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  1. All these anecdotes are awesome guys. I wish I could contribute. Alas, I was 7 at the time. My only fleeting memories of that run is listening to one of my uncle's roar with delight time after time when Rypien was letting it fly on play action bombs.
  2. Football outsiders article on the very best teams of the best 30 years. Not a surprise to us, but your 1991 Washington Redskins were ranked #1 overall. http://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/page/Outsiders30OverallTeams/football-outsiders-30-best-nfl-teams-30-years-2017 If you don't have ESPN insider, John Keim did a writeup as well. http://www.espn.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/31726/redskins-1991-team-deserving-of-top-billing-over-last-three-decades Best team of the Super Bowl era, bar none. HTTR.
  3. Mother of God. The hype is real. That trailer gave me the feels...all of them.
  4. I bet he's got tons of these around his house...
  5. Given the amount of time he's spent golfing, tweeting, and watching cable news, I'd have to agree with you. I always figured he ran as a means to do what he only really cares about doing; hyping his brand/family.
  6. Well, I was thinking about going #2, but once I read this...sold! I'd go with option A. Show me the monies. I'm not really worried about having some legendary legacy. Fame and name recognition after I die is not something I'm at all concerned about. The money would allow me to live a golden life, while also setting up the next several generations of my family for financial freedom. That is a better legacy to me than the vanity of having my name remembered. Besides, who wants to be a data analyst forever?
  7. So Trump's lawyer has even retained his own lawyer? Definitely just sounds like a witch hunt. Also, Gingrich must be off his ADHD medicine, or at the very least had his windpipe replaced with his anus. He's really talking out of his ass recently.
  8. It seems that one of the guards who was shot along with Scalise and stopped the attacker was a gay former college athlete. Given Scalise's abject opposition to LGBT rights, I find this to be pretty ironic. Luckily, looks like both will recover just fine. Here's hoping the ole Whip will have a change of heart.
  9. Clearly, Sessions has absolutely nothing to hide and was as forthcoming as one could possible expect a public servant to be. Nailed it!
  10. Not surprising. The biggest knock on the kid was his piss poor accuracy in college. Obviously with much better defenses and much faster offensive players, that problem is going to get worse.
  11. If you listen to verbal cesspools like Hannity and Limbaugh, then yes, you are brainwashed. The horse**** that pours of of their mouths is really something to behold. They are about as toxic as toxic gets.
  12. GOP doesn't hate blacks, but the "drug war" means they need to do more time. No leeway. It's only fair. Sessions is doing God's work. GOP doesn't hate gays, they just don't deserve the same civil rights as straight people do. GOP doesn't hate women, they just shouldn't be allowed to have insurance coverage for contraceptives, ever have an abortion under any circumstance, and should never use community health resources like Planned Parenthood. Only an avid Hannity watcher could make so many astute points in one post.
  13. Nepotism hire who won't rock to the boat or ask questions, which is apparently far more important than hiring somebody who is qualified to do the job. Par for the course for the two frothing idiots at the top of the franchise. I really hope he does succeed, but he honestly has no body of work to suggest he should be anywhere near this kind of position. Pathetic man.
  14. I'm definitely more in camp framerate. 60FPS games will always have much better controller response, and the fluidity of those extra frames really is quite nice. There's always going to be input lag from 30FPS games, since a TV's natural refresh rate doesn't sync with it. I'd rather have a 1080p/1440p game at 60 FPS than 4k @ 30. I really hope developers utilize the extra power for smoother gameplay, than just trying to achieve max resolution, though I suppose there are benefits to both approaches.
  15. Exactly where I'm at. The little psychopathic **** needs to do some serious time for the **** she did. She deserves to rot based on her callous disregard for the man's life.