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  1. Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!

    Neil Lomax finds Roy Green for a score. Stump Mitchell rips us for over 100 yards and a score and Vai Sikahema returns a punt for a score. However, Joey T. finds Art Monk and Doc Walker for TDs, Riggo rushes for 120 and 2 short scores and Moseley boots a couple. Redskins - 34 Cardinals - 24 Shhhh...don't wake me.
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    On Cooley, just think of the Skinstangibles he would bring.
  3. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    Yep, eliminated, kaput, out of it BUT Arizona still alive so they have something to play for next week.
  4. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    I flipped over to Eagles/Rams...during commercials I would go back and check the Skins but get more excited for a Brian Mitchell tirade or apathetic look on his face for the post game then I do for the effort this team has been trotting out. Not all players have checked out but enough that it was so blatantly obvious, it was not worth the time to watch.
  5. What bothers me the most is how little I was surprised or cared when the Redskins got blown out last Thursday. These threads and thoughts are the natural result of another lost season. We watch as other teams turn it around quickly. The L.A. Rams, the Vikings with Case Keenum, the Eagles shoot even the Jacksonville Jaguars are more relevant. It is frustrating as I want to like Jay Gruden and I want to believe the pieces are in place but quite simply, they are not. A front office of Bruce Allen and Doug Williams does not inspire confidence from me at this time but to be fair, I don't work in football, I am simply an informed but humble fan. What needs to change and how? I think it does have to start with a restructure up top and I do think it is time for Bruce to go or be reassigned within the organization but I don't think that can be done without him still having influence on the owner. I am officially in the acceptance or apathy mode of the season, I have been here so many times before. It will go away with time and I will be hopeful again in the summer even after KC walks and we are fed tripe about why a long term deal could not be reached and I delude myself that whatever QB we have can make it work. This team is as far away from a Super Bowl as I can remember.
  6. That was a gutsy performance by KC last night. He was running for his life and making some plays. That shot he took and popped right back up, I mean, damn, and i have been saying this for a while, durability has to account for something, right? A lot of QB's don't get up from that hit and keep playing, he is good and D-U-R-A-B-L-E...again, too late as I fear this ship has sailed and if they tag him, agree with the sentiment it will prohibit surrounding him and the defense with enough pieces to do better than 8-8 or 9-7 and what FA offensive targets are going to come play where you are renting the QB for a year?
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce needs to be shown the door. We have football problems and we need football people to solve them, not politicians. The whole thing about we are a traditional franchise with regards to the color rush, well, the tradition has been 25 years of suck. This team is living in the 80's and Joe Gibbs, Bobby Beathard and The Hogs are not walking through that door. KC is as good as gone and we are staring down the barrel of a 4-12 season next year and a coaching change. (For the record, I was against the color rush too, but the whole traditional franchise argument echoes back to a time when we were relevant and we have not been since 1992)
  8. Fashion Files ~ The Case The Color Rush

    I would not mind the gold on gold as much if they went burgundy socks and black cleats so they didn't look like the San Diego Chicken.
  9. eh, burgundy on burgundy, hopefully the shade will look better because back in that Pittsburgh game when they wore it, they sort of looked like Grape Ape. The NFL needs to do away with the color rush and Thursday Night Football before Thanksgiving. Let teams have more alternate uniforms, within reason, and if they want or don't want to dress up like the San Diego Chicken, so be it.
  10. I do love these threads kleese. I also love it when I have something to contribute. I was at the 40-10 game in New Orleans. A whole group of us went to New Orleans that year for New Year's. Bonus that the Redskins were in town. The Superdome was surprisingly a dump to me that year, pre-Katrina redo, it had carpets up the ramps and stuff but it smelled like somebody had been peeing on the carpets for years. Anyway, if memory serves, the Saints jumped out to a 10-0 lead and me in my Redskins gear, including that sill fan face thing you could wear, was catching some heat from Saints' fans. Nothing too severe but non-stop. I stayed quiet throughout as they got gradually quieter as the route was on. At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the exodus was in full swing and I stood up as the fans that had been ribbing me were leaving and yelled "Hey, where are you all going?" They replied, "We are Saints fans, we are used to this." Could not argue with them at that point. Believe Aaron Brooks from UVa was their starting QB.
  11. This Date in Redskins History (November 12th)

    Now that is a way to celebrate a birthday. That whole season was magical. I remember opening night against Detroit and when Brian Mitchell leaped sideways into the endzone and all the toilet paper was being tossed as streamers in the background...I looked at my college buddies and said, this team is going to the Super Bowl. You just felt it with that team. kleese, no offense taken on the age. Funny how birthdays seem to mean less when we get older, whether we just don't want to admit another trip around the sun or it could be just recognizing all days are a gift if you have the proper mindset.
  12. This Date in Redskins History (November 12th)

    That is the only gift I ask for most birthdays. Posted it in the prediction thread, you should not and will not lose to a Case Keenum led team. Skins need to start fast, hoping for a coin toss win and then an opening drive TD which they seem to be more adept at now since like the 80's.
  13. This Date in Redskins History (November 12th)

    11/12/1970 this Redskins Fan was born. Remember 78 and of course, 89, sweet revenge sending them home in the playoffs 20-6. You have to be a despicable person to be disliked by Joe Gibbs and Buddy Ryan checked all the boxes.
  14. Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: CK vs KC

    Redskins 31 Vikings 14 You must not, will not, lose to a Case Keenum led team. Think the galvanization from the Seabags win carries over to at least this week. Fast start for the Skins and then a go through the motions type affair.
  15. Agree on shutting down Trent Williams. I am not willing to risk his 2018 and 2019 for a longshot of 9-7 protecting a QB that won't be here next year. Okay, nothing against KC, not trying to get him hurt but shoot, he has had the luxury of that All Pro Left Tackle, he might elevate his game a step further...if he had somebody to throw to. Any word on when Ty might be available.