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  1. Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Correct, good sir. I found that it did help, but I didn't want to become dependent on a sleep aid, so I haven't used it for a month or two.
  2. Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Legal here in CA. I walked in and got a vape pen that a strain that helps me relax and sleep at night. Never smoked a joint with that crappy dry ash that passes for weed, though.
  3. Yanny or Laurel

    I was wondering wtf this was. I kept hearing these two stupid words and finally broke down to research it. Going in blind, I heard Yanny. Then, I played it again and focused on the other frequency, and now I can only hear Laurel. My mind is better than yours.
  4. Another day, another mass shooting. Welcome to America in 2018. Somewhere an independent or liberal politician is thinking about introducing gun control legislation that will inevitably fail. Elsewhere, the NRA is gearing up their "from my cold dead hands!" division, and their Republican acolytes are preparing their "mental health" speech. Meanwhile, the victims will continue to suffer. See you guys in the new mass shooting thread next week.
  5. Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    Probably with a pink slip and a smile. Flacco is an overpaid JAG.
  6. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    If he's such a steal, why did he fall to the last pick? What were the big knocks on him?
  7. Let's not go down this path. I hate Trump's corrupt ass as much as anyone, but I'm not going to blame anybody who voted third party based legitimately on their personal beliefs. That's what our voting system allows for. Honestly, if I'm going to blame anybody, it's all the disgruntled Bernie Bro's that voted for Trump out of spite of Clinton. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. As for Clinton, she apparently was NOT a great candidate since she lost to a brain damaged con artist, though she was absolutely qualified to be President. There's a distinction there.
  8. Per Schefter: DeAngelo Hall Retiring

    D. Hall has been a staple of the Skins family for 9 years. He was a bit polarizing at times, but overall he did a great job here and was a consummate professional. Great player and locker room leader. It's a shame injuries killed the last 4 years of his career. I look forward to seeing him as either a coach or analyst. Enjoy retirement, my man.
  9. First to sign first rounder, Per Rich Tandler

    Payne's contract is for 4 years, $14.4M with $8.5M signing bonus.
  10. Cooley playing OG should be able to beat out Lauvao. I hope we draft a beast LG/C next year. We need some better interior guys.
  11. Sour grapes much? We cut him so he goes off after he joins a divisional rival. Good riddance.
  12. What charges? Felony making women uncomfortable (MWU)? If the piece is correct, it paints the execs that were there as being skeevy and creepy, but the article does mention there was no sex involved. I fail to see what kind of charges could be brought up for this.
  13. Love the Guice pick. Dynamic runner with some serious power and burst. We've been lacking that for a while now, and focusing on lower tier guys just hasn't panned out for us. Here's hoping we have a new workhorse.
  14. Avengers Infinity War - HERE BE SPOILERS!

    My question is: How was Thanos walking around his getaway planet at the end like nothing happened? Did he, or did he not, just have Stormbreaker halfway through his chest? The dude should be in the ICU, or at least have his ribs wrapped or something.
  15. What's your number? $3.70+ everywhere around here (southern California). I can't remember the last time it was under $3.00.