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  1. TD_washingtonredskins

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I like a lot of this, but don't like creating stipulations for coaches. If you retain him as the coach, he should decide who the OC is and whether he's delegating play-calling duties. I don't believe in micro-managing at any level, so he should have full autonomy to run his team however he wants. He's ultimately judged for it, so don't build in an excuse that he can make later.
  2. TD_washingtonredskins

    Could the Best College Football Team Beat the Worst NFL Team?

    Just pure talent alone makes this hard to believe. A handful of the guys on the best Alabama team would probably flash and clearly show that they belong. But, even with that, they wouldn't win individual matchups consistently enough to overcome the other teammates who are getting whipped on every play.
  3. TD_washingtonredskins

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    The "Three Men and a Baby" star???? Not the "Magnum PI star" or "Three Men and a Little Lady star"?
  4. TD_washingtonredskins

    Some Hard Truths

    Weird, I just had this conversation with my kids last week! And yes, I don't care if Smith wins 2 Super Bowls while Cousins is on the IR each season until he retires (well, I mean I care, but it won't change the following opinion)...we have no reason to not have Cousins still starting for the team OR have a ****load of additional assets for him. We finally did what fans hoped we'd do for years...luck into a top-10ish QB in the middle rounds. And somehow we didn't turn that into either a 10-year run of contending or a boatload of assets when he left. Inexcusable. Maybe not EXACTLY like that, but Snyder likes to give out sweets to employees sometimes!
  5. TD_washingtonredskins

    Could the Best College Football Team Beat the Worst NFL Team?

    If you want a specific breakdown, you'd need to identify who the "worst" NFL team is. Everyone is saying the Browns because they were 0-16 but, as mentioned, they were in plenty of games. But, once you name whatever NFL team you want, I think it would be pretty simple to line up the 11v11 and make the case that, almost across the board, the NFL team would dismantle the college team in each individual match up. I think something that might be a bit closer would be the best college team against a 33rd NFL team which is made up the way 1970s expansion teams were (basically the next best 45 players who didn't make it elsewhere in the NFL). Think the 77 Bucs, not the expansion draft 95 Panthers. In THAT scenario, I think the college team would do well.
  6. TD_washingtonredskins

    Some Hard Truths

    Well, you just described the Buck Showalter of NFL QBs. Here's the kick in the nuts for Orioles are going to probably be the first team who DON'T go to the WS once they move on from Buck AND my Redskins are probably going to be the first team who DOESN'T upgrade at QB once they replace Smith. My teams (with similarly horrible owners) were put on this Earth to break streaks.... Speaking of, I think I saw a stat that teams coming off ties and then playing on the road (the Packers this week, for example) are winless in their last 13 games. Who wants to guess which streak my Redskins are about to help break?
  7. It was usually up for grabs with Philly or Arizona (only after they moved to Arizona). I think early in the year they'd wear white at home and then later in the year they'd switch to dark. So, if we played in Arizona or Philly in the first few games of the year, we'd be in our burgundy jerseys. That plus Dallas and sometimes a random other opponent (Tampa for example), is really all I can remember from the Gibbs years.
  8. TD_washingtonredskins

    When did your "Fever Pitch" moment with the Redskins occur?

    This is exactly me. I remember thinking that 1994-1996 felt like the gradual rebuild that was needed. It followed a logical ascension from 3 to 6 to 9 wins. 1997 and 1998 showed me that maybe we weren't ever just destined to climb the mountain. Until those two seasons I assumed that our re-emergence as a top team was a given and more a matter of when, not if. After all, we were the Redskins!
  9. Mostly right...the Giants have ALWAYS been a blue-at-home team. During the Gibbs era, we never needed burgundy jerseys to play them (home or away). Dallas was always white at home. The other two (Philly and Arizona) seemed to mix and match. So, occasionally we'd wear the darks on the road against those teams, but not always (I'm guessing there was rhyme or reason to it maybe with heat or something).
  10. TD_washingtonredskins

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    As fans, you should worry about the money if it precludes you from signing other people. Whether it SHOULD or not is irrelevant. If signing Harper means that x, y, and z can't be extended or signed, then the money does matter.
  11. That's pretty short-sighted. The gold pants actually have a longer track record here than white pants do. I don't think we got white pants until after Allen's tenure (maybe while Pardee was here). We wore some type of gold pants from the 30s through the 70s. So, yes, from time to time during the Super Bowl years we'd have to wear the white pants (it was rare simply because we chose to wear traditional "road" unis at home so we only ended up wearing "home" unis when we'd bump into another team who shared that philosophy), but I wouldn't say they were emblematic of that time period. If we are going to stay with dark jerseys at home, I wouldn't mind the gold pants. But, I'd love us to eventually go back to white-over-burgundy at home. That would be cool.
  12. TD_washingtonredskins

    Booing - at the Stadium

  13. TD_washingtonredskins

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    I get that...he's not the guy you want to face 19-20 times each year in the division. I would just rather spend that $300M elsewhere (Rendon and pitching, like you said) and bank on Robles, Taylor, Soto, and Eaten in the OF.