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  1. Well I was wrong. Maybe the owners asked Lebron to take a night off for that sweet sweet extended series revenue.
  2. Cavs are just playing with Boston. Put Lebron back in and end this already.
  3. If the league was watered down he wouldn't have needed to create two super teams, nor would he have lost in the finals as often as he won. The league feels extremely non-competitive this season because what Golden State did. Now we've got Lebron's Super Friends against Curry's Superer Friends, and NBA season is a joke. They'd better put on a show in the finals or all their talent stacking cheesiness amounted to, for fans, is an awful post season. The NBA itself is far more talented now than it was then if you look down the rosters to the role players and reserves. The talent pools feeding the NBA have never been bigger.
  4. He wouldn't have made much difference. At least this way he doesn't have to get embarrassed two more times
  5. The cavs offense is far better than ours, no question about it, but watching the games between them and Boston they've done a far better job neutralizing Boston's guards than we did. Boston is scrambling to score and their offense hasn't looked good at all.
  6. I don't think there has ever been a player that instantly upgrades all aspects of a team like Lebron does. I can think of players better than him at individual things, like better passers, scorers, and defenders. Jordan would do more for an already good team than Lebron would IMO. Magic would get more out of offensive talent than Lebron could. There are more examples. Lebron hides so many flaws by being on the floor though that he can make a team look far better than it should. Cavs are smothering the Celtics defensively while playing Kyrie, Love, Jefferson, and DWill. Teams hide bad defenders all the time, but few teams could hide that many.
  7. The ball movement isn't there, it's not just missed shots. The Cavs defense is giving them no space to operate so instead of a pretty looking system with lots of ball movement it's "failed drive -> desperation pass -> rushed shot" Against us they looked like you needed an advanced degree to follow all their on and off ball movement.
  8. Depends on those teams staying healthy and all the stars that could move this year. CP3, Griffin, PG, Millsap, Hayward, and Butler could change teams this offseason. Thats a monstrous amount of talent potentially on the move. If the Spurs add a third star and stay healthy I don't think golden state is certain to beat them. They're without Parker and Kawhi right now, so of course they have no chance against golden state. Boston also has a good chance to remake their team.
  9. Think the Wizards are watching the ECF thinking "Oh, so that's what playing defense looks like."? The Cavs have shut down Boston's offense despite playing horrible defenders Kyrie, Love, DWill, and shambling corpse of Richard Jefferson. Brooks and the team should be ashamed of how easily they allowed Boston to score.
  10. This started before Trump, sadly, though he's clearly done everything he can to leave us looking like a circus. The easiest example is the lunatic in the Philippines, but this latest situation with Erdogan is likely the most egregious act of disrespect we've seen to date.
  11. When did the entire world decide that it was cool to clown the US whenever they wanted? That's what this is IMO.
  12. I'm betting he, and whoever negotiates his next shoe deal, cares. (His shoe contract is probably a huge percentage of his overall income) Pippen has rings too. Jordan owns a team.
  13. If being born into it absolves a person from blame that would make his parents blameless as well. Particularly his mother that was taught from a young age that it was her place to rule over the poor that served her family. The author admits that he knew it was slavery and that it was wrong and yet still did nothing. Even as an adult. He took all the benefits that this slavery gave his family and never made it right. Let's remember that there were things that could have been done that did not include going to the police. What needed to be done was to let her make her own choices, to empower her. Keeping these enslaved people poor and powerless is a key element to keeping them subjugated. At no time is she introduced to a support group of any kind or taken to a lawyer that could explain her rights and ask her what she wanted to do. Is that asking too much as well? Was this educated college man entirely unaware of these options? Her choices were only ever presented as her being sent away with nothing into a unfamiliar world that scares her or staying with the masters family and accepting what was offered. A woman that was owed 50 years of back pay, at a minimum, was given $200 dollars a week and we're expected to see it as a kindness. I really want to know if doctor mom left an inheritance of any kind and I don't think that's an insignificant detail.
  14. I remember hearing that Steph was the MVP but Lebron is the best player. There's a difference. Steph didn't just shoot threes well last season, he cemented his status as the greatest shooter in NBA history. It didn't hurt that his team set the record for wins either. Steph had by far the better regular season between the two and it wasn't close. But then the finals happened and Lebron ate his heart on national TV. His team went out and signed another super star, that most consider a better player... and just like that Steph's run as the face of the league has ended. If Durant wins finals MVP his run as the face of the Warriors will be over as well.
  15. The Cavs offense is so much smarter than the Wizards, they aren't allowing Boston to hide anyone on defense. If Kyrie, Lebron, or Love have the more favorable matchup they instantly have the ball. If none of them do, they force the Celtics to switch and create a mismatch before attacking.