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  1. He announced his retirement on Twitter a month ago. Never mind looks like he's back.
  2. What to do with LG

    I love this style style of argument, because implicit in your response is an agreement that Cousins got sacked less behind the same o-line, which was my point.
  3. What to do with LG

    You realize there were times when RGIII and Cousins played behind the same o-line, right?
  4. What to do with LG

    Remember how many sacks the o-line gave up with RGIII? Then remember how those sacks dramatically dropped with Cousins? Sometimes the sum of the parts is better than the individual pieces.
  5. First to sign first rounder, Per Rich Tandler

  6. What to do with LG

    I’ve always thought the best line would be: LT Williams LG Moses C Roullier RG Scherff RT Nseke Won’t happen but I remember when Moses first got here he said he felt most comfortable on the left side.
  7. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    More of a Golden Tate IMO
  8. What to do with LG

    You complain probably more than any other poster on this board. It's your desire to feel superior to the FO, when you admit yourself you're not privy to the information they are in regards to these players. For all we know they called Evans agent and he said not interested. Likewise with Fleming.
  9. What to do with LG

    You are correct. There is no point, other than your desire to feel superior. If you hate everything the Redskins do, why are you a fan?
  10. What to do with LG

    Asking for specific names and contracts. Not generalized statements. Sure I can MMQB this and be mad the Redskins didn't sign/trade for everyone in the Pro Bowl. But what you don't know is what Callahan thought of Evans and/or Fleming. What those players are asking for in a contract, and whether or not they would even have interest in playing for the Redskins. Without that knowledge all you do is throw random names out thinking you are smarter than the FO. The pick by the Texans may have been an individual the Redskins were not high on, or they were so high on the T they selected that they had to draft him there. Again, this is knowledge you are not privy too.
  11. What to do with LG

    No details. Back seat driver. Got it
  12. What to do with LG

    So if the Redskins signed Evans you’d be happy? And you still didn’t go into specifics, considering the Redskins didn’t have a 3rd going into draft and you never said who you would’ve picked. Also didn’t say which T you would’ve signed.