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  1. Skinarchy

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Yuk pass...down field
  2. Skinarchy

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    I'll say it Check down Smith.... Fire Allen then all coaches Disgusting effort again...
  3. Skinarchy

    Redskins vs Saints Prediction Thread: Who Will Show Up In The 'Big Easy'?

    AP stomps the aints D Thompson catches 3rd gear Our D line gets 4 sacks Shy away from the obvious over bet here! If you waited for the end of this week to risk your cheese...have grandmom teach you how to wager. 7 points on open, very rarely go's up.... Trap game this week. Tweener... 6 ain't enough...pun intended So sorry....Da clown dont bet off his sleeve....this week HTTR But anyhoo.... Let's give em' H E DUB Tooth picks!
  4. Skinarchy

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    Skins D got a black eye vs dem' horseshoe wearing geldings. The O' bent over and let the Gledings pretend they still had one. Skins D rebounds this week and sucks all the cheddar out of that pack attack. The O' grows a pair with a strong run game. SKIN(-A-) DA CLOWN: UPSET OF THE SEASON ALERT!!! Skins are 3 point dogs Skin(-A-) Da' clown thinks wait until late week! Chedder flows on the Pack in the Big Sin.. I predict skins getting 4 or 5 by game day. Money line....? Just ain't juicy enough for me Skins 21 pack 17 HTTR!
  5. Sorry but a correction is in order.. It's Grape "Dank" in San Fran. Old school clown! Nice man 'But, honestly I don't deserve it, ' That was a badge of honor back in the day....I was a org. 300 btw... It took some real sillyness and pranks to wear that clown. Matter of fact, many mornings of coffee was "drank" reading the E.S. Antics of the day. I'm not worthy 😀 Some of those clowns made this board fun to read. Epic old school Extremeskins. Getting a little vanilla bud....but to be fair, I understand why it has to be. I'm sure you agree So' Clown tag the owner next time you go swing on his rocks...haha I'll try to do the clown proud!!!! So: 7:42 am pst..another coffee down and off to my corner seeking a full bottle of thunderbird and a new jacket! HTTR
  6. Skinarchy

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Ha! Its a tuff life but someone has to do it.
  7. Skinarchy

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I really love how they closed the game day thread to avoid the 350 post of how bad this franchise is... Fire Gruden now...he promotes a lazy attitude, has no authority with the players because? ..... he's a nice guy. Not a bad way to be, unless you deal with younger pro athletes that are always looking for the easy way to go about things.... People that run this sillyness are in the devils hip pocket. Plain and watch the censorship in full force...... I'm a born and raised skins fan of 50 years....this franchise is a total mess. Again....15 plus years now? Minus 1 or 2 good years??? Hope people wake up and stop giving the clown their hard earned $$$ I did
  8. Skinarchy

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Begin stuck in the Phoniex Az Airport due to bomb threat stinks... Having all the food courts on lockdown uncivilized Still begin able too listen in on Sonny Chris Larry PRICELESS!!!! Lets go skins! HTTR
  9. Skinarchy

    Random Thought Thread

    As.promised in my Sig bet with Renagade7 HTTR "I got owned by renagade7" He is a football God Latz man, over the road in training. Go skins!
  10. Skinarchy


    In all fairness, I believe we saw a dominant team week 1 as is. We destroyed a very good D. I have been watching the Cards post game programs (I'm in the area now) And its doom and gloom...They know without a doubt they got their backsides handed to them...
  11. Skinarchy


    Don't run as in "Dont Welch a bet" Not my style. Night bud And to any MOD who thinks this thread is useless and locks it... By doing so, you agree to the terms of the above wager unconditionally. You must wear a sig that reads "Yes I'm a Mod, but I was owned by skinarchy" For the season! If I win of Coors If i lose above wager, you can give me the old school clown avatar.. Yes I go back that far! Or just be a 😀😀😀
  12. Skinarchy


    Bet! I know he does! That's why I think he ready to drop $$$ and get to a team asap. If its not us, it will be someone SOON I think the front office was playing cat and mouse with him for less $$ Plus Washington offers him the best chance of showing out. Look at AP'S First game... Average RB GROUP less C.T. He stole the starting job. If Dez is motivated, he could steal the #1 here. Could be wrong for sure.
  13. Skinarchy


    Next week First home game. Colts If it doesn't happen fast its not going to. We will know in a few days
  14. Skinarchy

    Game Day Thread- Redskins at Cardinals I agree 100%. But one thing you dont debate or even mention... Dez is an upgrade Jay G. Has said many times and I quote "We are always looking to improve our team" Dez is an upgrade to a ALREADY GOOD WR corps. Great win ill leave Dez talk for the Dez thread. HTTR!!
  15. Skinarchy


    100% Dez VISTS before the next home game.