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Which former Redskin would you like to have back?


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I'm assuming the question doesn't involve a time machine. So, which former Skin would you like, in his current condition?

Well, the ones I've regretted their departure are

Brian Mitchell

James Thrash

Larry Centers

Steven Davis

Champ Bailey

Fred Smoot

Now, most of those, I haven't heard about since they left, so I have no idea "how they've aged".

Davis doesn't seem to be seen much, so I assume he's not aged well. I assume Mitchell has decayed, simply because of how long he's been gone.

(I assume Thrash is in excellent condition, since he came back, and therefore must be a great player.) :)

Guess that leaves Champ and Smoot.

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just my opinion,call me old fashion but i wouldn't want any of them back , they left via free agents ,could of stayed , it was all about money not loyalty to the team. with possibly the exception of Trent Green and Davis because they were not in favor of the head coach at that time . the others choose money over team . some for just pennies more . :(

i hope Gibbs is building a team of players who .......:rolleyes: oh never mind there are no players like that anymore :(

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