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  1. As someone who called the Haskins bust from day one ( and was in turn accused of vile things by certain members of this msg board ) I feel a level of empty vindication.  This should essentially write the end of his story, at least here in Washington, as I do not see him as the type of personality to "rise to the challenge".  At some point a critical player is so performing at such a poor level that they make it impossible to evaluate anyone else on the roster, and I do feel like we were to that point with Haskins.  Further, he continued to show his immaturity and, frankly, piss poor and entitled attitude literally from the moment he was drafted until present.


    I am encouraged by this move for one particular reason (it is not because I think we have a stellar NFL QB on the roster at current).  "Simba" is sort of the crown jewel of Danny boy meddling in football decisions and making a mess of things.  This sort of signals to me that a grown up is in charge.  I have no doubt that Coach gave Danny some assurances he would give Simba a fair shake, but when it became clear it was not going to work out, Coach had the authority to pull the plug.  At the heart of the issue, Simba is a Danny mistake and this move gives me hope that as long as Coach is here, Danny may stay out of the way.

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  2. The stat line was not horrible, but make no mistake - he played loser ball.  Either the entire game plan was written to protect his fragile mental state or he was playing scared;  either way he should be done - the rest of the team deserves a punchers chance.  NFL teams will let you dink and dunk and run out the clock on yourself when they are up 14+ points -- that is not being competitive, that is playing to lose.  Other things NFL teams will happily allow you to do which pad the stat lines and do not contribute to a winning culture:


    --Throw a 3 yard pass on 3rd and twelve

    --Throw a 4 yard pass on 4th and 10


    You get the idea.  The guy is done - lets see if we have anything in Kyle (I dont think much) and start thinking about what is out there in the draft

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  3. 4 minutes ago, TrancesWithWolves said:



    This isn’t a one year project.   Del Rio should coach the team until he is healed however long that takes. 


    We need Ron healthy, strong and alert for many years not just the next 13 weeks.




    Agree - I have immense respect for this man trying to gut this out, but this team isnt going to make the playoffs (probably....) or win the SB.  Get right and come back strong - worries me to see him clearly struggling out there


  4. 1 minute ago, TrancesWithWolves said:

    You have to wonder if Rivera is mentally effected by his condition.


    You go for the field goal there to make it a two score game. Not even a tough decision imho.


    the weird time management at the end of the half and that 4th down mess have me wondering as well.  between him and haskins we are literally managing the game at less than a anklebiter level



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  5. 11 minutes ago, DJHJR86 said:

    I think another under-discussed aspect to Haskins was that he was a Snyder pick.  That leaves a bitter taste for a ton of fans.  And that is unfair to Haskins, but it's absolutely a red flag knowing Snyder's history.  


    <~~ This - for a lot of fans drafting him was sort of the crown jewel of this organizations dysfunctional structure.  His piss poor attitude and historically bad results just compounded the issue, but make no mistake this is Dannys mess to own.



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  6. 2 minutes ago, PartyPosse said:

    I'm frustrated with Dwayne as much as anyone, but people only going off of weird numbers and rankings shows an inability to formulate their own impressions.


    He has been near the bottom of almost every measurable statistic since he became a starter.  Its the opposite honestly, you need to do weird mental gymnastics to convince yourself that he is not the worst QB in the league, and by a very very very wide margin.  

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  7. 50 minutes ago, Veretax said:



    So what do we think of this week against the ravens?   If Riverboard Ron says to Scott turner, pass as much as you want, challenge them all around the field, take the gloves off.... do you thin kHaskins will rise to that occasion?  Or would Ron Be proven right?  Which situation is really better here?


    I think next week is a trap game for the Ravens who are playing a big one tonight - we might keep it closer than some expect - especially with the conservative gameplan (I do not think the gloves come off next week to answer your question).  I think the best outcome is for the org to accept that we do not have a good NFL QB on the roster, so lets throw in whoever gives us the best chance to win today and look to the future 




  8. 25 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    However, what kind of message does it send to the other 52 guys?  That we aren’t even going to attempt to win because our QB is terrible and too fragile to deal with another pick.


    This is exactly it - everyone outside of about 5 delusional fans in DC know "Simba" is a massive joke, but Rivera is saddled with it because he was a "Danny" pick.  Throwing in the towel before the half and before the end of games because you know "Simba" will throw a pick when he tries to go downfield will ultimately rub the team the wrong way - the other guys who have their paychecks on the line here.  Snyder has found creative ways to run this org into the ground for multiple decades and anyone who thinks the old Riverboat Ron would change things is delusional.   

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  9. 1 minute ago, KDawg said:

    I didn't hear the presser, but that quote that SIP posted alludes to him throwing his OL under the bus and then completely passing off all blame by denying that he stared receivers down...



    Hes a frontrunning chump who will deflect blame every chance he gets.  Remember last year it was his mystery "wrist" injury - its honestly pathetic.  Hes certainly not going to lead any NFL teams to success in his lifetime;  he just does not have the physical or mental tools to do so.  Should take one or two more games of failure before he removes himself with a "ankle" injury and is "carted" off the field.


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