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  1. thebluefood

    D.C. Culture/History Thread

    One of my ancestors: James Wormley
  2. thebluefood

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    Thank you so much for bumping this. I love this thread so much.
  3. thebluefood

    2018: Start of the Philadelphia Eagles Football Dynasty

    So, uh...Birds are looking great against the Bucs so far, eh?
  4. thebluefood

    Stupid **** Wilbon Says

    @Spaceman Spiff brings up a great point about being a broadcaster. I had a "news show" briefly on college radio and hosted a bloc of music on a public radio station years later. Lemme tell ya - it ain't always easy to come up with stuff to say on the radio, especially if you're doing it all on your own. I'm sure it's a bit easier when you have a staff of researchers and producers and all that but actually getting behind the mic and doing it - that's on you. You have to take all that work that everyone did and make it relevant and listenable to the listener. And yes - controversial "hot takes" almost always grab people's attention. There's a reason videos from talking head shows on Fox and CNN go viral but interviews on 1A or Fresh Air usually don't. It's one of the reasons I got out of the journalism game entirely. I knew I could put a great story together with all the right sources pouring over books and websites for the necessary research and all of it - every word of it - would either be ignored or written off as "fake news." But you get those hot takes and your content flies faster around the world than you can say "trending."
  5. thebluefood

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    I would expect nothing less.
  6. thebluefood

    Stupid **** Wilbon Says

    He's no longer in town? Thank God. Washington Post readers made him a celebrity and he always seemed to look on the local sports scene with disdain. Sorry we're not Chicago, my dude. Sorry we weren't "big time" enough for you.
  7. thebluefood

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Or if the Lerners aren't willing to pony up for a manager. I wish I knew how much of this is due to them and how much of it is due to Rizzo. But Juan Soto, barring something catastrophic, is going to be very good for a long time. Hopefully, he will do that here in D.C.
  8. thebluefood

    Gameday Thread

    I think that can be asked about the Jets-Lions game, too. The Detroit hung tough in the 1st half but by the 4th quarter, it was all over. Jets lived up to that "New Jack City" nickname they gave themselves by picking off all those Stafford passes. But like all those other games - it's just week one. Way too early to pass verdicts on any team (apart from maybe the Bills because my God that was horrible)
  9. thebluefood

    Gameday Thread

    Watching last night's highlights and reading the stat lines and wow - just -Darnold's first NFL pass is for a pick six and throws for less than 200 and the Jets still win by 31 - holy ****, Detroit. Stafford pulled a reverse Aaron Rogers. -Crowell's a ****in' beast - I know he was one of the few vaguely functioning members of the Cleveland offense over the past few years but he broke all the way out last night -Raiders fans are gettin' reeeeal nostalgic for 2016 Carr, I reckon -NFC West is not liking what's going on in LA right now, I reckon - they're gonna have another stellar season, I'm sure
  10. thebluefood

    2018 Cardinals Look-a-Like Thread

    (Young Jim Plunkett) Maybe not perfect but I always saw a similarity between them
  11. thebluefood

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    I still prefer keeping my own score when I go bowling. Maybe it's because I learned how to bowl at duckpin bowling alleys that still used hand scoring but if you know what you're doing, it can be more reliable than computers and easier to fix mistakes. It's one of the reasons I always, always, always try to go visit White Oak Bowling Alley when I visit MoCo. It's a small thing but it adds to the experience. (Plus all the other duckpin alleys in MoCo closed so it's my only destination)
  12. thebluefood

    Post-Curse D.C. Sports Thread

    Couldn't be happier for the Mystics. They were charter members of the WNBA and while basketball, as a whole, doesn't really do much for me, they represent my hometown and haven't done anything to overtly disgrace it. They were also very accommodating to the Capitals and the team's fans for letting them come to one of their games free of charge since it was ahead of the 5th Stanley Cup Final game. It's Seattle and Washington for the championship, just like it was 40 years ago. Let's go Mystics! (Also, CapOne Center is under renovation right now)