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  1. Twice watching Inside Out with my daughter.
  2. Could Ovi possibly be nursing an injury from that knee-shot he took earlier in the playoffs?
  3. I think they were also in a ladder match with ROH the night before.
  4. What GM candidate is going to be available a couple weeks before the draft? And what team would grant permission for an interview during this time?
  5. Gambling lines have nothing to do with who Vegas thinks will win the game. That said, I would NEVER bet any money on the Redskins covering.
  6. Who does this? There cannot be more than one or two of these type posts among the hundred of daily posts.
  7. What about having a network insider hand you the questions ahead of the debate?
  8. I just saw that Murphy has posted a blog detailing all the work he has put into getting to this point of his career. Surprising that no one from this board has posted it yet.
  9. Why you little.....!
  10. It's all good here as well. Sorry for coming off snippy. I drifted to this site years ago to escape trolls.
  11. Just thought it was cute that you ran back to the rtt thread to let everyone know about the sensitive Wiz fans. As far as posts go, I typically just read the board for entertainment and news on the teams I grew up following. I appreciate the local insight from the fans that I do not get from the the press. I really have nothing useful to contribute because of the many great posters on this site. stevemcqueen, in particular, is one of my favorites. True, he gets excitable about the Wis, and go from 50 wins to missing the playoffs in a matter of hours. This team is a cluster**** nightmare. However, he is one of the main reasons I check into Tailgate. I appreciate his insight and enthusiasm.
  12. Good response. I am sure you just earned a load of rtt-cred. I hope earn your promotion soon.
  13. Maybe Bullets fans would simply like to engage in some simple "misery loves company" with fellow fans. I am sure we can be miserable about this **** team just fine without trolling input from schmuks in the peanut gallery. God forbid fans be fans in a thread devoted to their team.
  14. I currently teach college biology to a high school class. As the students are minors, I am neither surprised nor concerned that first amendment limitations exist regarding my interactions with them. Too bad the Fayetteville teacher did not consider any repercussions to his "teaching" moment. I suppose it could become a good teaching moment for students in the future.
  15. DDT works. The horrible side effects of DDT aside, current pesticide treatments have actually had greater effect on honey bees than mosquitoes. A colleague's Journal of Medical Entomology article suggests that low levels of agricultural pesticides actually increase mosquito fitness and enhance their ability to spread disease. If you are going to chemically treat, it has to be done correctly.