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  1. Ereck Flowers has the chance to turn his career around in Washington maybe playing Guard could be it. If Brandon Scherff played Tackle he may have struggled it was a great move having him playing Guard. If it works 4 million would be a steal for a starting Guard when Scherff gets his knew contract it will be well over 10 million per year. Just maybe Bill Callahan can work his magic.
  2. Hogs86

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    This is pretty much how i feel about Sean Taylor and his jersey number. Ed Sheahin‏ @NFLPhotoGuy FollowFollow @NFLPhotoGuy More When I heard him get choked up, I couldn't help but feel that way myself. I want him to have it if Sean's dad wants him to have it. I'm not worried about the living up to the number part. That will take care of its self.
  3. If not AJ Green but maybe John Ross. 4.22 40 guy that has not done much for the bengals. Tony Pauline‏ @TonyPauline FollowFollow @TonyPauline More Sources tell me the Cincinnati Bengals are hoping to trade receiver John Ross and will field offers during the combine. We'll have more tonight during our podcast. 10:37 AM - 26 Feb 2019
  4. The Jets let Spencer Long go. He is only 27 he could play Guard for the Redskins.
  5. Hogs86

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    This made my day.... Josh Norman: Redskins would have won Super Bowl with healthy Alex Smith TMZ caught up with the Redskins corner in Atlanta, the site of Super Bowl LIII. TMZ Guy: You guys were having a killer season at the Redskins until Alex Smith got hurt. If Alex Smith never gets hurt, what happens? Norman: We would have won the Super Bowl. TMZ Guy: You win it? Or you're in it? Norman: We in it and we winning it. Why we gonna be in it and not win it? TMZ Guy: No way. Norman: Yes way. We'd be in the Super Bowl. https://thefandc.radio.com/josh-norman-redskins-win-super-bowl-with-alex-smith
  6. Zach Brown played with a torn oblique muscle this season. His regression had to be because of his injury. He signed a three year deal for 24 million. The question is can the redskins afford to cut him.
  7. Imagine what he will get out of Reuben Foster, Shaun Dion Hamilton, Ryan Andersen, Josh Harvey-Clemons, Foster and Zach Brown. I bet we will see much better play out of these players next season.
  8. I also found this. Lazor spent four seasons with the Washington Redskins, two of which were spent as the quarterbacks coach for legendary head coach Joe Gibbs. During the 2004 and 2005 seasons, Lazor served as an offensive assistant Albert Breer ‏ Verified account @AlbertBreer Follow Follow @AlbertBreer More The Redskins interviewed ex-Bengals OC Bill Lazor for their QBs coach job on Tuesday, sources said. So the team is planning to backstop new OC Kevin O'Connell with someone taking on his old position
  9. I think it may be going down now. Give Gregg Williams what ever it takes. Jsteelz‏ @jsteelznskins FollowFollow @jsteelznskins More The Push
  10. Hogs86

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Have at it. Jsteelz Retweeted Kyler Murray‏Verified account @TheKylerMurray 2m2 minutes ago More I have declared for the NFL Draft.
  11. Lets not forget about Steve Wilks also Todd Bowles. We truly do not know who has been in and out of Redskins Park. There is no way Greg Manusky is not already gone. Maybe he has already been told he is gone? Mike Garafolo‏Verified account @MikeGarafolo 2h2 hours ago More The #Redskins had conversations with Steve Wilks before he took the #Browns’ defensive coordinator job, sources say. Doesn’t sound like they were deep discussions but another indication Washington has been nosing around DC candidates.
  12. The door is now opening for Gregg Williams. For those that have said he and Snyder do not get along maybe we have read way to much into it. It's been a few years but i do remember reading that Snyder and Williams relationship has been repaired. This comes from 2013 when the redskins took Gruden over Williams https://fansided.com/2013/12/30/rumor-g ... ead-coach/Fred Smoot@Fsmoot21SeanTI just spoke with Greg Williams and he is very interested in the Redskins Head Coaching job.....I think Greg could help Redskins Nation...877:22 PM - Dec 30, 2013
  13. This is the latest i have this strange feeling something may come out of this. Jsteelz‏ @jsteelznskins FollowFollow @jsteelznskins More As of 10:55am today . There is no deal yet with the Jets and Williams . I know all skins fans watching this one . So reports of him signing last week is False . No deal yet