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  1. Sometimes Sarah's deputy Raj Shah has handled the press briefing. I'd feel bad if he showed up at a restaurant and was asked to leave. That's because Raj toes the administration line, but is at least polite about it...……………..
  2. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    Nobody knows how well Williams would've done as HC here, but the job he did as DC (except for 2006, where the whole team sucked) kept Gibbs 2.0 from being a complete flop. Especially 2004. That 6-10 season was bad enough, but without the performance of Gregg's D, it could've easily been 3-13.
  3. A thread to get us through..

    As I mentioned in the coaches thread, 2005 (which are referenced above) was probably the most fun post-Gibbs 1.0 season for me. Seemed like a true rollercoaster.....had the 3-0 start fueled by the crazy MNF miracle game, after which we still didn't know if Gibbs/Brunell was going to be able to generate any offense......then a few weeks later getting shellacked by the Giants in their game following Mara's death......then we win an emotional SNF game at home against Philly......followed by three straight losses, starting with the "Alstott was NOT in" game vs Tampa. Two tough home losses followed to two AFC West teams coached by former Skins coaches....right before the game against Oakland I get a call saying my grandmother has been taken to the hospital, and I visited her before she passed....AFTER taking forever to get out of FedEx due to some drunkos fighting in the lot. Then the loss to SD......stopped at a bar afterwards to catch the end of the late games and the highlight of LT's OT run comes on and a group of mouthy Cowboys fans nearby doing the whole "Skins suck" routine. A few weeks later, after we opened the can on Dallas, went back to the same bar lookin for them (they weren't there!). And the atmosphere at FedEx was awesome for the win against the Giants, and then attended the season finale at Philly you describe. Great times!
  4. Season Ticket Renewals

    They are offering discounted concession prices for STH
  5. I knew Trotz came from Nashville but didn't realize he was their coach for 15 seasons! Wow!
  6. I don't think Charles K was on McLaughlin...….he was a regular on Inside Washington, which was a similar panel-type show on Channel 9 I believe. I'll come across the current iteration of McLaughlin from time to time......Pat Buchanan and Eleanor Clift are still on there......they are really getting up there! Krauthammer was always great to listen to and seemed to provide a bit of sanity to what has increasingly become the Trump cheerleading network of Fox News.
  7. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    I hope you meant the '05 team. The '04 D was very solid but that offense......yuck! Even the O in the first two games of '05 was anemic, including the MNF Miracle, and I think fans were starting to wonder if Gibbs 2.0 was going to work out. But things seemed to start clicking after returning from an early bye. I do think the 2005 season was probably overall the most fun of the 25 years this thread is concentrating on, beating out 1999 and 2012. A lot of the replies to this thread are coming down to Gibbs vs Jay, two mediocre four-year runs (so far for Jay), and the tie breaker probably comes down to Gibbs hiring Gregg Williams as his D while Jay has had (gulp!) Jim Haslett, Joe Barry, and (who might turn out to be decent) Greg Manusky.
  8. Dream Seats

    Dream seat sections 6 and 9 are on either side of the tunnel the Skins enter the field through.
  9. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    With regard to Spurrier, I've wondered what he really thought about his time here and dealing with Vinny and Dan. Like I mentioned in another post, he had a book out a few years ago, but the only nugget I remember was that he expected that he was going to be working with Beathard (who refused to work with Marty). Also wonder to what degree Spurrier knew that Dan wanted to get Gibbs back. Fassel, Rhodes, and Green were all publicly interviewed, but I've often wondered if Spurrier was somewhat encouraged to leave because Dan thought he was going to have a good shot at Joe.
  10. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    Interesting question. I think age was probably the biggest factor in Gibbs deciding to step down. He was 64 when he came back and was probably trying to put in the same breakneck pace that he had when he stepped down in his early 50s. Also think he came back to win rings and was probably disappointed in the relative lack of success he was having the second go around. If we had gotten by Seattle in the playoffs we would've played the Cowboys next, and a win against Dallas (which would've constituted a deep playoff run) might have prompted Gibbs to return for 2008, but think he would've stayed one more season max. And yes, losing ST to a senseless murder did not help
  11. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    Not that this really factors in the rankings, but Gibbs is the one coach in the past 25 years here that had zero fear/chance of being fired.
  12. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    That 93 season was jarringly bad. Scored 10 or fewer points in 10 of the games and had to endure two bye weeks. The beginning of Marty's tenure probably rivals it for being so brutal.
  13. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    Spurrier and Zorn both sucked, but Spurrier's two years seemed relatively drama-free. Zorn's tenure seemed fuil of drama, from the cluster of a process that led to him being selected to HC, to his tiff with Portis late in the '08 season, to the bingo-caller emasculation in '09. Not to mention Snyder's drunken flight out to Denver to get Shanny after we lost to Detroit in '09...….say, was Crown Royal one of the symbols of the Snyder Reign of Error in the other thread?
  14. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    Norv won a playoff game against the Lions.
  15. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    I'll try the exercise later, but off the top of my head think a ranking like this is tough because where people rank the respective coaches sometimes correlate to how soon they fell after the Gibbs 1 era. For instance, Norv and Jay might be the closest comps, but Jay is probably given more slack due to being here after a 20 year period of crap while Norv came after the best 20 year run in franchise history. Gibbs himself is tricky because no matter how people try, his first stint is always factored into the rankings, and he is either judged based on the high expectations from Gibbs 1 or given slack because of the accomplishments of Gibbs 1. Shanny might be the most disappointing, due largely in part to his successful stint in Denver. I know he took over from the Zorn dumpster fire, but I personally expected more than 11-21 the first two years. Zorn and Spurrier? Tough for me to like Spurrier mailing it in from the golf course....seems like Zorn's eff it came from management pressure. Does Spurrier's book from a couple years ago have any interesting nuggets on his Skins tenure. Richie and Marty were only both here one year and it's tough to say how things would've turned out.