaging


    (and that every missed opportunity to do that, is an opportunity for the other side to have some wins and drag things further down)

    I view our current social dysfunction as pretty much what happened when the printing press was invented: society lost its mind as the information landscape expanded and it took a while for the new normal to take hold, but it did eventually. The internet and social media is the modern day printing press.

    The wokes and the anti-wokes are going to duke out all of societies ills digitally over the next decade or so, social media companies will have to figure out how to regulate the digital information landscape and all of us will have to live through a turbulent social time. 

    There was a recent op-Ed by a conservative writer on “Why is everything liberal” in a country that’s mostly equally divided politically, which I think raises some good points:



    Most of the activist and donor base energy is on the “woke” side, and a small % of highly engaged activists can enact social and cultural change far beyond their actual representation in the overall population. In the 70s-00s, the dominant intellectual and cultural mainstream was a mix of Reaganomics conservatives and the right wing church. The activist right wing crowd has been slowly overtaken by the QAnon-Alex Jones crowd, and they are not going to be winning the hearts and minds of the American youth and corporate America.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Destino said:

    Im not convinced what you’re describing is the woke crowd.  The people that normalized gay rights and interracial couples came before anyone calling themselves “woke” was normal.  The woke crowd has brought us more recent developments in lgbtq and race issues.  Things like anti-racism, intersectionality, whiteness, an unknown number of possible genders, and cultural appropriation.  

    The theoretical basis for today’s “woke” crowd was laid out by legal and academic scholars in the 70s and 80s (critical race theory was developed by law school academics in the 70s and intersectionality in the 80s). It seems different because these ideas went from academic theories to widely accepted cultural frameworks, but they’ve been influencing social justice activists for a long time now.

    Fringe ideas that went mainstream because the people who advocated for them and adopted them as frameworks for social change won significant cultural and legal victories. 

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  6. It might be a problem for the Dems in some parts of the country politically, but the cultural shift in America has decidedly been won by the “woke” crowd. Almost the entirety of the private sector and mainstream culture is along for the woke ride. 


    Good or bad? I think it misses the mark at times, but it remains a solidly better alternative to the hypocritical, puritan culture of the white, church-going crowd it replaced. Instead of canceling interracial couples and normal expressions of sexuality, we are cancelling racists and bigots, and sometimes people who get unfairly lumped in those categories. 

    Still better than what existed before. Things will normalized and deradicalize eventually. 

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  7. 11 minutes ago, PleaseBlitz said:

    Thanks.  I just find it weird that Turkey is so up in arms about it.  A bad thing happened over 100 years ago and was done by people who are all dead.  Nobody is calling for any action on the part of Turkey, it's just a recognition that something bad happened a long time ago.  I dunno, I guess I'll try to find something to read on it.  

    There’s nothing more to it than brain rot nationalism. Turks think that Armenians betrayed the Ottoman Empire and were a major source for its downfall. Admitting that they treated Armenian’s living in the Ottoman Empire badly and then committed genocide against them punctures the narrative that Armenians are the real baddies who caused the downfall of ancient Turkic glory. 

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  8. 5 minutes ago, PleaseBlitz said:

    Does anyone have any particular insight on the "Biden recognizes Armenian genocide" thing?  Is this just to **** with Erdogan for being inappropriately cozy with Trump?  Does it have anything to do with the brawls at the Turkish embassy a few years back?  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clashes_at_the_Turkish_Ambassador's_Residence_in_Washington,_D.C.



    It’s probably a combination of many things including Erdogan cozying up to Putin and Xi, Turkey just being a bad ally all around, the ironically strong Armenian American lobby led by Kim Kardashian and just doing the right thing. 

    Acceptance of this genocide is such a sore point for Turkey that they built a monument in the country counter accusing Armenians baselessly of committing genocide against Turks. 

  9. There is no reasonable argument for merging DC to MD/VA besides engaging in centrism theater. 

    Just now, redskinss said:

    Wouldn't this lead to North and South Montana the next time Republicans are in power?

    Wouldn’t be the first time they carved up what could have been one state, into multiple, for their own electoral benefits. 

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  10. Despite all of our warts, I think America is #1, simply because no tiny ****ing country in Europe is engaged in a social experiment of democracy at our scale. It’s pretty easy to maintain social cohesion in mostly homogenous countries. They opened their borders for like six months and actual Nazis almost returned. 

    Canada is pretty cool though, I loved living there even though seeing the tax bill is pure pain and their big cities are somehow as expensive as ours on top of lower wages/higher taxes.

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  11. On 4/16/2021 at 7:00 PM, Hersh said:

    Bitcoin needs to switch to proof of stake in the next couple years because the negative environmental impact of crypto cannot be understated. The is going to be a major roadblock to more growth. 


    I'm pretty sure Bitcoin can never transition to proof of stake.


    The environmental impact stuff is quite overblown in my opinion. The entire world has an immediate need to de-carbonize all of the power grid and singling out specific technologies and sectors isn't going to do much to help that transition.

  12. Outriders is such a great game so far and an incredibly fresh take on a shooter looter. The character builds feel really powerful and the abilities are great. The way you heal yourself based on your build and control the battlefield is the most unique experience I’ve had in a game in so, so long. 

    It legitimately makes you feel like a sci-fi demigod, but it’s also hard as ****. I made a build where I only heal and gain armor in close range kills, and oh man getting a shotgun and just zipping through baddies is so great lol. 

  13. 3 hours ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

    i thought the Show was a PS exclusive?

    Not anymore. First year on Xbox and free through game pass on Day 1. 

    Game pass is going to disrupt the whole industry if it can deliver high quality titles day 1 like this. 

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  14. MLB the Show 21 and Outriders both on gamepass day 1 of release. 

    Xbox finally delivering on years of promises? Could it finally be happening? 

    Might be time to turn on the XSX for the first time since I bought it in November. 🤡

  15. I don't have much time these days to post around here but I lurk. And it's a sad state of affairs that this thread has only become more relevant since the time I started it.


    This is the inevitable end result of a political movement whose ideas suck and that has lost all faith in its ability to win the consent of the majority. It's just a really sad coalition of whiny little babies who cannot accept that most Americans want nothing to do with them.

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  16. Just now, skinsfan_1215 said:

    Disinformation running deep amongst the GOP... in my wife’s family, her dad generally does not wear a mask and has not committed to getting vaccinated when it’s his turn. Her grandparents (both between 70-80) HAVE been very cautious and plan to get vaccinated. But they are afraid of the mRNA vaccines. Something they read about them changing your dna or having tons of issues down the road. I’ve been trying to get them an appointment but all the CVSs around here seem to only have Pfizer and moderna. Haven’t seen J&J yet. So while they are absolutely eligible, they won’t take the vaccines that are available to them now. 

    The anti-vaxxers have been spreading conspiracies that the mRNA vaccines are a form of gene therapy, which is flat out wrong. 

    You can share this link with reluctant family members.

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  17. Higher education staff are now eligible in MD, wife and I both got our appointments for next week through Safeway. 😁

    CVS has the worst online vaccine scheduler by the way. Walgreens and Safeway are really good. Safeway you can do it without having to make an account.

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