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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    Welcome to the show Paul Pogba? We'll see, but I feel much better about it now than I did 2 hours ago.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    If I skipped about 15 pages in this thread that post would be incredibly confusing.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    Congratulations to Mario Gotze for getting his name mentioned with the likes of Ronaldo and Iniesta. Wasn't even sure he was still playing.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    Unless there was an injury imq not aware of that Tolisso for Matuidi sub was absolute drunken madness.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    That's muh boy right there! Brilliant finish but the pass to Mbappe to get it going was more art than football.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    I have a hard time seeing Kante going but imo Hazard was auditioning during this WC. Ironic considering if Chelsea didn't guarantee CL football by winning the competition Hazard is playing for City or United, or Madrid by way of United right now. Can't blame him for wanting to play in the CL though. Hazard has been on their radar for years. Getting the feeling he's kinda over Chelsea at this point.
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    If/when Harry Maguire moves to a top 6 club, supporters of the other 5 will jump up and down screaming about every single bad touch and mistake he makes, and completely ignore anything good he does. How do you not love English football fans?!
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    Used to be known as the Alpine Messi. These days we can go with the Alpine Reccoba or the Alpine Ben Arfa.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Two more things England could benefit from. 1. Young English players are actually being bought and loaned by Bundesliga clubs. This was until now absolutely unheard up until now but it allows these kids in youth systems that let's face it are much more modern than whatever they're doing in England. 2. Pick 10 PL clubs you think will finish 10-20 and look at their rosters. They're not only buying much better players than most of these clubs have ever had, but the money is also going to salaries for some good foreign managers, so the competition in the PL is very much one the rise, and also (hopefully) going through a desperately needed modernization. Dark horse for Euro 2020
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    There are a handful+ nations that produce waves and waves of talent consistently. There may not be another Messi but these countries don't generally just run out of footballing talent in the same way the U.S will never run out of basketball talent. What do you know about the young talent Germany has coming through the ranks?
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    England deserve a ton of credit if we're being serious. They just need an attacking playmaker with more craft IMO and I feel like if you put a 100% Lallana in there instead of Ali and knowing what we know now England could very well be in the final. Apart from Young, Walker, and Henderson everyone in the regular 11 will be around in 2022. U20 team recently won a world cup and there are some really good prospects in the classes ahead of and behind them. They better hope Phil Foden ends up somewhere he can get on the pitch too.
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    They have a good generation of players coming up. All they did was win the U20 World Cup, which can correlate to success. "Once in a century" is fun hyperbole and not much more.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    With a little imporvement I'd be ready to say Delle Ali is pretty worthless.
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Composure and awareness are in desperate shortage at the moment which is the England we've become accustomed to over the years.
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    England's final ball is amateur hour Maybe, but Perisic's boot wasn't.