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Who else is out there?


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Obviously we still need an addition or two on the defensive line...who should the team look for?

Sam Adams is out there but the price may be too high.

With the addition of Dotson and Wynn. The team still needs a defensive end to go into a rotation with Bruce Smith. It would also be nice to have another DT behind Dotson.

Some defensive linemen that are still available but are probably not going to cost much.

- DE Michael Sinclair (The Dolphins were his main suitor but they appear close to signing Rob Burnett)

- DE Cedric Jones

- DE Mark Thomas

- DE Tyrone Williams

- DL Maa Tanuvasa

- DT Jim Flanigan

- DT Christian Peter

- DT Shawn Price

- DT Mike Wells

slim pickings I realize...I'm not sure of the health status of all of these guys but who do you like...(if any lol)

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WE sign Sammie to a reasonable(?) contract then Dotson is the RDE with B Smith on passing downs.

Otherwise we shouldgo with Leverette as the run stopping RDE with Dotson giving us decent size at DT but Adams at DT and Dotson at RDE means running on that side should be a challenge for the opposing offense

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Well if we go the "cheap route" a player like Jim Flanigan would be ideal. That guy is nasty (like our new boy Dotson is suppose to be).

I dont think Adams can be had for cheap and Coleman supposedly is asking for a 3 mil signing bonus - so I don't think he can be signed. Unless its a 3 year, 3 mil signing bonus with cheap salaries each year.

I hope Antonio Freeman is off of the Skins radar now - everything I have read about him makes me wonder if he is still in the game to play - or simply to earn money.


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Another option...

from espn...

"Donohue is delaying a decision on defensive end Junior Bryant while they discuss the salary cap implication of his potential released. Don't be surprised if Bryant is on the roster on the physically unable to perform list until the start of the regular season. At that time, Bryant, who has back and neck troubles, would probably be released."

I don't know how bad his back and neck are currently but if he were released within the next couple of weeks I'd probably covet him over most of the guys on the above list.

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I thought Bryant was out of the league.

Didn't he sustain a back/neck injury that precludes him from playing? Even w/o cap ramifications, you don't want to take that risk on a player.

BTW, did the Browns whack Roye, or are they planning to?

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This is a little off topic but has anyone heard anything about Andy Katzenmoyer(NE)? I know that he has had neck problems but whats up with him now??? He was so sick in college, I remember one play where he litterally picked up the offensive lineman and threw him out of the way and then sacked the quarterback...

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