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  1. What have I missed? Why do you think he is a bust already?
  2. Something that hadn't even occurred to me until Chris44 brought it up. Is the new long snapper going to make Hopkins even more erratic? Or hopefully somehow more consistent.
  3. The point about Cam Sims playing all four teams is an interesting nugget. Presumably that's unusual (sorry, don't know much about ST line-ups)? Work ethic aside that would also make him harder to cut I imagine.
  4. I'm afraid I am with TWW, I literally DO close my eyes when he is kicking. Also my son has taken to having a sportsman's bet with me on every kick so he can't be Mr Automatic. My son's too smart for that!
  5. Yep, it looks like a **** cat, not a wolf. Much too sweet and friendly.
  6. Rubies??! Where on earth did that come from?
  7. The argument for Washington is interesting from a European perspective. We don't call our football/soccer teams by their nicknames as a rule. Chelsea, Wimbledon, Barcelona, Lille, Valencia, Juventus (which is Turin). I'm quite happy referring to our team as Washington as that is what we are used to over here. The clincher I guess would be Washington what? I quite like the idea of Footballers, but Football Club is nice (and very European). I'm not overly keen on Football Team I will be honest though.
  8. I love Wolves and hate Redwolves (and also find howling cringeworthy), but I really can't see any way they keep HTTR. We've discussed this before, they just can't keep something that will let fans continue as "Redskins". They probably can't ban Redskins gear from the stadium but they certainly aren't stupid enough to let everyone continue to sing the words of Hail to the Redskins. They just can't. We would get crucified. By the protestors and the Press.
  9. It does doesn't it! Wonder why they changed. But perhaps that means we can use the old one now?
  10. Going back to the argument about Sweat a few pages ago, I'm pretty certain that during the draft one of the player comparisons was actually Montez Sweat. I did a double take because I hadn't thought of him as that well known outside WFT but that's quite a compliment to him.
  11. I realise that is someone's trademark already but that's the nicest/baddest wolf image I have seen so far. It's got to be aggressive for it to work and that one is really well done.
  12. Come on, that's a ridiculous comparison. I'm paid an annual salary, as are the players (ignoring their massive bonuses which I don't get sadly). If my company says we want you to work in the park with employees from another office next week instead of in the office that's not forcing me to work for free. Now if it was on a Saturday that's maybe a better argument but since NFL players actually play games at the weekend I'm not sure that even works either.
  13. I agree with the "he knows his own body" thing but I also agree with those on here saying, as a so-called leader, should he really be the only player not there? I believe that's the case now Sweat and Leno have shown up. I hope Rivera has a few words with him at some point.
  14. So I'm just saying, Sweat and Young were training together apparently, which "excused" their absence, so why is Sweat now magically in OTAS ands Young still isn't??
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