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  1. 1 minute ago, evmiii said:

    I'm not an expert and I didn't stay at a holiday in last night, but I've seen Chase play 2 games (Michigan and Clemson) and for the most part he was not a factor.  Tonight I saw a bunch of plays with a pathetic level of effort.  I understand they are chipping and doubling some, but I saw a bunch of times he could not beat the tackle one on one.  Great against lesser opponents; disappears against the better teams.  Everybody's better in the NFL.  I don't see either Bosa brother when I see him; he doesn't have the motor.  I hope he decides to stay in school and pursue a National Championship so we don't draft him #2.  If he turns out to be what McShay says I'll admit I'm wrong; but I don't see it.


    Posted this earlier and saw a similar pattern in the second half, he played ultra lazy today, if this is how he gets up for a big game count me out on wanting any part of it - #2 pick in the draft needs to be highly driven - the physical attributes tend to even out at the NFL level.  We already have one ohio state player that needed "help" getting motivated, we dont need another one.. PASS


  2. Just now, clskinsfan said:

    It goes that way sometimes. They are game planning him very well so far. Cant judge the player on one game. Plus he has had an impact on their blocking scheme. Still a lot of game left too. 


    Yep lets play it out, and I do see them chipping him some plays, but I have also seem him handled often 1v1.  I was just expecting more out of this so called generational talent

  3. 2 minutes ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

    I’d be real disappointed if Urban Meyer is part of this team in any capacity. Dude is a sleaze ball which Im sure is part of what Dan likes about him. Game recognize game.


    He is an absolute ball of pure slime.  To me, he literally looks like a young Bruce Allen 


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  4. 15 minutes ago, KDawg said:


    This is a major, major, major mistake. 


    You don't cut your coach (and hopefully GM search) short on candidates by forcing a player on someone. 


    <~~  This. - A good coach can and would change the entire trajectory of the franchise - it would be exceedingly foolish to anchor them to anyone on the current roster.  I would argue the answer would be to hire a real GM who then builds the staff, roster, and selects the coach, all without bias to anyone (staff, player, or coach) currently in the building - but thats too easy for our boy Danny


  5. 19 hours ago, skinbuck said:

    It’s understandable if you don’t want to crown him just yet.


    But now’s also the time to come clean and admit you were wrong in proclaiming sure-shot bust status for him after 2 half-games and a bunch of half-baked rumors. All that was asked for was mere acknowledgement of the possibility that he might under the right circumstances actually turn out ok. But you wouldn’t budge.

    6 quarters of not god awful football against generally piss poor competition does not make him a non-bust; its not like we saw some generational talent out there.  I dont think anyone has to admit anything at this point the busters or the haskinites - we will likely be saddled with this for another year and by COB 2020 we should have a really good idea what we have 

  6. 29 minutes ago, Darrell Green Fan said:


    I'm with you on Meyer, this Urban Meyer love is getting out of control.  What has he ever done that would qualify him to be the guy to turn this mess around which is a huge job? 


    Along those lines, is it just me or does Meyer even look a bit like a young bruce allen lol


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  7. 58 minutes ago, MartinC said:

    ‘Mental fortitude’? Tapping out?



    Correct - I do not believe that he has the mentality to be a long term NFL quarterback and I think he is soft as butter and/or a borderline drama queen with "injuries" - its even more concerning that Danny boy got involved again, he is already fragile and now the owner is coddling him - and the cycle spins around and round

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  8. 3 minutes ago, KDawg said:


    I mean, I think most people would agree that Riddick is exactly the kind of play Snyder would pursue. But nothing has happened yet.


    Agree - a dummy from TV who was pounding the table for bust haskins and will be another Snyder buttbuddy - and perpetrate more losing, that is exactly the type of hire danny boy would make


  9. 19 minutes ago, method man said:

    I am struggling to understand why Eric B is a better candidate than another OC peer like Brian Daboll. Daboll has been an OC longer, has spent most of his career under Belichek and Saban and is doing a hell of a job in Buffalo with no above average skill talent outside Singletary


    Hes not, hes a terrible candidate which is why Danny will prob go that route.  Avoid coordinators who hasnt even had the full responsibility of their jobs (no play calling) working  under known masterminds (Reid) and surrounded with generational talents (Mahomes, Hill) and with a checkered past (DUI and other run ins with the law).

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Gibbs828791 said:

    How bad do you stink when people think a good pass is a 20 yd middle of the field pass with nobody within 4 yds of the QB and not within 10 yds of the wr. Tells me you havent seen anything from him. You cant go into next season with this guy!


    Right on! Honestly, minus a couple nice bombs I have not seen him make a single throw a decent club level flag football QB could not make, theres just nothing there.  

  11. 45 minutes ago, ExoDus84 said:

    So, Dwayne...you, uh, got some improving to do...


    QB efficiency for this season:



    hahahhaha!! he is so next level bad - its actually comical listening to people talk about "improvement" etc when its so obvious he is a running joke.  The book is written, everyone just needs to read it



  12. 8 minutes ago, SoCalSkins said:


    Pretty crazy Haskins credibility is already this bad...



    called this as it was happening - he was hamming it up to compensate for his piss poor play when he realized he didnt have what it took to play with a real NFL defense.  it was painfully obvious in the way his "limp" went from overexagerated to non-existant from second to second. he was basically quitting and praying for a hook from the coach.  pathetic pumba.


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