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  1. I don't understand Twitter.
  2. I suspect the d lineman where brought here to start, but drafting a couple d lineman in the first two rounds may change my mind on that. Otherwise they look like the last group of d line FAs we brought in. Probably will be just as effective as they were. So far Doctson is a no show and who knows about Pryor. Your point about our receivers leaving in a hurry is valid, but it's very difficult to say we are better at the position at this point.
  3. I thought swearinger kind of sucked? 3rd team at age 25. Two interior lineman who aren't better than anyone we have, just two guys. An apparently uber talented, but unproven project wide receiver. Might end up being good. So, our receiving core is not as good. Hard to see our d-line is much different. Maybe I'm wrong about the safety.
  4. I hate this team so much.
  5. Love me some off season.
  6. I'm going to be accused of not being a real fan and don't let the door hit me and all that. But if this **** happens or anything similar to this ****, I'm done. NFL football is over for me. NFL Sunday ticket gone. There will be no reason to watch this team or care anymore. We will never be any good. Been a Skins freak since I was 5 freakin years old. Got nothing else to give to the stupidest organization in football.
  7. Blasphemy!!!! You some kind of new ager or something?