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  1. Raise Hail is just excruciatingly awful anyway
  2. Yeah they specifically reported that. Not sure if we didn't like the price or couldn't find the right team
  3. Eggs (usually fried but can be scrambled), bacon, tomato, often sausage (sometimes black pudding), sometimes mushrooms. All grilled. Baked beans are optional, although I love them. Maybe toast or hash browns. Absolutely delicious.
  4. Back when I used to play Madden Franchise I was always the Jaguars. Very fond memories of Fowler. I turned the realistic injuries thing off though so he didn't miss his rookie season!
  5. Lol at that description of Chase Young. I was talking to a 49ers friend yesterday, he brought Young up, said "he was embarrassed in the Detroit NFC Championship game. His weaknesses showed loud and clear", they don't want him back at all.
  6. Plus Wylie is pure ****e. Everyone on this forum predicted that when he was signed.
  7. We do the same thing here but I've never understood suspended sentences. So don't kill someone for six months and you won't go to jail. I can't remember the specifics of his case but we genuinely do that here for killers. Absolute nonsense.
  8. Conn give up. His recent postings all suggest a very biaised LSU fan boy, you aren't going to win an argument with him, or several others on here.
  9. Hey I didn't realise Daniels was three years older than Maye. That's a massive deal if we accept (and I think we all actually do) that both have areas they need to work on and improve.
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