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  1. This is not an argument to say the Redskins should not upgrade at NT, but one thing I like about Manusky is much like Philips, he will bring 5 guys often. Barry essentially ran a 4-3 with 3-4 personnel here. Bringing five helps both stop the rush and get pressure.
  2. They are not "testing positive" for anything. They are essentially overhydrated, which is easy to do when trying to make sure you are ready for one of the biggest events of your life. Yes Please
  3. I played for his position coach, Tim Tibesar, who won assistant coach of the year. Excellent coach who knows how to get the most out of players and coach them up.
  4. That is so overblown. These guys have played football for 15+ years. I think they may be able to call out some plays.
  5. Athletes actually offend at a lower rate than the general population. The general population doesn't make headlines though. Assuming all are healthy, a front four of Galette, Kerrigan, Murphy, Reddick with Brown and Cravens at LB would put a lot of speed on the field in obvious passing downs.
  6. And I never said it was? But I don't get the point of continually playing people out of position when there is the potential to get players built for the spot.
  7. I'm really not sure what you are getting at? Depends on who is available in the scenarios. Point being I'm tired of just throwing bodies at the position and hoping it works. Get someone built to play NT to play NT.
  8. Ability to be better? Yes the Redskins could. Lest we forget, Hood was a 1st Round pick. Just to show how much that matters.
  9. If Foster is there at 17 he has to be the pick.
  10. If 3 QB's get drafted in the first 20 picks as some are now suggesting, all the Mocks go out the window
  11. Assuming McCaffrey and Cook are both available at 17, and the choice is to go BPA on defense, it actually greatly opens up the possibility of one of McCaffrey/Cook/Mixon to fall to 2.17
  12. I can also see the desire, knowing there are potentially two options on the market, to seeing what happens in the draft before signing either, but if not having one forces a pick, then I agree in picking one up prior.
  13. I agree with you. Was just saying it's not accurate historically. Levon Kirkland wouldn't be an ILB today, nor would Teddy Bruschi. The pluggers at ILB aren't needed, and that may be causing some of the run stopping issues.