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  1. Back out west, and back to sleep walking through the game until the 4th. They'd better not try this against the Clippers, Jazz, and Warriors.
  2. And he should have been a wizard.
  3. Beal felt your smack talking reverberate through the universe and it woke his inner panda.
  4. Someone tell Oubre he's allowed to pass in a three on one.
  5. Young teams are consistently inconsistent.
  6. There's that once a game super athletic move by JSmith.
  7. No Venom? He's better than Osborn. Thanos needs to be higher, he's rarely beaten by a single hero it takes team work to drop the mad titan.
  8. They certainly flipped a switch after the allstar break. Turned off the defense.
  9. Anyone have a stat that shows how many times Morris has had three fouls in the first half since the allstar break?
  10. We're going under screens and not switching, basically daring the Lakers to shoot. They are shooting.
  11. There are a lot of Lakers players I don't recognize. I could have sworn I watched them a few times this year....
  12. That depends on how much money I have to spend on my defense.
  13. And it's not just a question of "turn it on" in terms of effort, because series play introduces an entirely new level of game planning. Defenses don't just try harder, they show up better equipped with what exactly they want to do and are able to make small changes as the series progresses. Cleveland will be much better when the playoffs.
  14. If she said "hey guys want to drive off a cliff with me" and they all piled in, it's suicide. If they asked her to drive them to a cliff do they could jump off, it's still not murder. This is murder because the powers that be wanted to uncomplicated crime scenes and pin all the bad things on any surviving bad people.
  15. That's the thing with breaking in to someone's house, there's just never enough time to hammer out the details before someone gets emotional.