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  1. ExoDus84

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Who Wants To Be On Top ?

    Since this is our loss week, I predict a loss. On top of the tweet above, we're 1-7 in our last 8 games following a win. Jay Gruden is Jeff Fischer without the 70's porn 'stache? Cowboys 26 Skins 20
  2. ExoDus84

    Gameday Thread

    https://youtu.be/j1Gbdqg8s4I Chris Conte was the DB that was obliterated by the TE.
  3. ExoDus84

    Gameday Thread

    Gronkowski just Chris Conte'd someone. Oof.
  4. True, at least Smith got 2 TD passes. Though, besides the W/L pattern this season, Smith has a TD pattern. Week 1, 3, 5: 2 TD's Week 2, 4: 0 TD's Hopefully he breaks this trend against Dallas next week.
  5. Has to be a big part of it. If your team doesn't score a TD in the second half of 4 of the first 5 games, you have to take a long, hard look at the coaching staff.
  6. As soon as the announcers said "Carolina has never won when down by 11 in the 4th" I thought we were toast. Glad to be wrong. HTTR.
  7. Wow, they held on. Christ. At least they did something right.
  8. Not one ****ing blitz. Not one. Just letting Newton stand in there all goddamn day and dink and dunk down the field.
  9. Feels like a 24-23 loss. Hope I'm very wrong.
  10. Who the **** is blowing their assignments? Nobody ****ing covered the WR on the TD, or the 2 point conversion. Christ almighty.
  11. About to be a 3 point game.
  12. Nope. Trent caught it mid flight. Trent is all about the YAC.
  13. Hell of a kick by Hop to bail out this offense. Nice job Dusty.
  14. Offense and Smith needs to get their **** together and have a good drive here.