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  1. Seattle pass D is putrid - here is my sage prediction.  Turner calls a kindergarden gameplan to protect Haskins fragile mental state and prevent him pooping himself (shades of the Callahan era gameplan).  You do not win football games turtled up trying to protect the weakest link - so we lose the game.  In typical Simba fashion, once the game is out of reach the opposing D lets him have some underneath stuff, and its not quite enough of an unmitigated disaster for the Haskins Humpers to finally get it thru their skulls that he is a lost cause. 


    So basically a worse case scenario.


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  2. 29 minutes ago, Mr. Sinister said:


    Me doing so would violate the Stadium rules. If you want to talk about this in the Tailgate, then I'd be happy to tell you what I think the real reasoning behind your continuous trash posts is :)


    I don't keep doing anything about you. I'm not the one personally going after a dude every time the topic is brought up. There's nothing to telegraph (judging by your usage of the word, it would seem that you don't even know what it means). You post it here for all to see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    PM me, sincerely, id love to talk this out with you - I think I know where your head is and I'd love to speak w/ you on it


  3. 1 minute ago, KDawg said:

    You seem to have some kind of actual dislike for the guy. It's strange.


    Somewhere around rolling his eyes when he was drafted by WFT, sicking his agent to trash his teammates on social media, celebrating with opposing teams stars during blowout losses, acting disinterested and ambivalent in playing football for WFT, blowing off advice from well respected teammates, liking social media posts about his coach being fired, generally acting like his poop dont stink, etc, etc, he lost me - your right I am not a fan and frankly, I dont see how anyone can look at the body of work on and off the field and be like "yeah you know I want more of THAT, lets see how it plays out" :)




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  4. 27 minutes ago, KDawg said:


    You have entirely too much vitriol for a young guy who has done nothing terribly wrong besides have a immature attitude as a barely 20-something.




    Agree to disagree on "only"being immature :) - just pains me to see people wasting cycles on this sunk cost.  Ive known it was a lazy bust from day one (check the receipts) and its so frustrating when people cant see the light :) Please Haskins Humpers, heed my words of great wisdom which have proved out correct time and time again in this thread, let me shine the great light of truthful insight on you ! Let him go, its over  - enjoy the ride with Alex and see what the draft and/or Alex/Kyle bring next year



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  5. Why do I wake up after a great victory and another solid performance by Alex Smith and see this thread bumped up.  Is this donkey still on the team?  Hes done here - he is a failed QB and a failed social media influencer (which all of this hanging off Alexs' coat tails is simply an attempt at).  None of this is genuine, "doo-doo king" is a never have been, stop hanging on his every word and hoping he will eventually "get it", he wont.



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  6. 3 hours ago, UK SKINS FAN 74 said:

    Would be interesting to see Haskins back on the field before the end of the season.


    He so nearly got cleaned up by Chase Young Sunday. After Young had taken Burrow out for the fumble, he almost did the same to Haskins as he was that fired up heading back to the sideline.


    Not happening, we are in the middle of watching the greatest comeback story in the history of professional sports - no one wants to see Haskins on the field pooping himself again. In the words of coach we have "seen enough".  That "near clean up" was the closest thing he is going to get to football action barring something terrible happening to Alex


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