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  1. The "New" Way of Tackling - An Analysis

    What about this one? Gonna be a long season........ https://mobile.twitter.com/TesslerSports/status/1031195458964807681
  2. Season Ticket Renewals

    Skins will probably discount them to $4500 per season so they appear like they're giving you a great discount.
  3. Season Ticket Renewals

    Mark, I went back and looked and that 2015 game was a week 2 Thursday night preseason game as well. I'll have to see if there are any attendance statistics out there (for as much as they are worth), but again, from memory, I don't recall the place being as deserted three years ago as it was last night.
  4. Season Ticket Renewals

    Howie, I did grab one of those in-seat menus they have in the club level, and to be fair, peanuts (not sure if they are the ones from Independence Air) are normally $5, but can be had for $2.50 if you are a STH. So I guess that is a 50 percent discount! I looked at the menu for the new nacho stand they have this year and it looked like there was some 5 pound burrito that is normally $30 that you can get for like $25.50 as a STH too.
  5. Season Ticket Renewals

    Yeah S&S, a Skins official was quoted in a WaPo story that at least some of the OV seats were not going to be sold as season tickets anymore, and I believe that's also the case for the upper level standing room areas as well. Maybe those seats/areas are being made available on a single-game basis. I like the end zone bar, but of course it was something that existed when the stadium first opened before Dan added the seats below the minitrons in both end zones. Don't know why they didn't remove the seats from the other end zone and put a bar there as well. Think the WaPo stpry mentioned perhaps they'll duplicate the bar in the east end zone next season.
  6. Season Ticket Renewals

    Decided to buy a club level ticket for $20 and go to the game tonight. When I got upstairs I went to the table to get literature I told them that I had been a club level STH for 10 years in the past and the gentleman said "oh, so can we expect you back?" I said probably through Stubhub and he said that secondary market prices are going to skyrocket and that changes are coming that is going to tighten up the secondary market to make it harder for non-Redskins fans to get tickets and that he'd hate for me to not be there for the Dallas game. I said "We'll see." The listing had sideline clubs for 7500, goalline clubs for 5750, corner clubs for 4500, and dream seats for 7300. Price negotiable depending on length of contract. Half hour before game time, got a case of the munchies and headed over to the Johnny Rockets stand for a chocolate milkshake. Nope, choco milkshake not available. Thanks Skins! Of course, they'd be more than happy to take my money for the $100 buffet. Looks like STH will get a $1-2 discount on food items, but not on any sort of drinks. Last preseason game I went to was in 2015 when the Lions ate RG3 for dinner. Recollections of that game are hazy, but I remember there were significantly more people at that game than there were tonight. Others might have different opinions, but I think tonight's crowd was shockingly low. Yes, I know, just a preseason game, but still.
  7. I think someone did put $1000 on the Skins to win the SB at 100-1 when the futures odds came out in the spring......I believe at South Point. Maybe it was this guy.
  8. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I think I last went to a preseason game in 2015 before tonight. It is depressing how empty this place is.
  9. For all the whining about how Mueller should hurry up and finish his investigation, isn't there a certain set of tax returns that have been under audit for god knows how many years that still haven't been released? Funny how there doesn't seem to be the same urgency regarding them.
  10. 86 percent of Republicans approve of Trump's policies? OK, I buy that. Asked directly whether they like Trump as a person...…..66 percent of Republicans say yes. Heck, 31 percent of everyone in the survey say yes. God, we have a bunch of a-holes in America.
  11. Season Ticket Renewals

    Confused. Aside from apparently discontinuing the 200 OVs (aka "the cave") and upper level SROs to season ticket sales, what is the organization doing to keep opposing fans out?
  12. All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    980 has new schedule on their website. Not sure how permanent this is: Galdi 6-10 Smoot 10-1 B-Mitch/Scott Linn 1-4 Czabe 4-7
  13. All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    This discussion of the latest going on at 980 makes me reminisce about when WTEM started back in '92...…..the offseason after the Skins won the SB. Some of those notable shows included Kiley and the Coach ("We're gonna schwak 'em!!") and later Kiley and Booms. According to Wiki, neither show lasted very long, but it must've been some fun radio......we weren't very far removed from the glory days and the angst over how the team fell must've been interesting. What shows on WTEM do you remember from the '90s?
  14. Multiple Media Outlets: Redskins W-L Predictions

    I agree. However, and Ed alluded to this, people want the prognosticators to be more bold...…..unless it concerns the team you are a fan of. If the Skins had won the Super Bowl last season and one of those mags had predicted us to be below .500, we'd be losing our minds at that writer.
  15. Multiple Media Outlets: Redskins W-L Predictions

    Thanks for the clarification. But the Cowboys had a winning record in Dak's second season as well. We'll see how he does without Dez and Witten. But I'd be quite reluctant about predicting a sweep of Dallas......last 23 years we have swept them 3 times, we have split 9 times, and they have swept us 11 times. They beat us 10 straight times in a stretch when Dallas was mediocre, and are currently 8-2 in the past five seasons against us. The last time we beat them at FedEx was win RG3 and AlMo delivered the division title in '12. We couldn't even sweep the sorry Giants last season. Overall, I'm a bit tired of the mediocrity. Not that Jay is going to get axed with a 9-7/10-6 record, but if we can't finally break through to that elusive 11+ win season, I'd just as soon go 2-14!