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Mods: Why aren't these threads rated?

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Just noticed that the ExtremeSkins Tailgate forum now has a capability for users to rate threads (for quality). I don't know how useful that is in practice, but it would be nice to know at a glance which are the really good threads and which ones are not. The option is not used for FedEx Field -- any reason why not?

With only five stars, though, I'm not sure there's enough distinction between thread quality. What I mean is, if it involves the Skins, it's got to be a pretty lousy thread not to be worth a 4 out of 5 stars. Maybe if there were a 1-10 rating, it would show more differences.

It might also be nice to be able to search the archives by thread quality. So, a few months from now, someone could search the archives and read the threads that rated 9 or higher. That would be a great way to catch up on some of the best discussions, without having to read the whole archive.

Finally, I also wonder how useful it is to have the Tailgate forum as a separate forum. It gets much fewer posts -- probably most of them are just OT threads that the mods move from here. But then there are a ton of OT threads that don't get moved -- I'm not sure if I follow the logic. As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather keep everything in one place. As long as the OT threads don't start dominating the forum, I like seeing all the current posts in one place.

My 2 cents.

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I agree with the suggestion about thread ratings, although I don't know how many people will take the trouble to do it.

As far as the Tailgate forum and keeping it separate goes, please continue it. The OT threads clutter up this forum. Yes, I participate, but it's only because my lone protest would be futile and the are often interesting OT subjects covered. It's also less of a problem during the offseason with less NFL news to discuss, although our board is getting enough traffic where that's not always the case.

Separating OT threads from the main Redskins (FedEx) forum helps because it centralizes all the threads relating to the primary issues that bring us here: the Redskins and the NFL. Fewer threads on a given forum is also good because it makes it clearer which threads are already there, reducing redundant posting. And the Hop To function makes it very easy to see what is in another forum anyway, so the lack of traffic is a non-issue.

Not to sound like the thread Nazi, but we'd all benefit from a little more organization of this stuff.

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I think if you can rate a thread in a good way with stars or whatever, I think there should be a way to blast them also.

Ones that are copies or are just insane suggestions and people open and say "What the hell is he/she talking about?"

For example, when I posted a thread about the Pickle King dying, you all should of said "BOOOOOOOOOOOO, this thread is weak!"

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As for OT topics and which are moved and which aren't, there's really no logic to it. Obviously, it would be nice if all off topic threads originated and lived in the Tailgate. But, if we forced that, Bulldog's constant, "The Lakers know all about playoff basketball" threads would never get initially seen :).

In general, I try to move interesting, threads to the Tailgate so people who've been chatting will move there and continue it. I like to artifically move hot topics there......such as your Star Wars review which is moving now :). I generally don't care if an OT thread is here and seems not to have a lot of conversation quality and will die soon anyway. I just like moving those that people are talking about and sometimes I won't even do that if it's sports or football related.

Whimsy is the best way to describe it Atlanta :).

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