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  1. I second this. I definitely wouldn't mind some more new blood in the super bowl. I have nothing against the Rams, and I always liked McVay. Honestly, having McVay win a super bowl 2 years after leaving the Skins would be a great "hahaha **** you" to Dan/Bruce.
  2. I truly hope the brain dead traitor in the oval office, and every one of his pathetic, anti-American sycophants end up in federal "**** me in the ass" prison. What an absolute disgrace every single one of them is. As far as I concerned, pending the results of special counsel, the Republican party, who is enabling this traitor, is an enemy of the United States.
  3. Based on how he played last year, I'd say a 3 year, 25k contract sounds about right.
  4. I don't remember Grant being injured. Curious timing with Crabtree becoming available. If he isn't actually injured and it was some BS by Baltimore, I hope he files a strongly worded grievance. I hope somebody else picks up grant for a similar contract so we can get that comp pick.
  5. Oof. I know there's still a long time till the season begins, but it looks like our dumpster fire of a defense will burn even hotter next season. Can't wait to give up 150 rush yards and 30+ points per game.
  6. SB Nation: Joe Thomas Retiring After 11 Seasons

    The man is a sadist, and a true professional. He took all of the embarrassment, the losing, the punishment, the soul crushing emptiness that Cleveland could dish out, and did it with dignity and professionalism. Fantastic player as well. Enjoy retirement, Joe. It's a win in itself, and one more than Cleveland had last year.
  7. Final thoughts on Kirk before this thread locks: Grateful for his contributions. He's the best QB we've had in a while, and had some pretty damn fun games. He made us competitive, even if he couldn't get us over the hump. He was a very hard working guy and had zero character issues. A team player. That being said, he basically refused to negotiate with the team that drafted him. He was dead set on hitting free agency, and was never going to sign a deal here once he hit the open market. He wanted to go to a contender, and get max dollars. He obviously was not committed to this team at all. Thus, I wish him luck, but will not be actively rooting for him. He's now just a player on a different NFL team. See ya, Kurt.
  8. My two favorite (on the first page): "Who the **** is Ryan Grant??" "Maybe Ozzie has CTE?" "Look on the bright side: we now have plenty of depth at WR3"
  9. RIP Stephen Hawking

    What an incredible man. His contributions to humanity will live on forever. To accomplish what he did given his debilitating physical condition is nothing short of a miracle. RIP Stephen Hawking.
  10. Not bad. Bradford gets warmer weather and Arizona gets a QB for 3-4 games per year.
  11. I'm pretty sure he ran a 2.3 40 at the combine. He also has a 89" vertical.
  12. So apparently Cousins is having a film crew following him around to "chronicle his free agency journey". That's awfully self-promoting and braggadocious for a guy who claims to be so humble. Is he trying to pull a LeBron James and build his "brand"? At least LeBron was the best in his sport, and not just an above average player. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22739533/kirk-cousins-having-video-crew-document-free-agent-journey
  13. I'm pretty sure even most Republicans know Melania is just a glorified prostitute that married for money. If they understand that, I can see why they wouldn't give a damn if she posed naked.