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A question for the board chefs

Major Harris

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The key is a slow cook. I prefer a long long long marinade in red wine and bunches of spices. Then, right before you put it on to cook (oven or grill, your choice) I smother it with tabasco. Most of the heat will cook off, but it will be tangy.

Also, you need to know how to cut it once it's done. Cut across the grain at an angle to give it wide, thin sliced pieces. You want it across the grain otherwise it will be a bit tough.

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Most stake I marinate the same way ( Iknow lack of imagination, but I like it).

Mostly Emeril's Roasted Vegetable Marinade, a few table spoons of spicy Stir Fry sauce, some hot sauce ( I use Vedallia Onion hot sauce), and finally some lime juice. That combination isn't hot despite the hot sauce, and it's got great flavor. As a bonus, the lime juice tenderizes the meat nicely.

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