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  1. Any one of those things would be a major problem for another President. For Trump, all that chaos and floundering is just business as usual. This admin has been far more pathetic and unstable than I ever thought possible.
  2. Good riddance to that saggy weasel. No matter how it happened, one less nut job in the West Wing is a good thing for the country. Now, if he wants to go ape ****, turn on Trump, and start blasting him on his sad excuse of a news outlet, that would just be a little icing on the cake.
  3. The pathetic GOP has shown no signs of changing up their "party before country" agenda. Look how close their dog **** "healthcare plan" came to passing. They're all gutless swine who line up like lemmings, ready to roll off a cliff if the orange lunatic says so. The only thing that changes this is if Trump fires Mueller or the investigation confirms collusion and/or obstruction of justice by Trump. At that point the shills in Congress might have the balls to do the right thing. Trump is a giant stain on the underwear of America. He's as unfit to lead as we all thought he would be. His mounting unpopularity isn't detrimental enough to his spineless party to warrant a change yet, however. I hope this changes sooner rather than later, but I'm not holding my breath. I don't think he'll serve out his first full 4 year term, but he won't be gone before Christmas, though I wish Santa would bring me that.
  4. I'm considering downloading and watching the leak, since I have HBO and I'm going to watch it on Sunday regardless. How's the quality on the leaks? I'll only watch if the video is damn near HD quality or better, and the audio doesn't sound like it's coming out of a walkie talkie.
  5. No surprise Trump would consider pardoning that scumbag Arpaio. He's an overt racist, and a fellow deadbeat Obama birther. Birds of a feather, and all that.
  6. ****ty situation for Trent. He played well last year and would have been a significant contributor this year. Hate this man. Get well soon. Murph.
  7. Mara strikes again. Zeke violated the spirit of the fist. I am curious about how the NFL decides how hard to punish players though. Seems like the punishments vary from player to player instead of being standardized. That being said, if he did abuse and assault his girlfriend significantly then I'm completely fine with a minimum of 6 games. This **** can't go on any longer.
  8. Well, now that I know somebody as overtly qualified as Jared Kushner is negotaiting extremely complicated social and geopolitical middle-east issues, I have full faith that peace in the middle-east is now a foregone conclusion.
  9. Only the GOP could elect a dude that makes Bush Jr. and Sarah Palin look like Mensa candidates. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Don't let syphilis go untreated.
  10. The last thing we need are two raging lunatics with horrible hair, and their hands on a big red button, throwing insults and jabs at one another in some form of military dick measuring contest. Can we all agree that both their dicks are small and just move on?
  11. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere about a Taco getting pancaked.
  12. Well, if a prestigious outlet like Yahoo! sports says this, it must be so. We are a fractured fanbase, given our "home" games have been pretty bad in recent memory. But to say we're more broken than the Browns, Lions, and Bills is way off base. Bills haven't even went to the playoffs since 1999.
  13. Not training camp related, but I just read on NFL.com that we made a trade offer for Sheldon Richardson, Jets DT, at some point recently. This is coming from Richardson's own mouth. Lots of other teams called apparently also. He would sure be an upgrade of the Mc's I'd say. Speaking of, has there been any stories posted on them thus far in camp? Have they looked good?
  14. Kaepernick is just not good enough a QB to warrant bringing in the added media coverage/scrutiny. He's a crap quarterback with baggage, so nobody seems to want to sign him. Big shocker. It has far more to do with his performance than his political activism. Talent trumps everything else in this league. RG3 also can't find a job, and he's not active politically. He's just not a very good QB.
  15. Never ceases to amaze that conservatives, when confronted by obvious evidence of wrongdoing and manipulation by their own, can't look at a pile of horse**** and call it horse****. There's always some circular reasoning or deflection going on. It's so ingrained in some of them that it might as well be imprinted on their genetic code. Look, Fox News makes **** up, and in concert with the Trump admin, uses said bull**** as a distraction from whatever real stories actual journalists publish. They flat out made up a story and just plastered it 24/7 until they were forced to issue a half-assed retraction, with zero repercussions for those involved. Liberal, conservative, whatever. If you can't just come out and say that was dishonest, shady, and ****ed up, then there's something wrong with you.