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  1. 2 minutes ago, veteranskinsfan said:

    The timing of these videos coming out now has all the markings according to Mike Florio from FootballTalk.com of someone at Redskins Park trying to expedite the firing of Gruden. 


    If this was proven true and tied back to redskins park in any manner, I feel like the scandal would be huge and likely claim Allen, and of that magnitude, potentially Danny.  That said, I did a bit of OSINT on the only account anyone has sourced this video to (bubbachuck757; pollo blanco) and I can't say this seems like the vehicle anyone would use to conduct such an operation, but maybe that is their genius.



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  2. 2 minutes ago, BraveWarrior said:


    You'd have to ask them. I don't know any. 

    Dont give them the time of day  -JB- has been virtue signaling since your original post which had nothing to do w/ race.  Since you refused to entertain his allusions, he is now just stooping to making his own culturally insensitive comments.. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, BoycottEuphemisticFans said:

    wow, now the bar is moving.  now, 2nd round????????   But but but but but the league done wrong when he wasnt drafted 6th overall.  I was told by those football geniuses Mike Greenberg, Stephen A Smith, and Max Kellerman that (a) Daniel Jones is a joke and (B) Haskins is the greatest QB ever, "look at his stats" they kept saying.   So I did.  I DID look at his stats.  Then I watched HOW he got those stats.  And I learned the truth: he's a fraud.  And if *YOU* didnt see the OBVIOUS red flag from the beginning then what are you doing wrong?   That red flag is nobody wanted him until DAN SNYDER wanted him 15th overall.  his OWN TEAM didnt want him in the 1st round.  


    Agree with this 100 percent - this was all compounded by Bruce Allen and his smug victory lap and this preconceived notion that somehow the Redskins got one over on the Giants before a snap was ever played.  It was FURTHER compounded by Haskints aka "DA SIMBA" (lol) entitled attitude (laughing when the giants passed on him, eye roll when the redskins did), poor low energy attitude (sheesh), and weird interactions w/ his father, branding, and social media.  


    I actually think Jay hit on something in his presser when he made the point that no one is entitled to a starting job just based on where they were drafted.  It was subtle but I think he was making a key point.


  4. 1 minute ago, BoycottEuphemisticFans said:

    I dont understand. I thought "the league done messed up" not drafting him higher. Well, at least Haskins & Haskins marketing team is in full swing.  LOL.  Yeah, I've havent seen this mistake before, 7 years ago.


    HHAHAHHAA - look out the Haskins apologists will come out and tell you your too "old" to understand; dude was a loser from the jump


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  5. Just taking stock a few items


    -Kyle is now undefeated in SF

    -McVay is undefeated in LA

    -Several rookie QB's are looking like studs while sloth Haskins continues his "development" after a below average preseason where he clearly looked overweight and overmatched in the NFL while his daddy setup his brand.  

    --KC using tools from the trade with us for Smith to go undefeated while Alex Smith recovers from a busto leg

    --Basement of the NFC East

    --Mystery and lingering injuries continue unchecked

    --Reed probably never to play again after collecting a fat check to do nothing for two years (to include this one)

    --Team "captain" never wants to be associated w/ this organization ever again

    --Hall of Fame RB making fun of FO publicly after being unceremoniously benched


    --Fan apathy at an all time high


    Bruce you SUCK - I truly hate what this org has become



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  6. 6 minutes ago, ExoDus84 said:


    Everybody, myself included, panned and mocked them for drafting him. Now he's balling out and our rookie can't even call protections correctly. 


    Guess they'll have the last laugh. 


    Yup, funny thinking about the circle jerk that was the assumption that "Bruce" had "fleeced" the Giants followed by his smug victory lap and the completely unfounded assumption that Jones was somehow going to be a bust and Haskins a treasure.  Now the Redskins rookie QB is a "project" (bust) fat sack holding a clipboard who struggled against middling preseason competition while he is/was not working on his "brand" with daddy, meanwhile Jones has come out the gate like a true quality QB.  Skins managed to botch another one!




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  7. From the jump I have thought Haskins had piss poor body language - was clearly not truly excited about coming here based on the non scripted footage from draft night.  Obviously the Kevin O video is highly edited but I think the most interesting moment happens around 2:30, its the only time in the video he goes to try to actually make a correction and Haskins turns away from him, does not look him in the eye and is essentially acting dismissive.  I think overall this is a kid who is acting extremely entitled for doing absolutely nothing in the NFL, will be interesting to watch it all unfold.


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  8. 6 hours ago, Alexa said:

    50td only 8 picks in over 500 attempts, against top 25 defenses 6-0 20 td and 2nts.  are you looking at his tape? or do you have a personal grudge against him?


    College stats do not translate to the NFL - breaking down each comment, each is anchored in facts.


    fat - yes

    slow - 5. something 40  - fact

    lazy/body language - watch the moment he gets called by the redskins the way the female next to him recoils and puckers her lips and he rolls his eyes.  Then his low energy moving forward. 


    Ill bet you a dime this dumpster is out of the league in 5 years.





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  9. So I obviously agree that the entire Football OPS department needs to be cleaned out, I am not sure why Doug Williams gets a pass from some people, maybe its nostalgia or something to that effect, but I do not see that he has done anything special in his entire career as a talent evaluator type.  He did manage to make a fool of himself and this franchise with his statements on at least a few occasions.  And seriously, how does human stain Tony Wylie still have a job, what does he have on these guys;  this team is just a constant cycle of PR blunders.


    I also think Kyle Smith and the college scouting department get way too much of a pass.  Take a look at the draft history of any of the teams that are really competing today (throw the Steelers in there as well as a every year contender).  You will see a pattern, each of those teams was able to find one or more "playmakers" (Kamara, Hill, Allen, Dak, Russell, Thomas, Brown, Conner, the list goes on and on) in the draft (and typically not the first round or two).  Going back to the theme of self preservation at Redskins Park I think after the botched drafts of years past, now we are just drafting "safely".  We do not have the eye for talent that a true GM would bring to a respected organization so we just draft like we are trying to win a 1985 wild card game.  Deep down they know they will likely miss on picks, so in the interest of self preservation they take the easy/safe picks (Alabama defenders) and then try to find gems not by having a great eye for NFL talent but looking for  individuals with attitude, injury, etc problems who have slipped.  Looking at how we handle our free agency pickups you'll see the same pattern emerge - Alex (very safe, very unspectacular and of course a botched contract);  PRich (injury prone, and currently injured.);  Foster (Alabama;  attitude issues).  Again, the evaluators are not smart enough to  identify true value in FA so they need to take these flyers, which most often do not work out.


    For me this is sort of where the hopelessness sets in, if we march out this same circus I have no confidence that they can assemble a team that can compete, which is why bringing Jay back didnt move the needle for me one way or another - it just doesn't matter (I do think he is basically the definition of average and has fostered a terrible culture on the team).  



  10. Skins really do enjoy a healthy aftermarket and couldn't care less if you have to sit and be harassed by visiting fans in your own stadium, as long as someone pays them for that ticket!! 


    Redskins games (especially against Marquee opponents) remind me a lot of college bowl games at this point, near 50/50 distribution of fans maybe tilted a bit in the Skins favor.

  11. so, zero percent chance of making my renewal depandant on upgrade to LL EZ?


    You'll have to wait and see what is available when your upgrade window opens.  It's on you now, not the ticket office.


    If it's your second year, your window will be at the end.  If I recall correctly, there wasn't anything in the LL last year for more than an hour during my window and I was second to last.It all depends on how many people re-up, I guess.  Good luck though.





    You'll have to wait and see what is available when your upgrade window opens.  It's on you now, not the ticket office.


    If it's your second year, your window will be at the end.  If I recall correctly, there wasn't anything in the LL last year for more than an hour during my window and I was second to last.


    It all depends on how many people re-up, I guess.  Good luck though.



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