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  1. thebluefood

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Honestly? No - no, I'm not really a fan anymore. Hell, I don't even watch a lot of football anymore. Mind you, there's a part of me that wants desperately to cheer for a D.C. based NFL team team again but I just can't for a number of reasons. As I've said before, it's like being estranged from a once beloved relative - you may not come around and visit them anymore but you still keep tabs on them to see if they're making any positive, long term changes but every time you do, you feel that mental and emotional exhaustion bubble up again and you're reminded why you just can't deal anymore. And I know that sounds awfully dramatic - this is a multi-billion dollar sports franchise not a hard-luck uncle and all this haranguing means nothing to them - but as many of us know, this team runs deep in the culture and identity of the D.C. Area. I empathize with Josh Norman's frustration. You don't work as hard as he has and risk your safety to perform in front of a listless or outright hostile crowd. He has no way of knowing or understanding how frustrating the last 25 years have been for 'Skins fans - how there's basically a lost generation at this point. I used to get heckled at school for wearing my 'Skins gear - and this was when I still lived in Northern Virginia. But this sentiment still hits a raw nerve. To have a finger wagged at me for being a "bad fan" for not shelling out the limited resources I (and I'm sure lots of other folks) have when the litany of misgivings by this franchise (and the NFL at large) is as clear as crystal, especially with the specter of a new stadium is looming and the sweetheart deals (off the backs of taxpayers) that will surely be offered to Dan Snyder in light of it (despite what civic and state officials from the DMV have said). I can't deal with that. The only reason I stick around is because this message board was a big part of my teenage years and kept me connected with the D.C. Area after I moved to North Carolina. Honestly, this place was a lifesaver and I can't begin to tell you all how grateful I am to it. I may not like this team (in its current state) much but I've still found a home on this message board.
  2. thebluefood

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Possibly - especially since the story about the team's first coach being native is most likely bunk.
  3. thebluefood

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    I just can't get over the Smith injury. I'm sure he'll recover (albeit gradually and painfully) but it was just so ****ing gruesome. I pull up Twitter and I see the replay - scroll down as fast as I can because I feel like puking every time I see it. Then I see the front page of the Post's sports section and there he is.
  4. thebluefood

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Spent my Sunday: -Doing laundry -Watching King of the Hill reruns with my girlfriend -Going to the Giant to get some groceries and lunch at the deli -Practicing my shot at the bowling alley -Made breakfast for dinner with said girlfriend Total cost: About $45 Total distance traveled: About 7.5 miles Total times I got angry over the 'Skins being the 'Skins: zero But yeah, gee whiz, feel just broken up about FedEx Field being a cauldron of apathy. Sorry about not helping out with that "homefield advantage" by spending time and money I don't really have.
  5. Read OP in his voice. Made this thread infinitely more entertaining.
  6. Watched the replays and damn near puked. Legs aren't supposed to flop around like that. They're not. I don't know if it's more severe than Joey T.'s leg injury but this was somehow it was harder to watch.
  7. thebluefood

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    Not sure if this was posted already: Also at a home game.Spooky ****.
  8. thebluefood

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    Going forward this is the only true prediction for the 'Skins: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. thebluefood

    Most Memorable victory and worst loss for Washington

    Awhile back, someone uploaded highlights of the game from the CBS Broadcast and it was one of my favorite "feel good" videos whenever I was having a bad day. It was well edited, too - included the fans singing the fight song after Darrel Green's pick 6.
  10. thebluefood

    Most Memorable victory and worst loss for Washington

    Best: beating Dallas on the last week of the season to win the division championship in 2012. It came a couple weeks after graduating from college and anything seemed possible at that time. Worst: The very next game - the WCP game against Seattle. That was one of those "fork in the road" moments that derailed the team for years. That could have been the start of a true resurgence for the team. Instead, the game played out like the most excruciating train wreck imaginable and what followed was more of the same: mediocrity. Appropriately, the years immediately following graduation were some of the most painful of my life and I've only recently started putting some semblance of a firm foundation under me.
  11. thebluefood

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    So, the Rams are the most fun team to watch this year, right? When they're on offense, I stop whatever I'm doing to watch what's going to happen next. Todd Gurley is a wrecking machine.
  12. I haven't been posting here as often as I used to because my relationship with the team has changed. It's almost like being estranged from a family member. I still keep my eye on the 'Skins out of habit and interest but I, essentially, don't have a team anymore. But I saw this story on Twitter and its been on my mind a bit over the past few days. I don't expect Josh Norman to know or understand what its been like over the past 25 years. The 'Skins are off to a 6-3 start and they're leading the division. For most teams, this would be more than enough reason to celebrate with few (if any) reservations. But what Norman (and others) fail to realize is that we've seen this before. What's 6-3 to a fanbase that clearly remembers a year when the team started 7-1 and still managed to lose the division pennant and a playoff spot? I was only 5-years-old that season and I wasn't even a "football fan" per se but I remember it. I also remember the year this team started 6-2 only to do the inverse in the second half of the year. The 'Skins fanbase has seen damn near everything. Now you factor that in with decades of poor managerial decision on and off the field, under the current and preceding franchise leadership (let's not forget this snowball started under The Squire's watch, albeit toward the end of it) and all the time and money you spent to go out to the stadium (and we need not go into how much "fun" that is). And yet he's wondering why the boo birds take wing at Landover. Hell, the Eagles fans let their team know how they felt on Sunday night and they're the defending Super Bowl Champions. And you know what? They were absolutely justified in doing it. The Eagles have played like crap this year. Same with Giants fans who've seen their team win two Super Bowls over the past decade. I'm not saying booing is always called for or necessary but at least there are folks who actually take their time and resources to show up in the first place. Until things change dramatically with this franchise, I will not be among them and I've got a feeling I'm not alone in that feeling.
  13. thebluefood

    2018 MLB Thread

    As disappointing as this season was for Nats and O's fans here on the board, we were witnesses to history. This Red Sox team might go down as the greatest of the 21st century - or at least in the top 5-10. I'd even say there's a case for them being the best Red Sox team ever, right up there with the 1912 team that included Smokey Joe Wood and Tris Speaker. The 2018 They tore through the regular season and the playoffs and while they weren't perfect in the World Series, they were a fielding error away from a clean sweep. They were a fun team to follow and they were one of the things keeping me engaged with baseball as the Nationals' chances waned. Also we got an iconic photo to go along with this year's World Series: My God the Red Sox just tore through the American League like tissue paper.
  14. Yeah! 'Skins haven't been there since... ...Since... [Thousand yard stare and flashbacks intensifies]