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  1. Thought this already happened. Pittsburgh at Washington in 2008.
  2. I dunno...just realized this morning that Wentz and Foles are due $7mil each 2018...$14mil for 2 viable QB's and one a Super Bowl MVP, that's a nice problem to have. I think they will listen to offers but will be patient until they know how Wentz's rehab is going. Pretty sure Cousins will be in his new home before Foles, if dealt, is dealt.
  3. Redskins Spotlight: Alvin Walton

    That must be it. Memories getting fuzzy and jumbled together. That 20-6 game is one of my favorites as that settled the score with Buddy. If Joe Gibbs didn't like you, you must be a bad person and he did not like Buddy Ryan.
  4. Redskins Spotlight: Alvin Walton

    I can't find confirmation but I thought he had a fumble recovery in the NFC Championship Game in 1991, remember Berman recapping on PrimeTime, who has the ball, Theodore? Simon? Alvin!!! He would use the same schtick later with Alvoid Mays of the Redskins.
  5. Echo some of the sentiment here. I will not change but know people that have and have no ill will toward them. A guy at work changed to the Ravens many years back, hard to imagine doing that, but it is mainly because of Snyder and the stories that surround him. Mainly those from the past as he has not been as front and center recent years but I get it. From the vanilla ice cream garbage to the issue with the trees, a spiteful little man.
  6. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Doug Williams - "I talk to the god damned players...what is wrong with you people?"
  7. Your 2018 Redskins Predictions

    While the schedule for next year is formidable, they really all are. We didn't think the schedule would turn out like it did this year. I am bolstered that the farthest road trips the Redskins will have next year are Dallas and New Orleans. If KC stays, we pick up a true #1 WR, #2 for Doctson, Crowder at slot, Reed and VD at TE...don't know about RB but assuming everybody comes back healthy and stays healthy, I think, even with a loaded NFC, we are an 10 to 11 win team. If KC goes, all bets are off, you never know with QB's and their learning curve, early and successful like Wentz and Watson or experience over time like Keenum, things just don't break like that for the Redskins, without KC we are looking at 5-11 at best.
  8. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Donovan McNabb agrees with you. My honest hope is that a deal gets done and it gets done quickly. For my own sanity, I don't want it to drag out.
  9. #7 jersey finally done and framed

    Jan Stenerud and Mark Moseley were the last 2 straight away kickers. Most kickers had moved to a soccer style as it proved to be better for distance I assume, the old plant swing and hammer. While Moseley was accurate, don't think he had the strongest leg for distance. I might be mistaken on this, I did a search and found that Stenerud kicked soccer style, at least when he came into the league, but I swear I remember him kicking straight on toward the end of his HOF career. Gogolak is credited with being the first soccer style kicker. I might be mistaken on Moseley's power as well, apparently he used to line up for some long attempts, I don't seem to remember him having a great record beyond 50 but he did have a career long of 54.
  10. #7 jersey finally done and framed

    Well done! I don't care what some people say, Joey T. is considered royalty to me.
  11. Would love to be able to see Org Charts of franchises, all of them, see what front office structures look like. It's obvious to most that something needs to happen and the consensus is showing Bruce the door. We can't change the owner and the coach was just extended. One problem is, under Bruce's watch, the value of the franchise has almost doubled, think that is what I heard on the radio the other day. It's tough to dismiss that accomplishment, so do they reassign him? They can claim they already did that and Doug Williams is the pseudo GM, it's just not transparent enough. Do they give Doug a chance? We have not even seen a draft under him yet since they used Scotty Mac's board for last year. The biggest thing they can do is lock up KC, that might just bring this back from the brink but that ship might have sailed. These next 6 months might be more tortuous than the past 6.
  12. Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!

    Neil Lomax finds Roy Green for a score. Stump Mitchell rips us for over 100 yards and a score and Vai Sikahema returns a punt for a score. However, Joey T. finds Art Monk and Doc Walker for TDs, Riggo rushes for 120 and 2 short scores and Moseley boots a couple. Redskins - 34 Cardinals - 24 Shhhh...don't wake me.
  13. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    On Cooley, just think of the Skinstangibles he would bring.
  14. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    Yep, eliminated, kaput, out of it BUT Arizona still alive so they have something to play for next week.
  15. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    I flipped over to Eagles/Rams...during commercials I would go back and check the Skins but get more excited for a Brian Mitchell tirade or apathetic look on his face for the post game then I do for the effort this team has been trotting out. Not all players have checked out but enough that it was so blatantly obvious, it was not worth the time to watch.