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  1. Learned Hand

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I'm in my mid-40s so my childhood and those times with this franchise are inexorably forever linked - heck even the commercials I watched hold memories. I remember a few years ago getting such a thrill that someone uploaded the Joe Jacoby/ Mark May TheaterVision commercial to YouTube. I must have watched it a hundred times and it transports me back to being 8 years old and watching cartoons in my grandmother's basement when that commercial would come on. On the walls and shelves of my Grandmother's basement? Redskins merchandise of every type and size. We are aging and Dan Snyder not only has done his best to stomp all over our memories, but has all but ensured there is no one to replace us. Washington Redskins 1937 - 1999 RIP
  2. Learned Hand

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce is not enough. I continue my active no direct support or viewing boycott of all things NFL until Dan sells the team. I realize this may mean having to do it for what is left of my lifetime. I'm ok with that. Dan has taken something dear from me. My personal boycott is the only thing that I can do to express my anger and grief over it. I will check the box score and read the site. That is it. No tv and absolutely no merch. I have made my peace with it.
  3. Learned Hand

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I know you are being tongue-in-cheek. However, I would swap Dan for Jerry any day of the week. I left the DMV over 20 years ago. I have lived in Dallas' market (AR) for the last 15 of those years. Saw Skins v Dallas in the last game at old Texas Stadium and also have done a game at Jerry's new palace. You cannot compare the game day experience to Dan's Generic "Great Value" Brand. We were been treated great and felt like their was real value in the experience and we are Skins fans! We have had so much fun as a family in Jerry World that I am worried my kids are going to want grow up Cowboys fans. Between the game day experience and the behind the scenes stuff I see Jerry doing locally (things for first responders, etc.) without the fanfare or looking for massive media spotlight, I find myself "liking" Jerry or at least respecting him. If we are going to have "a meddling owner" I would absolutely take Jerry over our his pale imitator.
  4. Learned Hand

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Nothing weird about it. I take it personally, as well. I'm a 3rd Generation Redskins fan. Pictures of me as a toddler circa 1976 decked out in my Redskins gear. So many family memories intertwined in watching the Skins with loved ones - many of whom are no longer living. Money spent on Redskins Christmas presents, family carvans up to Carlisle and then Frostburg for training camps. Away at college and talking on the phone to my Grandmother who is always talking about "our Skins." Years later buying my son his first jersey. This franchise is as much yours and mine as it is Dan's. I don't care whose name is on the corporate paperwork. This is why I am so damned mad and have every right time be. Sell the team, Dan.
  5. Learned Hand

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    I played two years of JV football and watched football all my life. I have that amount of understanding the game. Accordingly, I have no business making football decisons from Xs and Os to player moves. The only business I have with "my" hypothetical football team, is setting the tone and culture for excellence as an organization, including accountability. The only football decision I should be making is doing my best to hire the right people to implement that vision. I may have to step in and be an arbiter if there is a seriousness issue that is deadlocked between GM and Coach - but if I made the right hiring decisions, it should rarely, if ever, come to that. i live my life with the saying "true wisdom is knowing you know nothing." That's how I think one should own a football team unless you have the football experience resume.
  6. Learned Hand

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    1. Hire a competent GM. 2. Stay out of Football decisions 3. Upgrade facilities 4. Get stadium deal done 5. Name - find a Native American Tribe that is interested in some sort of affiliation/licensing type deal a la FSU. There has to be a tribe out there interested in such a deal. The Washington Cherokee? Washington Navajo? You can keep most of the colors and logos (I think our Brave is based on a member of the Delaware Tribe so that may need some adjustment. If not, go back to being the Braves. The name is going to change sooner or later. However, to me a full rebrand to me, would make it feel like a completely different franchise.
  7. Learned Hand

    4-Pack Ticket Bundles Now Available! - Ouch...

    The fact that this is even a discussion point is telling despite the fact that the rule is currently in suspension. The Washington Redskins. Blacked out. This would legitimately be an issue for this team if the rule were currently in effect. 16 year old me would be stunned that 44 year old me is even typing those words. Actually, 16 year old me would thing 44 year old me is a darned liar or pulling a prank. The more I type the more upset I get. What have you done to our franchise, Dan Snyder? What have you DONE? I'm getting off any Skins related sites for the night...
  8. Honestly, whatever percentage of fault lies with Trent and whatever percentage of his statements do not reflect the truth, really matters not to me. Any statement from the organization sounds like the adults in Peanuts/Charlies Brown cartoons. After so many years of "leaks" and attempts to make former players or personnel look bad to the point of defamation, I have zero interest in the truth and care not if the FO is unfairly mailigned - it's karma to me. This organization has display every petty trait of organizations that care not one whit about greatness. It exudes a toxic culture of incompetence, fear, and futility. I have been in organizations like this in my professional life and the Washington Redskins are mirror image of my experiences. The one absolute commonality among those organizations? - the chief executive and/or owner. It starts with the top down. Trent could be lying about it all, and I would not care. This organization deserves no sympathy, benefit of the doubt, or reasonable analysis as long as current owner and chief executive are in place.
  9. Learned Hand

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I regret Dan buying this team more than anything in any sport or franchise I care about.
  10. Learned Hand

    Redskins vs Bills Prediction Thread: Fate Is The Weight Of Circumstances

    Voted lawn work. Intrigued about Haskins start, but not intrigued enough to abandon my money/viewing boycott.
  11. Learned Hand

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    In some ways, I wish for this too. The Skins are the NFL for me. I'm 44. Snyder only has a few years on me. He's not selling and even if I out live him God-willing, I will probably be to old to even realize what is going on - in other words, I will never see this franchise competent, much less successful again. The Redskins are the NFL to me. No Skins, no pro football. I'm currently monetarily boycotting now, for all the good that does, I would honestly welcome the final push over the edge so I can completely walk away and never look back.
  12. Learned Hand

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I have threatened to stop watching the Skins twice before. I'm actually following through this year. For me the Skins are the NFL. In the past I would watch other games if a divisional or conference rival. With not watching the Skins (and 6th year not buying merch) this is my only dose of NFL except for the Skins box score. I am getting a lot more done on Sunday and I am becoming a fan of baseball again.
  13. Learned Hand

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I'm 44 years old. I'm a third generation Skins fan. It's on my birth certificate. The first season I remember actively watching culminated in our first Lombardi. I was 7. The same age as my son now. I had no idea how spoiled I would become with the next ten year's success. My son asked me last weekend, "why are we Redskins fans? They never win." All I could say was "we used to be good." "When Daddy?" "When I was a boy." "That was a long time ago, Daddy." "Yeah." He's to young to explain that the only reason I even follow the little bit that I do now, is the great family memories and the fact that I am lucky enough to have my grandparents still living. The Skins are something we enjoy talking about. I moved halfway across the country 15 years ago. I used to go to the local sports bar to catch the Skins on Sunday. I stopped doing that 5 years ago. Haven't bought a piece of merchandise since then either. Stopped listening online unless I have I it on as background noise while I work around the house. If they are on as a national game - I will watch if I happened to be watching tv at the time, but I don't go out of my way and Skins games have no bearings on any plans I make, including cutting the grass or going to the gym. Sundays revolved around the Skins for thirty plus of my years on this earth. That changed awhile ago. It's not that I hate the Skins or am mad anymore. I just don't care. Once my grandparents are gone, I don't know if I will even tune the very little I do now. My son certainly isn't making the kind of memories I had when the franchise was proud and well run. Skins fandom may die with me. We will have to see. Guys like me shouldn't just trouble the Skins, but the whole NFL cause frankly the Skins are the NFL for me. I'm not switching teams, so I just don't watch much football. Interestingly enough, my son has shown less affinity for football and seems to enjoy baseball and MMA more. I wonder how many fans and potential fans the NFL loses when a storied franchise gets run into the ground? I am just asking, though. In the end, I care about the NFLs bottom line about as much as I care about the Washington Redskins.