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  1. Some girls I know who go to VCU ran into Chris Brown because he goes to the gym over there to workout. I swear the way the post about it on facebook and all the pictures they took, it must have been the greatest moment of their life. All this for a guy they know for being a female abuser, someone who beat the living snot out of his gf. Honestly, I wouldn't even look at a scumbag like him, let alone ask for pictures and I'm not even a female. I thought girls would feel more strongly about this subject.
  2. Am I the only one who doesn't notice the layout change?
  3. I had to listen to some Justin Bieber to get the ghey off of me. What the crap is that?
  4. The fries are still money at most locations though. Never been a fan of the burgers. They aren't as great as people make them out to be.
  5. Spotting each other on a mutual friends page?
  6. I'm dying. Please tell me how it was!
  7. Apparently one of the quotes from his tirade: Mad respect. That's freakin epic. :rotflmao:
  8. I think laptops just suck in general. Though I am pretty happy with my Toshiba. Close to hitting 1 year with no major problems. Thing is built like a tank as well. Can't even count how many times I've dropped it.
  9. He's on the Wizards summer league squad. He might even make the roster as an end of the bench guy.
  10. Good lord apartments in northern virginia are expensive as ****. I used to split a nice two bedroom in Richmond for $500 a month. The friend of mine I was supposed to be rooming with in Fairfax bailed out at the last second. Right now I'm looking at places in Rosslyn, Clarendon, Court House, Foggy Bottom and Adams Morgan. I wanna be close to the orange line metro or be close to the George Washington campus. Studio apartments are $1000+. This is so ridiculous. None of my friends in NoVA wanna move out because their families won't let them live away from home since they are so close already.
  11. Yeah I really don't mind it. It can be obnoxious at times but the guy seems happy so let it be.
  12. I swear to god I think you majored in message board smilies in college.
  13. Thanks, yeah I'll be going to a lot of Wiz games. I'll definitely make it to John Walls debut. I'm hoping me and my friend can nail an apartment in the Fairfax area by end of July. The Wizards will keep doing the 10 dollar student tickets. I think it's the first 60 that actually get them in the lower bowl. I did that once and saw the Raptors and Wizards like 5 rows behind the court. Thanks, I'm so excited!!! Richmond sucked ass. Thanks!!
  14. So I'll be attending George Washington University for sure now!!! So excited to move to the DC area. Hope to see a lot of you at Redskins and other DC sports events!
  15. I know I have cousins that I will never meet or even know off :doh: You should join me on my month long retreat to the Middle East and South Asia. I plan on finding every beautiful girl, bringing her back with me and then making millions and millions of babies.
  16. Out of my 20+ cousins, which one would you like?
  17. What's in it for me? I hate the accent. I can't do it to save my life and I sound like a tool when I try to speak it without it. It's harder than anything I've ever tried.
  18. My parents have been forcing me to learn Turkish so I can talk to my extended family that's from Turkey. I hate it.
  19. No clue. This is the one I have:
  20. For some reason that completely went over my head. I thought it was like a moderate system update or something. Oh well, the phone does run a lot smoother now. Luckily I still had my old phone so I got almost all of my contacts back quickly.
  21. WTF, I did a system update on my Droid and it erased everything I had on it. I am so ****ing pissed right now.
  22. I know... can't help it. I need every possible A to get into med school without any hassles.
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