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  1. You mean Scott Campbell, most likely working off of Scots draft board?
  2. Counting down the days, gents. The long, long days. I'm jonesing for some GoT. Looking forward to watching Khaleesi give the People's Elbow to Cersei.
  3. I think they should go more minimalist for this iteration. The formulas has become extremely convoluted with all the pick systems, perks, bonuses, jetpacks, etc. They need to simplify things. CoD WaW was great, and I think they should adopt a similar formula. I haven't played CoD in 4 years though, so they better nail this if they want to reel me back in.
  4. Lets just say Snyder could have saved a few bucks if he just bought a couple of fatheads and put them on the LOS. They'll most likely be about as effective as our lineman this year. Here's hoping we get some studs in the draft
  5. I'm going to take a more down trodden approach to this. I always felt like true fans could not stay away. I couldn't just up and pick a new team to love, then come back to a different one at a later point. The Chargers moved 2 hours north, so now you don't want to follow them anymore? Seems like you were never much of a Chargers fan. NFL Sunday ticket has been around for a long time now if you wanted to follow the Skins, you could have. If you could easily give up on them and start watching the Chargers instead, seems like you weren't a big fan to begin with. I'm not knocking you for this, but just stating the obvious. Welcome back though. In case you don't stay long, the Cardinals, Rams, and 49ers are other local options you could consider if the mood strikes you.
  6. Do you guys think its possible that Odin Lloyd was reincarnated as a prison window bar in Hernandez's cell?
  7. Good riddance. Blowhard was a POS on air, and off. No doubt the propoganda network he worked for will find somebody even crazier. Gotta keep the money flowing in.
  8. Jose Baez is a gigantic piece of self-serving dog ****. I really hate that slimy ****. He was quoted today saying his firm would conduct its own thorough investigation, which is clearly nothing more than a money/attention grab. Scumbag man. As to the story itself, I suppose there is some sort of justice after all. I feel bad for his daughter and the family of his victims. I don't feel bad for Hernandez. He made his own decisions, and willfully threw away a life of riches and fame for one that involved murdering an innocent man.
  9. Couldn't have happened to a better guy. I'll admit the timing is weird, seeing as how he just got off for a double murder that the evidence supports him actually committing, but its impossible to really know his mental state. He was already convicted and serving a life sentence without parole, and the odds of having that conviction overturned were virtually zero, making the recent acquittal moot. It is a tragic tale, and should be a warning for future kids, but personally I feel nothing. I only feel bad for his victim(s).
  10. Been a while since I contributed, so here goes: 1) Manchester by the Sea - 9/10: As a character study about someone going through unimaginable grief, it was superb. Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams were brilliant. There's a bit of dry comedy to break up the bleakness of it, which is good. I can see why it was nominated for best picture. 2) Hidden Figures - 9/10: This one flew under the radar for me. I really never even heard of it. It's about the prominent role of three African American NASA engineers/mathematicians during the early part of the space race, and their contributions to the agency while fighting segregation and racism. Fantastic acting, great humor, and it tells a very good story. I'd definitely recommend. 3) Assassin's Creed - 6.5/10: As far as video game adaptions go, this could have been worse. Michael Fassbender is a great actor, but the script is kind of weak, and the story is not well told and a bit convoluted. Action was solid and the visual effects were up to snuff. If you're sci-fi fan, or a fan of the game series, it's worth a watch, but don't expect to be blown away. 4) Kong Skull Island - 7.5/10: I thought it was pretty good. The visual effects were great, and the epic monsters of skull island were pretty trippy. The human characters were kind of flat and not memorable, outside of John C. Reilly, whose character is awesome. Brie Larson is eye candy, but doesn't add much to the story. Samuel L. Jackson plays the villain, and it's a bit over the top, but otherwise he does well enough. Kong is of course the main show, and he's a badass. Pretty solid watch. 5) Logan - 9/10: Phenomenal movie. It's not just a great x-men film, but a great all around movie. Hugh Jackman is superb, and the story felt incredibly real and personal. This movie isn't about globe trotting heroes that save the world. It's really a story of two men who are coming to the end of their road in a world that no longer needs them, and how they find meaning. Definitely a must-watch. 6) Rogue One: 8/10: Another great entry into the Star Wars universe. I'm not a huge Star Wars nerd, so I can't really comment about the pros and cons of how the story fits into the larger universe. From a casual fans perspective though, it told a great story, had awesome action scenes, and was well made. I think I enjoyed Episode 7 better, but this one is a worthy entry and should be seen if you're even a casual SW fan.
  11. I stand corrected. Still seems like a horrendous waste of money, though. These fine citizens sure wouldn't be interested.
  12. Priorities, man. Can't be employing people when $300M bombs are needed to break rocks in Afghanistan. $300M would employ 4,000 people for a year, each with a $75k salary.
  13. That thing cost $300M? Good mother of Christ. What a colossal waste of money. Did it actually kill any ISIS?
  14. The two cops that fired all the shots and were convicted didn't have body cameras on them. There was a third deputy who did have a body cam, didn't fire his weapon, and wasn't charged in the incident.
  15. How Professor X has such bad luck. If I were him, I'd just roll my ass off a cliff. Spoilers for all x-men films, including the recent "Logan": 1) X-Men: Cerebro poisoned. Knocks him unconscious for the last half of the movie. 2) X-Men 2: Gets gassed, kidnapped, and mentally raped after mind control device placed on him. Almost kills every mutant on the planet. 3) X-Men 3: Gets ripped apart at the molecular level by one of his students and bff's, Jean Grey. 4) X-Men First Class: Gets shot in the spine and paralyzed, after watching his team leave him and turn to the dark side. 5) X-Men DOFP: Young Charles turns into a junkie and abandons everyone. Old Charles lives long enough to see all his x-men die. 6) X-Men Apocalypse: Again, mind-raped and kidnapped by Apocalypse. Later, almost has his body stolen, and loses all his hair from his psych-fight. 7) Logan: He's old and has advanced dementia and alzheimer's. Accidentally kills all of his x-men in a psychic seizure. Then gets killed by a copy of the man who's his last friend. Tough life, man.