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  1. I'm shocked anyone wants him in their locker room.
  2. One big difference - Collins didn't do anything. In a year, everyone would have known that. Brantley knocked a woman unconscious. It will come up in every draft. And the only way he can get in next year's draft is to get someone to draft him this year.
  3. He was suspended from Arkansas because he robbed a Belk store while he was in Charlotte to play at the Belk Bowl. Maybe not super smart.
  4. I don't think he cares about football. He knows he has an executive position with customer relations at United Airlines whenever he wants it.
  5. "innocent until proven guilty" applies in a court of law, not so much in the court of public opinion. If you want to think he's innocent, then he's innocent. Bond was set at $500, so no one is saying that this is the crime of the century. But I kind of doubt that another 6'2" 260 lb dude that looks like JG was running away from the police, and they end up picking up poor, unlucky Junior Gallette by mistake. Just like I doubt he was trying to give that lady on the beach a better look at his belt buckle.
  6. Name someone other than Crowder whose production has exceeded his draft position. I'll throw in Kelley too. I'm not angry about him being fired. I'm disappointed that the team makes such poor decisions at the management level. If you are going to hire a known alcoholic, you can't take his word that he's got it under control. And look the other way when he's drinking on the job. And then cover it up with ridiculous stories that only the most hardened fans don't scoff at.
  7. I agree that McClain is a decent player, one who has worked hard to resurrect his career. But he's not a $5M/year player. Someone will need to explain to me why we dropped $5M on McGee though.
  8. It really wasn't. They should have made the offer conditional on abstention and tested him regularly. When you're an addict, your addiction takes precedence over everything else. His draft classes are no better than the online draft quides. Finding a starting guard with the #5 pick is hardly an achievement. Crowder remains the only pick that played better than his draft position warranted.
  9. If you hire a known alcoholic who says he's not an alcoholic and insists that he's resolved past problems by drinking beer... well, you deserve whatever you get. If this were another team in the division, we'd be laughing our collective asses off at their abject stupidity.
  10. One of the reasons Dallas was "excellent" against the run is that they played 10 of 16 games against teams that didn't run the ball all that much (#20 or above on attempts). My bigger concern is that McClain played on less than 45% of the defensive snaps. McGee played on 21% of Oakland's snaps. That's a lot of money for part time players. Baker played on over 70% of Washington's snaps.
  11. I'm going to miss his wife. If the Skins had any sense, they would have made her Director of Communications.
  12. McClain started last year (his first starts since 2011), but Dallas rotates their lineman more than most teams. He's just another guy that Dallas found on his sofa in September and turned into a decent player. Not a bad pickup, but not worth $5M/year.
  13. I predict that by the end of the day, a plan will be announced along with a FA signing, probably Terrell McClain. It will be made clear that they love, love, love Kirk Cousins and are working around the clock to sign him to a LTD. They also love Scot and appreciate what he's done, but it's time to move on and they wish him a lot of luck. They'll give him severance pay in excess of what they've agreed upon, so he keeps his mouth shut - not only about the draft, but about life in the Skins FO. SM is a young guy and its in his best interest to keep his mouth shut anyway. And a lot of people will believe every word.
  14. I may be wrong, but I think Jones was just kidding about Allen making up the Romo trade to deflect interest from SM. If anything, the trade story highlighted how important it is to have a fully functional GM in place.
  15. Maybe something like this would work?