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  1. Reading between the lines, including Cousins interactions with Scot on the field, I think Cousins' biggest ally was Scot, and Cousins would have signed if he were still here. Could have been the reason for the falling out with Scot as well.
  2. Only way to beat the Patriots right now with a "very good" or "good" QB is to have a dominant defense. That's not happening.
  3. I'm comfortable with a cap hit of around $25 on average with the larger numbers later in the contract. Some were talking $95 guaranteed. He's not to that level.
  4. How have they done after he got the Mega Contract?
  5. Records? Also, a $20 million plus cap hit would be perfectly fine for me. What most are talking about here would result in around $30 million a year of cap space.
  6. That's why the "at best" is there. I don't see him getting to that level. Is he a good quarterback? Yeah I put him in the 10-12 in the league range. For clarity, I wanted Cousins over RGIII the year after RGIII lead the 'Skins to the playoffs. Always wanted him to be the starter.
  7. Of course. We are all guessing. At his best, Cousins is Drew Brees. He is not a Manning or Brady. You give him $19 million guaranteed with about a $28 million cap hit each year and other positions will be sacrificed. Look at Brees' teams. Great offensive numbers but .500 yearly at best. Cousins with that kind of money would create the same situation (See also: Andy Dalton. Same offense and same results).
  8. Give Kirk $95 million guaranteed over 5 years the Redskins will be a perennial 6-10/7-9 team with him here. Lose/Lose based on your argument.
  9. Then don't do it. He's not that level of QB. He should get something similar to Derek Carr.
  10. Poison Pills are no longer allowed.
  11. Oh the off-season
  12. There are are no arguments over numbers. Already slotted. Could be an argument over clauses in contract or it could be there is no rush because he can't practice due to injury or academic calendar.