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  1. So I'll be attending George Washington University for sure now!!! So excited to move to the DC area. Hope to see a lot of you at Redskins and other DC sports events!
  2. I know I have cousins that I will never meet or even know off :doh: You should join me on my month long retreat to the Middle East and South Asia. I plan on finding every beautiful girl, bringing her back with me and then making millions and millions of babies.
  3. Out of my 20+ cousins, which one would you like?
  4. What's in it for me? I hate the accent. I can't do it to save my life and I sound like a tool when I try to speak it without it. It's harder than anything I've ever tried.
  5. My parents have been forcing me to learn Turkish so I can talk to my extended family that's from Turkey. I hate it.
  6. No clue. This is the one I have:
  7. For some reason that completely went over my head. I thought it was like a moderate system update or something. Oh well, the phone does run a lot smoother now. Luckily I still had my old phone so I got almost all of my contacts back quickly.
  8. WTF, I did a system update on my Droid and it erased everything I had on it. I am so ****ing pissed right now.
  9. I know... can't help it. I need every possible A to get into med school without any hassles.
  10. Every semester it seems like I have the laziest professors who don't put the grades up until the last second. I could have anywhere between a 3.1 or 3.9. This wait is ****ing killing me.
  11. This is a mass email a dude in one of my classes sent out:
  12. I do that if I'm driving parallel to someone at the same speed. I find it uncomfortable going at the same speed with a car right next to me in the adjacent lane.
  13. Well that really depends from situation to situation. In Virginia, 80 or over 80 is wreckless driving. So on I-95 when the limit is 65, you can't really go above 75 without risking a ticket. I was ticketed for going 81 about seven months ago.
  14. I love Sully Erna. What a badass voice.
  15. Finals week is horrible timing for dates. Our first date went great and I told her I'd take her out again on Monday night. I figured I'd be able to finish up both my Chem and Physics studying over the weekend but that failed. I haven't even started my Physics studying yet because Chemistry took up the whole weekend . It wouldn't be a big deal if she hadn't shown tendencies towards being kind of a drama queen. Lucky for her she's so damn cute.
  16. Finally manned up and asked out this girl from my bio class who I'd been admiring for a long time now. Scored a date on Thursday night. YEA BOI.
  17. I hate that remake so much. The original is such a classic. I got goosebumps when I saw them play it live.
  18. I await the day I am done with this wretched subject. F Chemistry. Also, strawberry yogurt is amazing.
  19. I am so sick and tired of this bird outside of my apartment. Same ****ing noise every morning and evening.
  20. It's about three hours of video material that would need to be translated. I don't know if there is a website who would be willing to do such a massive translation especially considering most of the video refers to some biological terms that a person with no biological background won't be able to spell. Embryology sucks ass anyways. Most biology is so interesting but some aspects are just awful. Study of plants + study of fetus development is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard.
  21. I found a pretty awesome video guide for my embryology test on Thursday. The entire thing is in Dutch . God damnit the animations in it seemed really helpful and apparently so is the wording because people gave it good reviews. Son of a *****.
  22. Yeah how does NFL news about teams that don't even affect us get your adrenaline going lol.