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  1. I don't recall having as much fun as a Redskins fan. The way that team fought all season, along with the division title the Nationals won - that whole back half of 2012 was absolute magic. Hasn't been as fun since. Not gonna lie.
  2. Watching Alan Page's "A Football Life." Already had a deep respect for him, on and off the field but I think this man's becoming a full blown hero of mine.
  3. Naw, it really shouldn't. I guess at some point you just wish someone - anyone -would just stand up and admit that this has nothing to do with policy.
  4. This just baffles me because conservatives wouldn't stop talking about how weak President Obama was in this regard. There's plenty to critique about the last administration's foreign policy but I haven't heard a peep from populists on the right - after this and the wining and dining 45 has been doing in Saudi Arabia - who wouldn't stop complaining about how Obama needed to get "tougher" on foreign policy.
  5. (Slightly NSFW: Diane Keaton and Warren Betty doing thangs - but this won the Oscar for Best Cinematography and Direction - it's all pretty well hidden)
  6. They were talking about this on "The World" on a local NPR station down here. Didn't catch the man's name they were interviewing but he made it abundantly clear that not only was this abnormal but was a severe breach of protocol and decency from Erdogan and the people around him. Despite my qualms with the last administration, it's funny to me how folks called Obama soft and weak when it came to the way he treated "problematic" foreign leaders who may or may not have had the U.S.'s best interest in mind (not to mention democracy or civil liberties which Erdogan doesn't seem too concerned with, either). Yet the State Department under the current administration could only muster this:
  7. Mostly going up there out of necessity. Making starvation wages down here and this job opened up after nearly 14 years down here. There's a lot I appreciate about the south and I'm grateful for the time I've spent down here but I've been ready to leave. Glad to be going up where I'm going, especially because I'll be near my people in D.C. again. I mentioned this in the stadium's random thought thread but I'm hoping to have the time/resources to go see a Redskins game since I'll only be about 2 hours away from FedEx Field. Hoping to see at least one Nats game with my pop during the summer.
  8. Like...I know Central PA is far from perfect and I'm moving into a pretty segregated part of the region (got the heads up from a guy who works at the borough's main, local supermarket) but I have to admit...I'm smitten by the place. I forgot how much I miss those hilly areas of the country. Those places along Dauphin and Lancaster Country remind me of the Doppio Movimento/"Simple Gifts" portion of Copeland's "Appalachian Spring."
  9. Just had a realization that I'll be within 2 hours of FedEx Field for the first time in my adult life. That's pretty nifty. Any suggestions for fans coming down to the stadium from Pennsylvania? I'm thinking of leaving really early, driving down to the Shady Grove station, transferring at Metro Center and riding out to Morgan Blvd. from the city. It'll be a **** with the distance alone but it'll beat paying for parking and fighting through traffic, especially if the 'Skins lay an egg.
  10. Eh - yes and no, I guess. I mean, there's always that chip on your shoulder kind of mentality regarding the "big guy" and the "little guy" but you can bet whenever a giant box retail store or chain restaurant comes to town, it is *the* place to be. I'll never forget when Olive Garden opened in Jacksonville, NC on Western Blvd. The parking lot was consistently packed for years. For years. There's this weird mixture of resentment and admiration (I guess that makes envy) for the "big guy" in these places because when they actually look your way and bring something to your "rinky dink town" - whether its a Hobby Lobby or a Presidential candidate - it feels validating. Plus, those in local power keep telling people that "if we bring this big, multi-national company to town, it's gonna mean more jobs and a flashy new thing for everyone to shop at."
  11. Why ask "Why did Trump win?" - which we've been hearing time and time again from the Democratic Party and its sympathizers - and ask instead "what can we do to make sure it doesn't happen again?" And I'm not talking about a more aggressive "social media presence" from Democrats (or further alienating whatever passes for its Left Wing). A big chunk of that is going to be learning how to engage with and respond to the valid and genuine concerns of people in "Trump Country." I live in Trump Country here in eastern North Carolina and I'll continue living there after I move to southeastern PA. The concerns are diverse and many of them, as I said before, are valid. When we heard toward the end of the Obama Administration that the economy was improving and things have never been better, you should have heard the scoffs and bitter laughter. We're still dealing with high levels of unemployment, poverty, and food scarcity down here and people have the nerve to tell us "things are getting better." Does that excuse people throwing their support behind an obvious con artist who is, as we speak, swindling these voters out of what little many of them had to begin with? Absolutely not. It's one of the reasons why I voted for Democrats down ballot. But what else did they have to choose from? A holding pattern for the same policies that helped tie the rope around their neck tighter? Folks down here are hurting and that hurt goes deep and is reinforced by a complex web of cultural, political, and economic factors. The Democratic Party's effort to subvert these power structures and engage the rank-and-file was weak. Change must be made or else these trenches are going to be dug deeper still and tens of millions of Americans, including people that do not fall in line with the prevalent ideology (but are stuck in these areas none the less) or aren't aware there is an alternative, are going to continue descending deeper and deeper into the void as the rich get richer and they get poorer.
  12. Rewatching some of those "America's Game" Specials they have on NFL Network. Found the one for the '91 'Skins. I guess since I'm a Redskins fan from the area, you sort of forget that Joe Gibbs isn't exactly a household name outside of the Beltway by and large. Casual football fans know about Lombardi and Joe Walsh and Chuck Noll but Joe Gibbs is always forgotten despite not having the kind of stacked lineups those other coaches had. Though in the special, they do mention JKC got on Gibbs' case for not leading the kind of "youth movement" Jimmie Johnson had in Dallas and I wonder if the old man was on to something. 'Skins went on to beat the Lions' brains out in the NFC Title game but that could have easily have been the third Cowboys-Redskins conference championship game in 20 years. Do the 'Skins win that one?
  13. Saving Private Ryan followed *very closely* by the (for now) Toy Story trilogy. Voice acting is not easy but he pulled it off brilliantly.
  14. Couldn't agree with you more. Much of the outrage surrounding this (and, frankly, most of what 45 does) is befuddling and highlights a desperately broken system. So, just sayin'...we meet every second Saturday of the month. C'mon out. :-)