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  1. Two more years after this one. Basically one year less than Gilbert. Although I've read that his last year is incentive based and if he isn't performing up to a certain level, he only sees half of the money.
  2. I'd hate to swap Gil for Shard but I see the reason behind it. Gil is the last surviving member from the pre-Ted era. Get rid of him and we have a clean slate. The true rebuild doesn't start unless it is 100% completely Wall's team. This also frees up a lot of minutes for Nick Young and puts Kirk at his primary position of a back up SG.
  3. I can't see Orlando giving up Gortat. He is their only big man with size behind Howard. I also can't see us taking back Lewis. It's most likely for Carter's expiring contract. Maybe Orlando sweetens it up a tad bit with their first round pick but I doubt it.
  4. Yeah but even wins aren't really that sweet at this point when the guy we all waited to see all offseason can't even get on the court. Always something with this franchise. ---------- Post added December-17th-2010 at 11:19 PM ---------- Bittersweet moment for sure. I'll say what I have to say when it's finalized.
  5. I was planning on going to but I'm a little less prepared for my Forensic Biology exam than I had expected to be. So nope, I won't be there to rub it in your face after we win.
  6. Sure would be. I honestly wouldn't mind Rashard Lewis a whole lot if Gortat came with him. Lewis can play SF and open up a lot of space for Wall and Blatche to work inside. I've always felt that Lewis was more of a SF than a PF.
  7. Ernie is a genius if he can ship Gilbert out to Orlando without taking back Rashard Lewis. I'll take back every bad thing I have said about him if he can pull this off.
  8. This team doesn't really need the #1 pick again. The top 5 for next years draft is heavy in big men and SF's. We can pretty much draft anyone who is rated as top 5 prospect and fill a position of need at PF or SF.
  9. The best cure for tendinitis is rest. I really don't blame Wall for having tendinitis. Almost everyone who has come out with the report for his shoes has trashed it. Reebok pretty much committed brand suicide with this. You get an up and coming star to back you up and you release that piece of **** shoe? Wild guess: they are also holding him out to make sure that the next time he gets on the court, he doesn't have to wear those crappy shoes. Does his deal require him to wear them every game?
  10. If Melo signs as a FA, Chandler will be available without a trade. He's a restricted free agent and NY won't match if they already have Melo at SF.
  11. Even without Curry, better record or worse record, chances are we still don't have Wall. Hell if the lottery is done again, we wouldn't win 95 out of a 100 times. But that doesn't justify giving up talent. On a side note, I'd like to get Wilson Chandler from the Knicks if and when they acquire Melo.
  12. Curry is an underrated defender and him and Monta coexist quite nicely. Golden States defensive problems have more to do with bad big man play. There is no telling how or which way this team would have ended if they had picked Curry (multiple reports have said that Curry was going to be the pick). This team would have still stunk as much as it did. Curry alone wouldn't have made us any better.
  13. Ted has said himself that he doesn't expect this team to do much this year. The only troubling thing for me is the effort. The only player who I think has given us solid consistent effort all year while staying healthy is Nick Young. I still like Javale but it's hard to do well when your coach has you on a ridiculously short leash. Blatche to me has been the biggest disappointment. I really expected more from him, not only from a statistical stand point but from a veteran stand point. He's a pretty young guy himself but he's been in the league long enough to set an example for the others. I
  14. ****ing done with the paper. Off to sleep for a few hours then two tests back to back and a lab practical later on at night
  15. Didn't watch a single minute. Team Harry Potter has been horrendous. Luckily this paper is about Hindu philosophy so I'm pretty much breezing through it. I find doing all the bibliographies, citations and foot notes 1000x more annoying than actually writing the material.
  16. My problem isn't with the losing but with the way the team is losing. It's one thing to lose because you are not as talented as the other teams, but we are not only over matched by talent, but by effort and coaching as well. The minute distribution leaves a lot to be desired. If you look past the glitz and glamour of having the #1 overall pick, this team has been really really ugly this year. Uglier than it should be. The record speaks for itself but it doesn't tell the entire story.
  17. Thornton doesn't really have a game. He pretty much sucks. Rebounds when he feels like it. Scores when he feels like. Inconsistent jump shot. Inconsistent energy every game. The guy is built like a prototypical SF but man his skills leave a lot to be desired.
  18. If I could do it over, I would never make that retarded trade of Miller and Foye for our #5 pick. Stephen Curry, freaking Stephen Curry.Wall, Curry, Young. Game over.
  19. I'm debating with myself on two things: 1. Is this team poorly constructed. 2. Is this team poorly coached. My answer right now: 40% for #1 and 60% for #2. This team has some really raw talent that needs time but it also has a bunch of guys that don't belong in the league (Al Thornton, Yi, Armstrong). Hinrich is a nice player but he's useless when Wall and Gilbert are healthy. We don't need 3 PG's, Kirk can't play SG. Coaching is terrible. I'm sick of Flip's jump shooting system. His teams have never been good at attacking the rim. His offense does not put focus on big men doing work in th
  20. Yi + Hinrich could get it done. Hinrich is at 9.5 and Yi is at 3.5.
  21. Wouldn't do it. Love isn't what his numbers suggests. One hell of a rebounder but his defense is bad. Rubio looked bad in the FIBA tournament as well. Unless we get two unprotected firsts, along with a guy like Carmelo Anthony, I wouldn't trade Wall.
  22. This team will commit a crime to its fan base if it doesn't resign Nick Young. Don't care what the price is, the guy will get BETTER. I am officially on the bandwagon. He makes shooting look easy. No doubt one of the best pure shooters in the league. The added bonus of his solid defense just puts it over the top. KEEP NICK YOUNG.
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