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  1. I'll write to him in a few weeks. He's been getting quite a few emails regarding the medical staff and Ted has been known to snap at people in the past lol. It's hard to tell with him. For as interactive as he is with the fans, he can definitely be a giant douche at times. When I wrote to him about using other teams history to pump up the Wizards crowd, he wrote back saying "We've been doing this for years". I haven't been to a game since but I'm sure it's still going on. Ted writes back but most of the time, it's fluff.
  2. Mine is going to go on auto pilot once I finish my Chemistry minor. I have no problem with any class within my bio major and concentration. Chemistry is just terrible. ****tiest subject ever.
  3. lol ten page paper due tomorrow at 7 PM along with two finals in the morning and I haven't even started the paper yet. Good news is that after that I'll really have nothing left in comparison. I wish life had a fast forward button.
  4. One thing that I know is that Ted isn't blinded by loyalty. Abe was loyal to a fault, which is why some of the idiots who were performing medical operations under him were the same people who were performing medical operations for this team decades ago. Not only the medical staff, but the training staff as well. Consult with the Phoenix Suns and ask what type of personnel or from what company they get their trainers and doctors. If Ted is serious about building a powerhouse, the first thing he needs to do is provide this team with grade A quality treatment. For ****s sake, Johns Hopkins is ri
  5. I don't get it. I'm fully behind the theory that these Zig tech shoes or w.e the **** they are called are causing Wall problems. But this medical staff has been misdiagnosing and botching surgeries for YEARS!!! Does Ted need to see the quotations from ex Wizards/Bullets players??? I don't understand how the ownership or the front office doesn't recognize this. Abe didn't, Ted doesn't, Ernie doesn't. MJ did but we all know how that ended.
  6. It just baffles my mind that a pro sports franchise does not have its own special hired medical staff. I mean how stupid is it to send your multi million dollar investments to be treated by regular physicians? Especially a physician who apparently isn't well respected in the NBA circles. Reading Grant Hill talk about Wall's doctor makes me cringe. John Hopkins is an hour away with some of the best medical facilities in the entire nation. Yet our players are getting absolutely third rate treatment. The most pathetic indictment of our training staff is when Gilbert returned from his first kne
  7. We'll have a higher draft pick. Draft picks 21-32 are determined by the record of the teams that made the playoffs. If Seahawks are 7-9 and make the playoffs, they'll have pick #21. 1-20 are determined by the records of losing teams. Don't quote me on this though lol.
  8. Damn was it that serious? I'll just wait till I get on XBL then, don't want you guys getting banned.
  9. That won't be till like the last week of December. PM it lol, I need something to make me laugh. If I have to review the human kidney system one more time, I'm going throw up.
  10. ****, can the ones who missed out get a cliff notes summary? lol
  11. Damn, looks like I missed it. Would love to know what went down in it lol.
  12. It surely is. Besides rent, I haven't had a single complaint with my apartment or the area. I'd like to find a place near Foggy Bottom or Dupont Circle but both areas suck in terms of quality of places in comparison to the rent. I saw some studios worth $1500 that were total **** holes. The one that got away: found a place in Dupont Circle for $800. It was a studio, not really big but adequate sized in a really nice building. The move in date was October 1st but I needed it before September 1st.
  13. Congrats! Hopefully I'll be able to find a nice apartment in DC next year so I can move out of my overpriced one in Arlington. Love the place, HATE the rent.
  14. A posted on another Wizards board pointed out that the current doctor for Wall and Arenas is the same guy who ****ed up Grant Hill's knees and told him that his condition is hopeless. Hill came out and criticized him big time yet this moron is allowed to perform on our current franchise player and our ex franchise player. Ex players have numerous times stated how the current training and medical staff employed by this franchise misdiagnosed and performed the wrong procedures on them. From my understanding, this team does not have a proper medical staff of its own. The players are sent to regu
  15. This team needs to stop drafting based on potential. Ernie always makes the risky pick. Be it choosing a Euro big like Pecherov who can stretch the floor, a raw as hell McGee, super talented Young who had a really low b-ball IQ, be it Seraphin who can't communicate in English and has only been playing for ball for a few years. His trades save for the Butler for Kwame trade have been the same way. It's about time they started picking guys who might not have the highest ceiling but have traits that can immediately boost the team. I think Booker is the type of a player but his size is a huge pro
  16. Taken from a poster on another Wizards board: Wouldn't mind looking at this guy as a non lotto pick, similar to how we got Booker and Seraphin. I like Trevor but I'm all for stock piling big men. This guy isn't a physical beast but his numbers don't lie.
  17. If she needs help around campus, I will be glad to help. I know where everything is. :paranoid: Congrats to your niece. She'll love it down here!
  18. The MTV Unplugged show right? That is an awesome live album. A lot of emotion in their singer's (Lane Staley) voice. Alice in Chains is one of my favorite bands. Staley was an awesome singer. RIP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THS-YXAADhU
  19. Not a whole lot similar in terms of the atmosphere in the albums but in a similar grunge style, check out Alice in Chains. Dirt is a really good album. Alice in Chains are kind of like a darker Nirvana.
  20. Five more to go for me, along with a 10 page research paper and a lab practical. :shot:
  21. The shoe sucks and the ad is stupid too. Twenty second ad that only shows Wall for like 2 seconds. How do you market a shoe with a players brand and not even show the player? Reebok sucks.
  22. Stupid mistake but the real stupidity is to bench him. I am all for rewarding Seraphin and Book but that shouldn't come at the expense of players who are producing. McGee has a PER of 19, is top 3 in blocks, top 20 in rebounds, has a pretty good FG% and is making good defensive rotations. Flip's negative reinforcement really sucks. Guy is ridiculously bipolar. I like that some of our players have developed under him rapidly but the team cohesion is just not there. This team shouldn't be winning a whole lot of games but they shouldn't be getting blown out by teams like the Kings and Raptors.
  23. I'm about to turn this off as well. Flip continues to run the zone defense against a team has one legit offensive option. Flip is an idiot.
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