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  1. I'm pretty "meh" with this signing. He's had injury and drop problems throughout his career. He couldn't make a dent in one of the worst WR corps is in the NFL. Wouldn't surprise me if he didn't make it out of training camp. Anyway, welcome to the club and I wish him better success than he had with the Lambs.
  2. Guess I did my federal taxes right; I owed $3. Getting back about a grand from state though. Just going to stash it in the bank.
  3. I think the idea is the new guys have nothing on film that shows they are any better than the guys we let leave. At best, it's a lateral move since Baker/RJF knew the defense. There's no evidence the Mc's are going to make this defense better. In fact, one of them has a pretty bad injury history. We need impact lineman and linebackers, and so far, we've not really done jack **** about that. I hope we nail the draft.
  4. Seems like it should take all of 2 minutes to teach a kid to read an analog clock. Not a big deal, but kind of a weird oversight. I guess we do live in a digital world, though. At least my infiniti has an analog clock on the dash. It really makes me feel like I'm one with the past.
  5. I believe him more now. Anyone named "Scooby" doesn't have any friends or a social life, so he's definitely dedicated to his career. ESPN is also posting the article, and you can listen to the podcast itself. Good news. And (shocker!) the sports media gets it wrong.
  6. Sounds to me like two boobs were exposed; one belonging to a female, and one belonging to the cowboys.
  7. I swear if Snyder/Allen hire a chode like Domink, I'm just going to rage and cry **** myself. That would probably be the worst hire yet.
  8. Solid move given the talent we lost at WR. Kinda surprised its only for 1 year, but maybe Pryor is wary of our unsettled QB situation.
  9. We all know who's making the decisions. The "GM" will just be a glorified scout, putting some evals into a suggestion box that Allen and/or Snyder will probably ignore. As far as Watson goes, Allen will fire it after accusing it of being drunk, gibbering about 1's and 0's incoherently.
  10. I was on that train for a while. This latest derailment has thrown me off permanently. I wouldn't trust Snyder to run a pee-wee league team.
  11. Any qualified candidate must possess a cavity large enough for Allen to stick his entire arm into. Much easier than using strings to control his puppet.
  12. Is this guy available?
  13. This team hasn't earned the benefit of the doubt. Scots drinking could have been an issue, but he was open about never quitting. He didn't "relapse" since he never quit in the first place. Snyder/Cerrato 2.0 knew that going in. So the question is, what changed, and why did they chose the DAY FREE AGENCY STARTED to make this change? If his drinking was that big of an issue, why not give him the pink slip at the end of the season, early February, etc.? Did he stumble into Snyder's office and puke on his carpet a few weeks ago? They blamed this whole situation on his grandmother's passing, and then kept everybody in the dark for weeks. This whole situation reeks of disagreement between management. Scot and Allen probably disagreed about the direction to take with free agents, Kirk, and/or the draft. Allen wanted things his way, and SM probably didn't like being overruled, and then he was **** canned. Seems to be a power grab and Allen decided he wasn't going to lose. All these "anonymous" sources stating drinking as the cause is nothing but a lazy scapegoat. It could have become a much worse problem, but if it was a problem now, then it was a problem on day 1. The biggest problem is the secrecy, and method this was all handled by. It looks horrible, and Snyder/Allen apparently already have a terrible image by others around the league. I seriously doubt top front office talent will ever come here because of those two.
  14. Snyder couldn't do any worse than Cerrato 2.0 even if he himself were picking the players. Allen's last two years as full time GM were 2 of the worst seasons in franchise history.
  15. Yes it does matter. If Scot was back on the sauce heavily, that's one thing. It's more likely that Allen and him saw things differently, wouldn't let him do the job he was hired for, and then **** canned him when he wouldn't fall in line. There's a big difference. Who the **** would want to come here knowing they'd have to be a yes man to a buffoon and his midget overseer?