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  1. 25 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    However, what kind of message does it send to the other 52 guys?  That we aren’t even going to attempt to win because our QB is terrible and too fragile to deal with another pick.


    This is exactly it - everyone outside of about 5 delusional fans in DC know "Simba" is a massive joke, but Rivera is saddled with it because he was a "Danny" pick.  Throwing in the towel before the half and before the end of games because you know "Simba" will throw a pick when he tries to go downfield will ultimately rub the team the wrong way - the other guys who have their paychecks on the line here.  Snyder has found creative ways to run this org into the ground for multiple decades and anyone who thinks the old Riverboat Ron would change things is delusional.   

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  2. 1 minute ago, KDawg said:

    I didn't hear the presser, but that quote that SIP posted alludes to him throwing his OL under the bus and then completely passing off all blame by denying that he stared receivers down...



    Hes a frontrunning chump who will deflect blame every chance he gets.  Remember last year it was his mystery "wrist" injury - its honestly pathetic.  Hes certainly not going to lead any NFL teams to success in his lifetime;  he just does not have the physical or mental tools to do so.  Should take one or two more games of failure before he removes himself with a "ankle" injury and is "carted" off the field.


  3. It was really sad to watch you guys doing mental gymnastics trying to talk yourselves into "Simba" potentially being a quality QB - there is nothing there.  His historically poor attitude and laughable "leadership" skills are just icing;  most of that is intangible and not "learned" attributes. Every single outlet had him rated as one of the worst two QBs in the league going into the year.  Be honest with yourself, can you see this guy leading the team down the field for a game winning drive in a 2 minute offense against a quality opponent.  Nah;  lets see if Allen has anything and start to look at what might be out there in the draft this year.  Little Danny boy strikes again !


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  4. This reminds me of the Kevin O'Connell mic'ed up segment from last year.  It was about 3 minutes of Kevin just riding Haskins jock, but there was a 10 second window in there where he tried to gently have a teaching moment.  It was clear "Simba" didnt want to hear any feedback, he disrespectfully turned away as Kevin started speaking and Kevin literally had to follow him and try to get his point across.  "Simba" would not even look him in the eye. It was honestly disgusting to watch and another prime example of his fragility -  turns out word on the street (per reporting from NBC Sports Washington) is Alex is already outworking him this year, shocker.  




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  5. 8 hours ago, mistertim said:


    It sounds like most beat reporters have said that he's been up and down. How is this surprising for a 2nd year QB coming into a brand new system that he hasn't even been able to practice before? Where did "4 of 11 with turnovers" come from?


    I feel like you're speaking out of your rectum. 


    Follow JP Finlay or any of the other reporters; they all said he looked like piss.  One INT and somehow one strip while playing glorified flag football


  6. This is a tough one - do I personally crave some sense of normalcy and the entertainment of sports,  of course.  However, I weigh that against the risk in putting on these events- quite frankly its only a matter of time before someone associated with a major sporting event catches the virus and it hits them wrong and they perish - as such, I wonder at what cost.  Really conflicted here - that said, I do agree that adults can make decisions for themselves.


  7. On 7/15/2020 at 1:01 PM, ggarriso said:

    Count me in on the line of thinking this will be a bit "eh" when it released, my non educated guess is something tying more members of the FO (recently departed) into the cheerleader scandal from years back - could be wrong.  Team insiders throwing this much virtue signaling at the story just screams mock outrage, and my guess is the offenders are already expunged from the organization.  Could be wrong - maybe this is THE story that takes down Dan, but I doubt it



    Not to toot my own horn here, but not far off :)


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