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  1. I think that’s true but it doesn’t have to be framed as studying a gun related issue. They should never mention guns in their report. Just investigate the mental health of the population. Use passive, non descriptive words like “violence” and “aggressive tendencies” to define their behavior and it may work as a nice loophole.
  2. He fits the bill for the type that usually commit this crime. While there have been a few exceptions most of the perpetrators have been white, young, and male. I’m not pointing this out to hate on young white males either. I myself am one. It’s just that the trend is too noticeable to ignore. I think the CDC needs to investigate what could be causing the deterioration of mental health in this subset of the population.
  3. We don't want him. Besides, we already have a narcissist running our front office. Give him the Eagles. They were made for one another. They both have the same level of class.
  4. I don't expect it to reach that level. Americans have a notoriously short memory. I almost guarantee that most of those people that swore off the NFL this weekend will be back watching it and claiming they've always been loyal to their teams within four weeks.
  5. So what are the odds that Trump may just be a stooge in all of this? That he's calling all of this fake news because he truly doesn't know that any of this happened within his own campaign? I think the odds aren't super high but nothing would surprise me anymore.
  6. I don't know when it happened but at some point over the last year or two Newt Gingrich went full crazy.
  7. The level of political rancor in this country has reached apocalyptic levels and the president is stoking the flames. I don't know how we recover and get back to normal political relations. I fear the foundations of our system are eroding away.
  8. "While the total amount of annual savings of roughly $2.5 billion would be comparatively small, administration officials want to highlight the agencies in their coming budget proposal as examples of misuse of taxpayer dollars." No, Mr. President. Organizations like PBS which provides television based education programming like Sesame Street is not a misuse of taxpayer dollars. You going to Mara Lago every single ******* weekend and living a lavish lifestyle is a misuse of taxpayer dollars.
  9. I wasn't familiar with it either but after looking at it awhile I'm guessing this is a photo taken around the time of desegregation and that little girl is on her way to school. It's very faint but you can just make out the N word on the wall behind her. So basically that political cartoon equates Devos coming into the Department of Education with desegregation with conservatives playing the part of black people. It's an absolutely insane comparison.
  10. Now seems to be the time when I should start wondering if I and my Chinese citizen wife should stay abroad on a permanent basis.
  11. I find myself worrying that this policy could be extended to include other countries that are hostile toward the United States. I and my Chinese wife both live abroad now but we want to move back to America some day. Is Trump going to make it harder for me to get my wife into the country? If I can't get her in then I'd essentially become an outcast from my own country, unable to return home without leaving my wife behind. It pains me to think that there are likely some for who this is already a reality. An American who married a spouse from any of these 7 countries is now in that nightmar
  12. I felt a lot of sadness watching President Obama get on that helicopter. I voted for him in both '08 and '12 and really remember how excited and hopeful I was when he first got elected. Such a different feeling now.
  13. China may think that this will give them complete control of the internet in China but they would be wrong. Even though the PRC is now actively blocking VPNs, I've found that young Chinese citizens are pretty good at getting around the internet censorship. My wife is a Chinese citizen so I spend a lot of time in China and have many Chinese friends. Many of them know how to get around the fire wall and are active on Face Book and other social media.
  14. This guy treats the presidency how I treated my home work in middle school.
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