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  1. God Speed Kirk! Vikings did ok (Kirk Appreciation Thread) M.E.T.

    Kirk, you were the best thing to happen to this franchise in 25 years. You made us competitive again, giving reason to believe we were going to turn the corner. Made it fun to be a fan again. Good luck. Please go humiliate Dan and Bruce next year.
  2. Maybe after showing Kirk he was their guy signing him two years ago, or 1 year ago, instead of telling him his whole career here he isn't worth paying, it would have engendered some loyalty and the whole being made the "highest paid guy ever again thing" wouldn't need happen. ?? Maybe?? Maybe the Vikes do just that and he gives the fabled home team discount that nobody actually gives. The Smith deal is horrible. Didn't save us anything which was supposed to be the whole point.
  3. We always have a team to build. ALWAYS, since 1991. Whether we have a QB or not. We had one, the most important part. Now we don't, we have a competent place holder for a couple years and his 24 M a year ain't building a team either. If we paid Alex 15M/year you'd have a semi argument. We still wouldn't build a team, we would go out and get a couple more McLineman's and Paul Richardsons or the Ram's receiver we got last year that sniffed the field a couple times and I can't remember his name. But keep on rooting. I really do admire your fortitude.
  4. 45 years for me. Ain't nobody sadder.
  5. Loving the Redskins is like loving your drug addict brother in law. After so long, you just don't have any more love to give. The dysfunction and stupid can't be fixed. Did you see we just gave 8M to a #3 receiver who has had an ACL and a hammy cripple a couple seasons and in his best year caught 44 balls? And he had the Great Wizard of Wilson throwing to him. Better or worse than 6M to a failed QB to play WR? I don't know. I'm in a crappy mood. Can ya tell?
  6. I knew who he was, was just being a little snarky. More of a point that he is just some average guy. A typical FA for us. Like the MClineman.
  7. Was going to ask who is Richardson. I see he is another BA JAG but paying him 8M!!!! That's really going to hamstring the team. How are we going to build the team around our new QB?
  8. I'll be there clinging to my bitterness. Yes you will. You love it.
  9. Its always hard replicating 13-3. Its a league of parity.
  10. Which, if true, is just more of the same vindictive teenage girl mentality that this FO oozes.
  11. Free agency ruined the game, but that's another debate.
  12. That's what he got apparently, that's the market. Has nothing to do with demands which is my issue with the BA driven narrative of the greedy **** making crazy demands that nobody should entertain. We have no idea that he demanded anything. He didn't accept BA's bad low ball, one-sided deals. That's all we know.
  13. It may be a crazy market, but it is what it is. They all get paid crazy money. Cause we keep buying jerseys and Sunday Ticket.
  14. Your definition of market value is crazy demands?