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  1. If you really take a look at our team we are right there even with all the injuries that we have had this year. We have played the toughest schedule and were in every game but for a few mental mistakes we could be above .500 what I personally think we need is the following....


    1) Sign Cousins. There isn't anyone else in the league worth picking up that has at least 6 good years left to play at the position.

    2) Get another Good Fearless Corner (Sherman) to play opposite of Norman.

    3) Get Cravens back next year to eventually take over for Hall

    4) Open up the Playbook and stop being so predictable on Offense every game.

    5) Keep the O-Line and Defense intact in the Off Season especially Brown, Kerrigan, and Swearinger

    6) Give Reed one more shot to play a full season

    7) Get another Big Wide Receiver opposite of Doctson then you have Crowder and Grant in the slot similar to New England.

    8) Perine, Marshall, and Thompson should be our Running Backs.


    Again we are right there Prime for a Good 4 to 5 year run of winning football we need a couple of missing pcs. I'm not a Gruden Fan at all so if we cut him loose we need someone that will not be afraid to throw a bomb on the opening play like a Sean Payton from New Orleans but if you really look at our Team we Fight and we are right there.

    1. Skinsinparadise


      I agree with most of that.  The key is resign Kirk.