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  1. 6 hours ago, Larry said:


    I think that economic facts support economic policies that the Dems advocate.  


    I'm not at all sure that political messaging does.  For all the talk of the vast liberal media boogeyman, if the Dems had the messaging apparatus the R's do, the R's would be an extinct political party,  


    Just like I think the Dems absolutely blew their messaging during the election.  There were so many things that Trump and the R's did during those four years that should have been used as clubs against them.  

    I don’t know, the Dems did take complete control of government within four years and made Trump a one-term President.


    I think the Dems messaging usually sucks but they are also up against a political system that is titled to minoratarian rule, both in Congress and the executive branch, that heavily favors the GOP.


    Still, this bill is a major shift in Dem politics. It’s a complete rejection of 40 years of economic thinking in this country that swung on debt/deficit concerns. Even Obama would talk about “the government tightening its belt”.

    This is the liberal middle finger to the GOP on deficit spending hypocrisy that is 20 years too late. 

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  2. Good bill, will make a hugely positive impact. This countries outlook on economics and social welfare has dramatically shifted to the left with this. Obama couldn’t have passed this stimulus with a Dem supermajority in 2008. 

    I frankly believe we will look back at this pandemic and the economic response to it as a turning point in how we view aid to the poor and the struggling, and that direct cash help from the government is a hugely successful policy measure. 

    This is a generational shift akin to Reaganomics. Dare I say, we are entering a new era of economic thinking and policy making.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

    2k to 1400 to 0.


    a lot of people are gonna feel lied too.  Biden promised 2K in exchange for getting everyone to ride the blue wave and now they aren’t getting what they feel he promised.



    If government spending matters, I agree that rolling back/scaling back direct payments makes sense.... 


    Most of that people at those income levels are more interested in finding places to spend their money, than getting money into their pockets from the government. 

    I still think it’s dumb politics because that income group would have put that money right back into sectors of the economy that were struggling. It would have been efficiently redistributed.


    But it’s really not that big of a deal.

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  4. 1 hour ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    So basically any single person in the $80-$100k, married in the $160k-$200k range is getting zilch based on what Biden agreed to.


    That’s an L.  

    It’s typical of the Democratic Party to under deliver. I don’t agree it’s an L. The economy is going to be roaring by next year, no one will care much about who got checks and didn’t. 

    We’ve come a long way from the 2008 response to the last economic meltdown, which was god awful in retrospect. Obama ended up governing as a fiscal conservative on the issue in hindsight and his public statements about government tightening its belt just look cringe in hindsight. 

    The economy is on track to recover above projections before the pandemic started. That’s amazing and almost all of that will be thanks to trillions in relief spending by the government. We moved dramatically to the left this time around in responding to a national crisis and it worked.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Larry said:

    Pretty sure that:


    1). The GOP doesn't give a **** about China, or anybody else, committing genocide against Muslims. In fact, they support it. 

    2). And we participated in Olympics in Hitler's Germany. 

    Mike Pompeo was genuinely good as SoS on the issue of Uyghur persecution in China. Not all in the GOP care, but Pompeo made a series of good moves before finishing his term.


    Source: my exposure to the Uyghur community and their interaction with our policy makers through my wife who is Uyghur, and has family back home that was/is in the camps. 



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  6. 28 minutes ago, Springfield said:

    Every single stock I watch was blood red today except for GME and BB barely along with VIX and YANG. I think the market is getting ready to tank.


    Probably not. Maybe a correction, probably not even that. It’s boomer money rotating back into things like cruises, now that all the lame people in the world are ready to burn fossil fuels and eat overpriced food in floating petri dishes. Ex: Carnival and Exxon Mobil are up >15% this month. You’re probably watching a bunch of tech and growth stocks/ETFs which are taking a beating in this rotation.

    Going to see how markets do tomorrow, and if tech is still going down, probably buy the fire sale close to market closing. The best time to buy is when everyone is having a panic attack.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Mr. Sinister said:


    Not gonna lie, Bethesda/Obsidian exclusives are the main reason I'd buy at this point, along with access to Skyrim/Fallout 4 mods

    The promise is there but I feel like this happened with Xbox at the last console cycle too: they make the beefier console (on paper), they release no good exclusives at launch, but there is the expectation that they will eventually and then the PS delivers far better exclusives for the duration of the console and Xbox can never catch up.

    MS has been buying up lots of high quality studios so let’s see if they actually deliver this time. 

  8. The Bundy Ranch standoff should definitely be seen as a major catalyst for where we are today. Fox News went out of its way to legitimize the behavior of the militias. Probably radically spiked their popularity. 

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  9. On 2/22/2021 at 1:22 PM, Dr. Do Itch Big said:

    I’m enjoying my ps5 way more than Xbox series X. The ps5 hasn’t randomly turned off on me. 

    The XSX has zero interesting games. I immediately regretted buying it once it turned out that the best game to play on it is Skyrim.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Dan T. said:

    Here's a suggestion.  Just bake a cake that's blue or pink inside.  Biggest danger is early-onset diabetes. Same result, no explosions involved. And, hey! there's cake.




    This is actually the origin story of gender reveal parties. The lady who supposedly did the first one ever, used cupcakes or cake?? to reveal it. 

    The logical endpoint for every new fad in America is blowing things up. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    This is why I only play around with a little bit of money.  Because I don't know what I'm doing and silly me thought the merger was good news and to hold the stock.

    Rule of thumb is that if the price is shooting up based on a rumored event, it will already be baked in when X event happens. And then the sell off begins. Although it’s also coinciding with money shifting from tech stocks to boomer **** that tanked in March 2020.

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  12. 23 hours ago, The Evil Genius said:

    Honest question, has the chip shortage been going on for over a year now? I don't follow pc master race stuff so I wasn't aware of that impact. Thx for the info. 

    It’s a little less than a year. When the Nvidia 30x0 GPU’s were announced, lots of PC people started selling their 20x0 GPU’s because the 30 series was much more powerful, and the cost was 1/2 of the 20 series. 

    People expected large volume, cheaper costs, greater performance. What ended up happening was insane demand, scalpers and miners scooping most of them up, and now the 30 series is impossible to find at retail price. And that’s left the 20 and 10 series GPUs being sold over MSRP as well because that’s the best anyone who wants to build a PC can find right now.

  13. 13 hours ago, The Evil Genius said:

    I'm aware..but hear me out. Both Sony and Microsoft knew the demand..why launch with such limited stock? They make this mistake nearly every launch and piss away immediate sales.  Why is it too much to expect them to have stock to meet most of the demand?

    Decision to launch consoles in this window were made probably years ago. Since then, there’s really been two big constraints on GPU supply:


    1. The growth of crypto mining and the preference for GPU’s

    2. The explosion in gaming sales due to the pandemic. 

    The issue really isn’t Microsoft and Sony. The issue is Nvidia and AMD not being able to meet the demand of all their customers. And they themselves are constrained since there aren’t enough semiconductor fabs to keep up with the explosion in demand. 

    It’s much more likely that Microsoft and Sony expected to meet demand but now find themselves struggling for chip access. 

    The situation is so bad that people are resorting to buying the Nvidia 10x0 series GPU’s.

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  14. 5 hours ago, Dr. Do Itch Big said:

    There’s a silicon chip shortage causing delays in 3080s as well. 

    This is really it. The GPU market is a complete mess right now. Even the NVidia 20x0 series is selling over retail costs. 

    There’s insane demand for them for everything from gaming to AI applications in auto, design etc. 

  15. 14 hours ago, Barry.Randolphe said:

    Is this in VA? Where are your parents getting the vaccines? My grandmother is 85 and undergoing cancer treatment, but still hasn't gotten any word yet on when she's getting her vaccine. She's registered with her doctor in DC and VA

    My family is in VA. My mom is a public school teacher so she got it through the school system. Dad was on a state wait list I believe and was notified this week but less sure of this. I can reach out to him and get back to you. 

    It might be easier to get the shot in DC. It might be worth reaching out to her doctor directly. One of my wife’s colleagues who lives in DC scheduled her vaccine directly through her primary physician. 

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