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  1. The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    Yeah, this team "rebuilt" twice under Gibbs...1985ish and 1988/89ish... In both cases we had a quick dip (1988 was the only sub-500 record he had before coming back) while we integrated new players. In both cases we were contending in about one year. Amazing. It was - I think we won something like 34-3. There was an effort to feed him the ball so he'd break the record in prime time at home.
  2. This thread is showing me just how much animosity I've built up toward teams who have been successful since we've last been relevant. I have an irrational hatred for teams like the Steelers and Ravens predominantly because they've been what we were when I was a child.
  3. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    I think every 2-3 days I post something similar in my apologies. But, I hope they trade both Britton and Brach. I also want them to unload Jones. They should definitely deal whichever starter brings back the most return...
  4. The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    Boy you're right...going into it I think we were relying on Theismann, Riggins, and Monk and by December we had discovered Schroeder, Rogers, and Clark (though Monk was still awesome if I recall).
  5. HA, yes...but poor Fuller, I like that kid. Oh well, at least he got to get his feet wet in the Super Bowl. Another great footnote would be Reid out-clock-mistaking Gruden, since they both struggle with it.
  6. Oh man - that would be awesome. Swearinger picking off Kirk and then Smith beating his replacement in the Super Bowl.
  7. I think Forehead's point is not that you could drop LeBron onto a soccer field (pitch) right now and he'd compete. But if since he was 4 that, rather than basketball, is what he practiced then maybe he could be exceptional. If our best athletes were funneling into youth soccer rather than baseball, football, and basketball we would have a stronger national pipeline.
  8. "Trained" sounds a lot like practice though....
  9. OK, maybe I didn't describe it perfectly but seems we agree on the physicality compared to basketball.
  10. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    We all have our theories and assumptions about Dan Snyder. It would actually be interesting to me to know what's really like. I'm sure some of the rumors or stories are true, but I'm also guessing that we are way off on many things. It's not relevant to much because he's not a good owner regardless, but it would just be fascinating to actually know his personality and thought process.
  11. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    I wonder if he'd want to stay. If not, we'd be best served to trade him by next year's deadline (enough time for him to progress to the mean but also still giving the trade partner some team control).
  12. I think basketball is tougher for the HIIT aspect. It's running hard, stopping, jumping, pushing, sliding. That's more demanding than jogging 90% of the time and then sprinting every now and then. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't do either...
  13. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    Sounds like Britton talks are accelerating... Crasnick has named the Cubs, Sox, Yankees, Giants, Astros, and Phillies as interested teams.
  14. NFL Top Jersey Sales: No Redskin In The Top 50

    I think you hit it - generally you'd buy a jersey you can wear for a while or forever. The Redskin jersey that I wear is Ricky Sanders. He was my favorite player as a kid and he contributed to 2 Super Bowl wins. I can wear that for eternity now that his body of work is done and successful. Foles can be that for Philly fans. He delivered their first Super Bowl ever and it really doesn't matter where he lands moving forward. Once a player has cemented himself historically, the jersey is viable forever. Other than that, it would make sense to get a current, young stud on your favorite team so that you get a few years of wear.