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  1. I have no idea. I have friends who host them and I find it a lot more economical and fun when we do it that way. We all pitch in for the PPV and food money while being at the comfort of our own place.
  2. I'm not really talking about you Sticks because you know your basketball. That was mostly angled at ix, who loves to trash the Wizards and the NBA. But the second the Wizards start winning, I know he'll be posting in all the threads. He himself has said that he doesn't root for "loser teams" (i.e basically admitting to being a front runner). I doubt he would care as much about the Capitals if they weren't what they are today.
  3. For as much as all of you love to **** on basketball, you sure seem to whine about it a lot. If you don't care about the league, then why bother commentating on it with the same stuff over and over again?
  4. Do you have it five days a week? That's how it seems to be at many colleges when it comes to foreign language classes.
  5. I have the best schedule ever this semester
  6. I have no clue dude. Odom hasn't made that much money in the NBA to be risking that kind of ****. Dude is going to go bankrupt if that ever takes place. EDIT: LOL at the courtside Laker seats. Hey, we got divorced and you're stealing my ****ing money but I have to see you every time I play at home. What is this clown thinking??
  7. Ok this is f'ing ridiculous. Why the **** would you agree to that????
  8. Some ****ing guy in my section was urging the crowd to stand up and yell during our offensive possessions. Luckily it seemed like half the people in my section were sensible but it was amazing to see how people actually were yelling and cheering while our team was on offense. Not like the big f'in HD boards aren't displaying signs that say "Quiet, offense at work". :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:
  9. You should just use this as an excuse to allow yourself to call off things with her. Whether it's true or made up BS by your coworker, just end this. It doesn't sound like a good match at all.
  10. Damn, well at least you hit it. :thumbsup:
  11. Yeah sex is definitely not a part of the equation since I have a girlfriend. My main concern is with the conflicting life styles and the fact that I don't really know her all that well. We only started talking at work about three weeks ago. We're both kind of stuck in the same crappy situation where we didn't apply for on campus housing at GW because we're transfer students and are now stuck looking at places along the metro lines which are a lot more expensive. Living together would mean saving close to $6000 over a year long period. I'm leaning towards just doing it. Worse case, we don't g
  12. Yeah but a good living situation is what I mostly want. She seems like a nice person though so we'll see what happens. Actual year long lease lol.
  13. Has anyone had a female roommate before? I'm looking at a situation where if I room with one of my coworkers, I'll save about $500 a month. I'm just really skeptical about having a female roommate. I don't really know her too well except our hours together during work but this will save both of us a lot of money and the location is ideal because it's close to orange line metro and both of us commute to Foggy Bottom every day. Any experience stories, good/bad?
  14. 8 AM classes are the worst. I blame freshmen year when my first class used to be at 1 PM. Ever since, even a 9:30 AM class seems early to me.
  15. I put my name on the season ticket waiting list a week ago. Today I get a call from the Skins ticket office offering me season tickets for this season lol. They said my name was on top of the list. Is our waiting list that short now??
  16. So I move from Richmond to DC because I transferred from VCU to GWU. I'm pretty excited to move into the DC area. My best friends are moving from the Northern VA. area to Richmond lol. One is going to University of Richmond the other is going to VCU. My other really good friend is going to school at Georgia. Fail.
  17. Some girls I know who go to VCU ran into Chris Brown because he goes to the gym over there to workout. I swear the way the post about it on facebook and all the pictures they took, it must have been the greatest moment of their life. All this for a guy they know for being a female abuser, someone who beat the living snot out of his gf. Honestly, I wouldn't even look at a scumbag like him, let alone ask for pictures and I'm not even a female. I thought girls would feel more strongly about this subject.
  18. Am I the only one who doesn't notice the layout change?
  19. I had to listen to some Justin Bieber to get the ghey off of me. What the crap is that?
  20. The fries are still money at most locations though. Never been a fan of the burgers. They aren't as great as people make them out to be.
  21. Spotting each other on a mutual friends page?
  22. I'm dying. Please tell me how it was!
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