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I think we chose the wrong comparison (a Star Wars Thread)


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I think for cultural impact and excitement the closest effort to Star Wars was not Lord of the Rings, but Harry Potter. The way Potter took over the book shelves and created the long lines and even the mini-controversies about it being evil because it glamorized witches and magic... reminds me more of what happened in the late seventies and early eighties. Plus, while Star Wars and Potter remain pop culuture, I think that LOTR has risen to the status of Literature.

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I agree with you. LOTR never had the lines/buzz that SW or Harry Potter had. Personally, I didn't like the Potter movies, but I did notice when the books and movies were released becuase of the lines etc...

I went to each of the LOTR movies opening night and there was never a problem getting a ticket nor out of the ordinary lines. I definately like LOTR better, but the movies were not as good as the books IMO, but those books are just hard to beat.

SW is still a bigger "sensation" IMO, but Potter caused a bigger stir then LOTR.

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