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  1. 13 minutes ago, Dissident2 said:

    I mentioned in the last Dallas gameday thread on Thanksgiving how much that game cheered me up upon learning the my father had contracted COVID. 


    My father passed away last week. 



    I remember your post, just wanted take a minute out to say sorry for your loss - your post hit me hard man.. RIP Mr. Dissident2


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  2. 3 minutes ago, ntotoro said:

    He really does seem to be happiest after a loss.


    Fact! I dunno what this turd has done to earn these apologists dying on the hill for him - now hes intentionally putting his coach, a good man, health at risk and they are still running the matrix mentally trying to get him to "earn another week".  


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  3. 8 minutes ago, heyholetsgogrant said:

    Does this actually violate a protocol?  I’m guessing not wearing a mask? Do we have proof this is a strip club? (Guessing this would violate he rule of no “entertainment venues”?


    I mean the mans coach literally just had cancer - I may be sensitive about this topic because I have seen firsthand what this virus can do to cancer survivors, but I think the letter of the law is sort of irrelevant all things considered


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  4. 34 minutes ago, PartyPosse said:

    So he basically parties after every game?


    I dont know what his postgame routine is, but what I see is a pattern of behavior suggesting he is about himself and not the team.  I am a fan of WFT not Baby Simba.  


    Concrete Examples:
    --Reported to be bragging about stat line after loss

    --Noted by many (and observed by myself) to be extremely jovial after blowout losses

    --Stripper party in violation of covid protocols after loss where he directly contributed to the result, and when your coach just beat FRIGGIN cancer.  No one can defend this.

    --Taking selfies during a game (lol, like this actually happened, its not hyperbole)

    --Had agent throw team under the bus on social media after another one of his putrid performances


    Dude is a fraud and a joke



  5. 2 minutes ago, ClaytoAli said:

    A whole quarter of football and down by three scores and scoring two of them and on the verge of a third  is garbage time?


    Splitting hairs here - if you look at the sum of my post it was about as spot on as an individual can be 24 hours prior to game time.  I would argue that a team up three scores is going to give you a lot of stat padding underneath stuff which is what he got, and remember Seattle pass D was already pretty much trash.  Now, we got a little closer to pulling it out than I anticipated - trust that I had my keyboard ready to come take my medicine but alas was proven right again :)


  6. Okay guys - we are right on schedule for my sage predictions - game is lost, probably regardless of who they march out at halftime but remember:


    --Kindergarden gameplan for mental fragility:  Check - and we got a high school armband to boot for bonus points

    --Deviation from gameplan = disaster:  Check

    --Game essentially out of reach:  Check. if they march Haskins out there



    --Second half garbage time stat padding:  Wait for it :)

    --Haskins apologists finding hope where there is none:  Wait for it :)


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