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  1. The worst part about losing a game like this is all the people who talk ****. One of my friends who has never been to Philly and has nothing to do with Philly but is an "Eagles" fan has been spamming my phone with texts non stop. I wish I could gather all the front runners in the DMV area and ship them out of here.
  2. I've seen people do it before. Shouldn't be a problem.
  3. A lot of the cutting into the minutes for our starters was because of injuries or foul trouble. Blatche picked up two early fouls and sat the entire first quarter. Wall pulled something late in the third. Yi got hurt so Booker got his minutes. Flip hates McGee so Armstrong undeservedly got more minutes than he should. I always thought Eddie Jordan sucked at rotations and coaching in general but Flip Saunders is making him look like Red Auerbach. As some posters have said earlier in this thread, at least one phase of our team used to look NBA caliber. Under Flip, it's looked like complete crap
  4. The game was in Chicago but I think the officiating was fine last night. Gilbert should've gotten a few more calls but we played really bad on defense and the Bulls defense was suffocating us.
  5. I think it's both. I have a feeling the players are tuning out Flip Saunders. Flip also insists on running the zone heavily with this team. Honestly haven't seen a team run zone (especially 2-3 zone) as much as we have been this season in quite a while. Our roster isn't exactly filled with high IQ players. Just a bad combination. A huge criticism of mine towards Flip is that he uses a really right rotation and plays his guys more minutes than they should. Last night on a back to back we had injuries happen to Yi, Wall and Blatche. Flip needs to use the bench a lot more and at this point Ser
  6. He better be getting some serious development time with the coaches then. Do we have a one on one coach to work with him specifically? All things considered, he can't be worse than Hilton Armstrong. I'm hoping that at least 5-10 more games into the season he starts eating some minutes at the back up PF/C spot. Kind of dumb for him and his agent to do that though. The D-league would help him get used to NBA style of play. The Rockets are doing this with Patrick Patterson and the Raptors are as well with Ed Davis. Seraphin is much more under developed than both.
  7. I really don't have any hopes of acquiring a solid rebounder as long as Grunfeld is in charge. When was the last time Ernie picked a rugged and well developed player right out of college? His free agent signings have been guys like Songaila, who are yet again offensively oriented soft players. He's had multiple opportunities to do so and he continued to pick big time projects with low IQ like Nick Young and McGee or sign guys who really don't fit the tough guy in the paint role. I think Seraphin could potentially be that guy but right now he can't sniff minutes over Armstrong so who knows how
  8. I'd be down for this. As long as the game isn't on a Wednesday night, I'll be able to go. We should set this up either the last week of November, the first week of December or the last week of December. Mid December kind of sucks because I'm sure a lot of us in here have final exams and other nonsense.
  9. The same can be done at a friends house who has the entire hookah set up. I do it all the time at one of my friends places.
  10. Depends how often she goes. If it's 3+ visits a week, then yes. On that topic, hookah bars are pointless. Just buy the damn thing.
  11. Right because Jason Kidd being a great rebounder means every other PG has to be one too ...
  12. Cowherd is simply trolling now. He has a lot of egg on his face each and every time Wall has a great game. Rather than admitting that he's a moron, he will continue to hate.
  13. I've been recording lectures for one of my classes with this voice recorder I bought from Radioshack. So today I plug it in to upload all my lectures and the file format is .voc. None of the media players I have play this format. I didn't take notes in the class because I figured I had the lectures recorded. **** me.
  14. Scheyer had originally decided to come to our camp I believe. Then he switched out at the last second.
  15. She won't have problems with getting boyfriends if she puts out easily. Guys will **** anything that easily comes their way. One of my closest friends was notorious at doing this... then he ended up having a baby with one of them. This girl is insane, stalkerish to the point where she used to go on my friends facebook profile and message any new girl he became friends with... letting them know that she has a baby with him lol.
  16. Gil will get his game back. Took him a while last year as well. This team can still win games or at least be somewhat competitive most nights but it starts with Flip trusting McGee. As dumb as McGee is, he is still 100000000x better than Yi and Armstrong. Yi is grabbing a total of TWO rebounds and averaging 20 MPG. He is so ****ing soft, it's disgraceful that he's the first big man of the bench.
  17. Put about 75% of this on the coach. Going with a 2-3 zone to finish out the game was a great move. Great move towards tanking another game. Seems pretty obvious that we have no intention of winning games this year. Thornton left the game at 9:51 in the 4th, never came back in. McGee has his best game of the year but gets benched for Armstrong who grabbed 1 rebound all game. Yi and Armstrong both combined for about 28 minutes in total. Flip is a dumbass but at this point seems like the perfect coach to get us the #1 overall pick back to back years.
  18. Flip needs to kill the zone defense. We have a roster made up of dumbasses. The essence of a zone defense is having a center who's smart enough to man the middle. Right now between McGee and Armstrong, we might have the dumbest suckiest center pairing ever put together. BTW what is this about Arenas confidence you guys are talking about? Dude scored 14 in the fourth. Hit clutch three after another. Too bad for him that his offensive explosion was wasted thanks to Yi, McGee and Armstrong playing like a box of kleenex. Also less Kirk Hinrich please. I don't know what happened to this guy over h
  19. Gil's taking over! The rest of the team is completely stinking it up.
  20. I've never had a problem with the NBA lottery system. I think it's fair that a sport that has the ability to be dominated by one individual sets restrictions on teams blatantly tanking. I do question whether the process is run fairly or not (not that I'm complaining). Seems a bit odd that we would win the lottery with such low chances. Couldn't have been that it was because an iconic owner died (had great ties with Stern), new owner with huge pockets took over and a potentially big market was on the line. I'm pretty confident that Stern envisioned Leonsis to turn the Wizards into what Leonsis
  21. Even when Rose and Tyreke Evans came in the league, their jump shots were highly suspect. Wall will no doubt get better and that's why I like having Gil around him. No better person to help learn how to shoot than a guy who practices close to a 1000 shots every practice. For all of Gilbert's problems, his practice and training intensity is something everyone on our team can learn from. McGee should have a good game tonight. Mosgov is the type of scrub that McGee always dominates. Gilbert coming off the bench but I hope we use him a lot more than Hinrich in the 4th quarter. I just hope that Fl
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