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  1. Been away from sports as a whole for way too long. Life's been getting in the way. But I'm sure as hell ready for some Nationals baseball (especially since I might land a job near Harrisburg, PA and will be in shouting distance from D.C. again!)
  2. (Also their first game is on the 3rd - goes to show how much I've been keeping up with everything this year)
  3. Aww snap, what?! You're an Aries, too? I'm an April 3rd baby.
  4. [Comes back to the board after a prolonged absence] Man, things have been so busy. All but forgotten about football and my beloved 'Skins. I wonder what they've been up to this offseason [See this] ...Welp, **** this noise. April 5th can't get here soon enough.
  5. The first photo that came to mind when I heard about this.
  6. Not gonna lie...this "booth cam" thing on the web is sorta weird. Not sure how I feel about it.
  7. Was thinking the same thing when I heard the news yesterday. I couldn't help but laugh to myself when I heard Pelosi trying to reassure everyone that they would be an effective presence in Congress, especially for the working class and the young voters they really turned off during the campaign. While they *might* be a better alternative for the working class (though yesterday's Marketplace report on the EPA's report on pipelines makes me wonder how much better they are) the Democratic Party still doesn't impress me.
  8. Me, too. I haven't been able to visit the forum lately but I was worried when I saw it wasn't on the first page anymore. Thanks for keeping the conversation going, guys!
  9. Hmm...we'll have to keep an eye on this. I know Ryan's a "Rustbelt" Representative but I'm not that familiar with his ideological bent. Taking a break right now so I'll have to look into this. Some more goodies from the Hill:
  11. Old news but worth sharing. Seems like a "statement" piece of legislation that won't go far (and, frankly, might backfire on Boxer and her Democratic colleagues as it will probably be seen as sour grapes). The Electoral College is far from a perfect system but I don't think this will be enough to rid ourselves of it. If Election 2000 couldn't do it, I doubt this will.