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  1. There are are no arguments over numbers. Already slotted. Could be an argument over clauses in contract or it could be there is no rush because he can't practice due to injury or academic calendar.
  2. Very good post. I played for Bohl and he has done a very good job of developing O-Line. I believe Fuchs is the o-line coach at Wyoming now, and have gone against his lines, always very good. I just love how EXTREME this site is, comparing arguably the best offensive lineman in the game to a 7th round rookie. If Roullier simply provides depth at C/G, he will be a great pick.
  3. That's in the first post. Nothing new.
  4. At this point I would settle for an average defense.
  5. It's like GB drafting three RB's. Of course they won't all have an impact or maybe even make the team, but if one works out the team is improved.
  6. I'm good with Fuller/Moreau/Breeland there. I would really like a space-eating monster with the next pick.
  7. Team went with two solid picks in front 7, a good depth/nickel CB, a RB, and safety. We may not agree with the names but overall I have no complaints over what they are addressing.
  8. Reminds me a lot of Ahmad Brooks, who was also a tweener ILB/OLB before settling nicely as an OLB for the 49ers, and I believe Manusky was the coach.
  9. Stout run-stuffing DT's value is in rounds 3-4 this year.
  10. See how it all shakes out but still a chance of Foster/Lamp/King/Baker/Bowser/Cook/Watt/Cunningham. I'd be happy with anyone of those.
  11. I think anymore Dline would be a pure NT. I think theres a good chance Davis/Cunningham is there in the 2nd.
  12. You don't invest that much in a trade for anything but a QB. Watson or Mahomes is the pick.
  13. I did the same and got a warning. Not sure what others are using to find picks but they must be behind.