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  1. Is it possible to start tanking now? That's the only way to be in a position to get one of them.
  2. I remember watching that game like it was yesterday. I was 11 and I'm still mad. They got the time out called.
  3. I'm a yes. But I am stupid.
  4. You're such a bad person. jk
  5. That was my plan as well, but my awesome wife got me one anyway.
  6. I got a Cousins jersey for Christmas last year. That's my only real concern in any of this.
  7. Elite bananas don't grow on trees. Or plants any longer. If you won't buy a great banana because it isn't an elite banana, you're never going to eat bananas again.
  8. This is the best thread in months!!!! More banana talk please.
  9. But not their franchise QB.
  10. They would kill him up there. Think they only play with 3 OL up there.
  11. Yep. Just one more reason to hate my favorite team.
  12. That's hard. I'm going with Roooooooooooo.
  13. Reed questionable in blocking? You're very kind.