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  1. And that right there ruins any good that may have come from that statement. It makes it clear the point of any "investigation" will be to absolve the Redskins of any blame, since the very announcement of said investigation comes with a "but we did nothing wrong" slant to it. For the record, the Redskins shouldn't be investigating anything. They should be hiring an outside, independent investigator to get to the bottom of this. I would have to rack my brain to think of anything I would care less about than a Bruce Allen investigation finding that Bruce Allen's organization is free of blame. Especially since that group is already two press releases deep in "nothing to see here" territory.
  2. Yeah,how terrible it is to want women to be treated as human beings.
  3. Need clarification, but that doesn't come across as a choice they had.
  4. I see no reason to do that. None. It, at best, borders on criminal. And everything that comes after carries a whiff of coercion because of it. Doesn't matter if they did. Snyder is responsible for both hiring the people who carried this out and for fostering an environment where this kind of thing could happen. That's enough.
  5. The 5 years ago element, to me, is, if anything, more worrisome from a team standpoint. It suggests that these women were either afraid of retribution for coming forward, or they did come forward and the team hushed it up. You're right that we should wait before passing judgement, but it's bit hard to imagine these women would have reason to just make this up. And it's sadly consistent both with how Snyder treats employees and the attitude he seems to have instituted towards the cheerleaders specifically.
  6. Just so we're 100% clear, when I don't respond to you again, it's because I have no use for misogynistic clods who respond to sexual harassment with thoughts like "if you don't like it, quit". I sincerely hope your cavemen brain is able to grasp that.
  7. You thought 'they don't get paid much, so who cares if they're treated like sex slaves?' would come across as insensitive? How so?
  8. In fairness, I have a triple-digit IQ and a couple of years of Community College. It's really not fair to expect a $3 billion organization to have access to that level of talent.
  9. The reaction to this has been equally as troubling. Putting out a "nothing to see here" statement and then trotting out a couple of cheerleader hostages to announce that everything is fine couldn't be a more wrongheaded way to approach this. If the team cared, and had a clue, the correct response is along the lines of "We are highly troubled by any suggestion anyone in the Redskin family might have been treated with anything less than extreme respect. We vow to investigate, get to the bottom of this and come to a resolution that everyone finds satisfactory. Make no mistake, if anyone working for us mistreated any of our cheerleaders, they will be dismissed, and if necessary, referred to the authorities immediately." But Snyder and Co. are too pathetic to do the right thing. Hopefully, this will be the end of him. And not just because I have wanted him gone for the football side of things.
  10. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So you'll be high and knee-deep in hookers from sun up till sun down. Got it.
  11. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

  12. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    My goodness. Now, when the Redskins draft a guy in the 2nd round and later swap him for a 5th (and change) or trade a 5th for a TE and then deal him for a 7th, we're supposed to marvel at the sheer genius of their accumulation of draft capital. Meanwhile, being a below average team that's losing more talent that it's acquiring because of their salary cap situation is just a clever Bruce ploy to add a couple of comp picks. Picks that won't come close to equalling the capital lost to get older at QB. But, wait, that trade doesn't count for some reason. My bad.
  13. I think the age thing is something people are getting a bit hung up on. My main point was, as I believe yours is, if you can draft a QB who's a value, you do it. Whether that's the 13th pick (I doubt it will be) or in the following rounds (much more likely, as I've said many times I think this is the best draft for second-tier QBs I've ever seen). The only way I would maybe consider passing on such a QB is if my current starter was generationally great and/or really young. Smith is neither of those. And if the presence of Kevin freaking Hogan affects a team's thinking on such a thing, then that team really has no idea what they're doing.