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  1. The KKK announces a rally and the street shuts down, and 200 counter protestors show up, before it's even confirmed the KKK will show? How sure I we the KKK announced this rally? Do they have a official twitter or something? I understand the reaction, it's sort of inspiring, but that kind immediate big reaction is major troll bait. Makes me wonder if someone over at 4chan isn't having a good laugh right now.
  2. I see no conflict in saying there is no military solution and that there are military consequences if North Korea initiates hostilities. It is kind of funny that China preaching calm and complaining about US posturing while at the same time skirmishing with India.
  3. A few bad apples. Nothing to worry about.
  4. No luck there either Unbelievable.
  5. So many facts that he felt he needed to inject some fiction. It's becoming obvious that our government isn't equipped to deal with the unfortunate election of a moron.
  6. You're right. Completely, but I think the issue is becoming more complicated. In an increasingly interconnected world where everything is recorded the idea that everyone's free speech has to be agreeable under threat of losing the ability to work strikes me as problematic. Colin Kaepernick is a good example. Having said that, I'd fire everyone of these Nazis and feel great about it.
  7. People blame many sides all the time, the problem is when a world leader does it. For example: After ISIS attacks in Europe, rather than simply blaming the pro-genocide pro-slavery group radicalizing young people and inciting violence, it's common to hear that European racism is responsible.
  8. The more I read about the proper process for having these statues removed, the more appealing an angry mob tearing it down seems to be.
  9. That article is strange. From start to finish it features the free speech rally organizer repeatedly claiming his group wants nothing to do with white supremacy while everyone else assumes it must. I predict extremely low attendance. Also, I thought round two was the clown on clown showdown in DC. Juggalos versus Trumpos.
  10. They clearly do not. They work hard to appear threatening and scary but when Antifa, essentially a bunch of scrappy college kids in bandana masks, show up to throw down they rarely even manage a stalemate. They're angry boys playing at being tough guys following leaders with no vision and no future.
  11. Both saved America! It's so ridiculous that I wondered for a moment if this was a joke, maybe something the Onion put out. Some people have no shame.
  12. I watched it.
  13. It's no where near the same thing but former klan is still too much of an association in today's climate. I respect he changed but I'd still rather not deal with public spaces tied to the klan in anyway. CNN was loaded with former members of hate groups today and it was a bit nauseating. We can maybe look into that after we take every confederate participation trophy down. Priorities ya'll.
  14. I'll laugh at the medias sad faces when Lebron passes on LA to play in Minnesota or some other small market. They so desperately want NBA stars to love the lakers as much as they do. If he goes big market it will be Houston with his banana boat crew.