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  1. Are you sure? I remember posting the story about Griffin lobbying to get the rules about shirt names changed so that he could wear RG3, and I certainly wasn't the only person that thought it all stank of marketing and a rather me-first personality. Now I love what I'm seeing from Guice but it's also true that this happy-go-lucky personality isn't going to help him when he goes through a tough patch. And all rookies do.
  2. I loved Rose. Mind you, after Hopkins missed that winner in London I would have rooted for anyone who replaced him!
  3. Try telling that to all the grid girls in motor-racing and the walk-on girls in darts who all lost their jobs because someone decided that walking around in provocative clothing was not appropriate for 2018. I can see the end of cheerleaders within the next year or two whether it is fair to them or not.
  4. UK Skins

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    You're better than that SIP. Speaking as an "anti-Kirker" I actually agree with you that on the field Smith and Cousins are mirror players. I'm hoping that Smith doesn't have the brain farts that Cousins tends to in pressure situations but certainly playing the game they are very similar. And that may well be what Gruden wants as a QB. Personally (and I am not sure about the others) I dislike Kirk for the whole wanting to be the most expensive player, God told me to play on one-year deals, never accepting responsibility for his actions etc.etc that just rubs me up the wrong way. Smith does indeed come across as a classy person and I am looking forward to having similar levels of play but without the circus and expecting to be paid a fortune for the pleasure. It's about character and money for me, not Cousin's (or Smith's) actual skills as a QB.
  5. UK Skins

    HapHaszard's Passing

    Nice to see you've added Hap to Bubba's shrine on Breaking News, classy move
  6. UK Skins

    HapHaszard's Passing

    I've been on here for years and, like many here, HapHaszard was a major reason why I kept coming back. I was always amazed at the time he spent keeping us updated. He made this message board the single point of Redskins news and I have never felt any need to go elsewhere, despite the arguments raging at times. He will be sorely missed and thank you to his family for sharing him with us. RIP Hap.
  7. UK Skins

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    A Steelers fan here with me is saying Bell is going to be let go. I can see the Front Office throwing money at him to appease the fan base. Probably making a bad situation worse but Smith is going to need a decent running game.....
  8. UK Skins


    I can't get over this. What did Rose do wrong to get dumped so quickly? One bad onside kick, and I honestly can't remember what Hopkins is like at those, but his kick-offs have been excellent, and his field goals have all looked solid. Hopkins' kicks even when he makes ithem always look dodgy.
  9. The argument over whether Dan prefers money or the Redskins sort of ties in with the thread about opposing fans taking over Fed-Ex. If it is money he cares about then watching a stadium increasingly full of away fans (because the Skins fans have stopped going) should make him very happy. In fact he can probably charge non-regulars more than regular visitors. If he is a fan though, he will hopefully look out of his box and realise that a sea of blue or green (or whatever non-b&G colour you like) is a bad thing. If the latter then we will hopefully see some major changes to the organisation.
  10. Agree about the RG3 thing, you could tell that he was rubbing people up the wrong way (and fans as well!). Cousins seems more unlikely, in that he studies hard, tries to improve himself, and generally doesn't seem the sort of person to dump on people, but from what we see of his personality I wouldn't want to sit next to him at the Xmas Party. We've hear stories of a holier than thou/OCD/passive aggressive behaviour that could make him very unpopular with some of his teammates. So I guess I am saying from a professionalism point of view it's very hard to see those rumurs being true, but from a personality perspective maybe.
  11. Has it always been this bad? I was a fan in the 80s and 90s too but with no internet it was more a case of listening to the games on the radio or watching them when they were occasionally on TV. We (the Brits I mean) didn't get access to the politics and the internal dealings. The article earlier about Rypien was fascinating and sounds like, based purely on that one example, that the Skins were badly run back then too, but is that really the case? (Speaking of coincidences between Rypien and Cousins; Rypien was the other Redskins QB to play at Wembley)
  12. This we agree on. I'm not sure they could have made a bigger mess if they had tried.
  13. To be fair TSO I read it the exact same way as wit33. Glad that's not what you meant :-)
  14. UK Skins

    Strength & Conditioning Coaches; S&T: Let's Face Reality

    I found the following information from a site called Spotrac. Giants currently have 17 on IR, New Orleans, Washington and Seattle have 16 and the 49ers have 19. Two of those teams are awful, two are flying high and then there is us. Of course that doesn't take into account the quality of players on IR but we certainly aren't the only team struggling this year.
  15. UK Skins

    Strength & Conditioning Coaches; S&T: Let's Face Reality

    Good discussion. There was a graphic the other day (last week?) during our game that showed two or three teams with more players on IR than us (hard to imagine I know!). Think one was the Giants. Did anyone else catch that and, if so, is there any similarity between those teams and the Skins? Sometimes it's easier to see what other people (teams in this case) are doing wrong.