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  1. You fought the good fight for your view point and while we disagree I enjoyed it. Thanks.
  2. Single payer would be better but Republicans would cry and start implying a civil war might happen over the great tyranny of health care. In order to provide everyone with insurance and still use the less efficient system of private health insurance, a mandate was necessary or the pools would be filled with higher risk while healthy young people simply went on tempting fate. That is partially how we arrived at ACA as it exists today and we are talking about how to change it right? Well we can change it to make it worse for most (as republicans would like) or we can stop wasting time and treasure so that insurance companies can turn a profit and go with a better system. Which is a long way of saying... health insurance is not required to provide health care.
  3. Insurance isn't required to provide health care. It's only still around because republicans favor a private system.
  4. For Washington sports fans, that's exactly how the saying goes.
  5. How is providing education fundamentally different than providing health care?
  6. It's not just about the needs of specific groups, we spend more on health care as a nation and get less of it. The current way of doing things benefits a a minority of the population by costing everyone more. It's **** and we're well past the point where we should all be comfortable admitting it.
  7. So you're ok with the poor, the old, and the impaired dying or facing financial ruin for the the great sin of getting sick. You just happen to doubt the political will exists to doom the old and the impaired. Are you wearing a dark suit and monocle right now?
  8. You don't think people will lose coverage. Then what the hell are we talking about here? We are not going to both have our cake and eat it too. You realize agreements can be changed going forward and new agreements can be entered into with different groups correct? I'm just making sure. There is absolutely nothing stopping the government from saying the VA is too expensive and telling future enlisted soldiers to pull themselves up by their bootstraps after their service has ended because having one segment of the population suffer so that they can have health care is wrong. (That would be wrong as hell too) Also, I noticed you ignored the second example of building schools.
  9. Great point, we should get rid of them entirely and move to an entirely government system that doesn't seek to take money and then find ways not provide a service, for profits sake.
  10. We absolutely are. We are talking about changes that will take away health care or greatly reduce access to health care for millions of people. Then end taxation entirely because you've just described the entire public system. What do you think funding VA is? That's people paying for others. How do you think we build school in poor neighborhoods? Same thing.
  11. You want to cut the health care of people that desperately need it, or leave them facing financial ruin if they get sick... and you describe your reasons as seeking to ease suffering? Bold choice.
  12. Fundamentally wrong? You and I operate on entirely different definitions of right and wrong if you believe that. There are few things as clearly right as providing health care to those that need it and not financially ruining families because one of them got sick. We as a people collectively spend money on a lot of things, and few of those things are more worthy and more necessary than health care.
  13. The problem is that this **** isn't a game and people's lives literally hang in the balance.
  14. ACA needs some changes, that's clear to anyone that is paying attention. The problem is that politically they can't be seen as making ACA work because they've called it evil and promised to destroy it. They've been campaigning for years on repeal and replace which, once you move beyond the slogans, means moving us to a place closer to where we were before health care reform. That place is not better and politically it is filled with unavoidable land mines. They've painted themselves into a corner and the country is going to suffer under a worse system because of politics. Assuming they eventually manage to pass something.
  15. Maybe. Simone Biles, Normani Kordei, and Heather Morris all failed to get as far as David Ross. Or compare athletic ability by taking the best WNBA players to NBA players of the same height. It's not close and that's ok. I agree with what you and others have said, the problem here isn't that he's wrong as much as hes a jerk for even bringing it up.