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  1. Well, I guess there are two ways to view Bellichick in this context.
  2. When you shut out at team the beat last year's champions and had a 4,000 yard passers for the third time that season, it would be a crowning achievement to me, too. Though Belichick seems to have a healthy respect for Redskins. I think he introduced Sammy Baugh's segment in the Top 100 NFL Players of All Time series.
  3. I had the 1991 Redskins Yearbook on VHS growing up and it mentioned how big that game was for the 'Skins. They were going to Meadowlands and facing a Giants team that had consistently had their number. To beat them in front of a national audience at the Meadowlands and coming back from a deficit seemed to be a huge deal (and may have been a pivotal moment for the team that year).
  4. My dad and I were talking about this the other day. He still remembers the last time the Redskins were in a major funk (he laughed uncontrollably remembering the way the local TV stations would put up a picture of Bill McPeak's sad mug on the evening sports report while talking about how badly the 'Skins got drummed). We were wondering what it was going to take to finally get this team back on track. He said a bad start to this season with Dan Snyder seeing all the fans in the stadium (both of them) for the season closer might be it.
  5. That was actually what led me to start this thread because I found a video detailing Lawrence Taylor's rookie year in 1981. Every generation has a handful of great, hall of fame caliber players but Taylor changed the way the game was played. If memory serves, Joe Gibbs came up with an equally revolutionary blocking scheme in order to (try to) keep Taylor in check. Going 0-3 against them in 1986 must have stunk, especially since the Redskins had a solid team that year and were it not for the Giants might have gone on to win another Super Bowl.
  6. Speaking of recent Cowboys: Demarcus Ware. Was so glad when they shipped him over to Denver and got him out of the division. Was a joy to watch him wreck shop against the Panthers in the Super Bowl last year in part because I knew we wouldn't have to see him twice a year anymore.
  7. The Redskins are part of the most successful division of the Super Bowl Era, accounting for 20 conference titles and 12 league titles. We've seen some of the greatest players and teams come through the division over the years Unfortunately, many of those players and teams lined up against the 'Skins at least twice a year. Most of us here are lifers (with varying degrees of enthusiasm) and we became as intimately familiar with these great players and teams in a way no other fan could be outside of the division (we had to face the 1986 Giants three times, after all). Who were the players and teams you dreaded most? For clarification: when I say "team" I mean an individual season (i.e. the aforementioned '86 Giants). If you're talking about a particular team through a particular era, do please specify.
  8. "And I must say to you...that the State of the Redskins is not good."
  9. But...but I want it.
  10. That's pretty much where I am. Keeping track of off-season trades and news is either exhausting, dull, infuriating, or depressing and as a Redskins fan, I have no reason to trust any "good news" that comes out of Ashburn. Even when the Nationals were putrid, they were way more fun to follow than the Redskins were during their off-season.
  11. What's that? This franchise and everyone associated with it, including its supporters, have been left with eggs on their respective faces again? Welp...
  12. Someone else that will be a source of consistent disappointment with smatterings of brilliance, I'm sure. Geez, this franchise hasn't fielded an first-team All Pro quarterback since the Reagan Administration.
  13. Coming out of the breaking and taking care of business with an away sweep. Way to go, fellas.
  14. I feel like the Redskins have gone from a professional football club to a social experiment. It's like some sociologist/sadist is running the team in the shadows with the thesis: "for how long can a team be run with unrepentant, consistent incompetence before its fanbase completely gives up on it?"
  15. Resident film buffs: been considering watching French New Wave movies since they have a special place in cinematic history. Is it something you all suggest?