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  1. 3 minutes ago, CapsSkins said:


    If Dwayne has antibodies, that means he's immune, right?


    If so, that makes a HUGE difference. Then this is just bad optics & breaking of protocol (still bad), but not reckless endangerment of teammates and staff incl. a cancer survivor coach. I'd have to think if he were immune it would have come out by now?


    Not to get all science and tech on here, but I am 100% sure that even if this scenario was true that the level of "immunity" that goes along with "detection of antibodies" and how long that unknown level of immunity lasts is not known to the medical community. So, it sort of does not matter 


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  2. Just now, Scottlo said:

    Words out of my mouth. Of course Dan is involved and I dont care how many times Rivera beats his chest about a culture change, its not gonna happen fully with the Danny around


    This literally has the seal of snyder stamped ALL over it


    Is it wrong to to HOPE that a man did bad things just to remove him from the equation of a football team


  3. 1 minute ago, joeken24 said:

    So there may (just may) be more to this stripper story. A caller on the BMitch show suggested that it didn't look like a strip bar. I did look like the stripper provided her services at a house instead of DH and party going to an establishment. So if that is the case is this just bad optics? Just playing devil's advocate here.


    Please tell. me your "joke - n" :)


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  4. 1 minute ago, BurgundyBooger said:


    The RG3 cult was even bigger and more intense. They largely disappeared during Kirk's playoff run in 2015. A post-season appearance or win, and the same will happen with Haskins fanbase.


    I totally agree - what sort of makes sense to me tho is RG3 was largely responsible for one of the most (if not THE most) magical seasons in my adult life (at 41 years of age).  And it was a super fun exciting brand of football.  Haskins came in with low energy, rolled his eyes at being drafted, acted like an entitled little brat and then laid a smelly egg on and off the field - I dont see any reason why anyone would get behind this pathetic loser


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  5. 1 hour ago, OGDMV said:

    THANK YOU! No one ever speaks about this! If you watch his draft party video he was upset about NY passing then said in a disappointed tone "in going back to DC" not once was he happy even when his phone rang and everyone cheese his face said it all. 


    YES! Been trying to bring this up but the humpers wont have it, even more annoying was the fake celebration by him and all his cronies when they knew the cameras were on - dude never wanted to be here total phony fraud.  In good news im glad he got experience in that Bowl America because he will be applying there soon


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